Sanatoriums of Belarus with treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Treatment in Belarus: prices, reviews

The Republic of Belarus is a picturesque country with a rich history and culture. People come here to admire nature, ancient manors, churches and temples. But the priority is medical tours to local sanatoria. This kind of tourism is developing dynamically here today, turning into a powerful industry. The equipment of health resorts is being improved, as a result of which the citizens of the country and citizens of other countries are treated with pleasure in Belarus. There are a huge number of hospitals and rest homes here. We will selectively consider the best sanatoriums in Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. They can be proud of their modern diagnostic facilities, so they come here not only to improve their health, but also to undergo a survey.

Sanatorium "Belorusochka"

This is a wonderful recreation area on the shore of the reservoir, surrounded by a coniferous-birch forest. Like all other sanatoriums in Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, natural natu

ral factors are widely used in this establishment. Work here is the professionals of their business. The sanatorium consists of four buildings, in the first there is a concert hall and a medical unit. It consists of mud cure rooms and mineral irrigation, magnetotherapy and aromatherapy, inhalation and salt cave.

The second building includes accommodation and a medical diagnostic unit. The third and fourth are residential buildings intended for guests of the sanatorium. For holidaymakers, there is a buffet-style meal three times a day. There is also a children's menu.

Having arrived here, you will feel how hospitable Belarus is. Sanatorium "Belorusochka", according to patients, offers effective procedures for the treatment of diseases such as osteochondrosis, spondylosis, thoracology, humeroparous periarthritis, arthritis, arthrosis and other problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Treatment, cost and reviews

For the procedures in "Belorusochka" water from its own mineral source is used. Coolers filled with medical and table water are located in all residential buildings. Here balneogryazelenie is successfully practiced. Mineral, iodine-bromine, hydrogen sulphide, with an extract of various medicinal herbs and a few dozen types of medical baths are offered by the health resort to their patients. This is a tremendous potential, allowing you to choose an individual therapy scheme for each person.

The cost of the tour includes accommodation, treatment and meals according to the type of "buffet".Double room with partial amenities will cost you 890 Russian rubles per day. The additional place for the child is paid in full. Rooms with all amenities will cost a little more expensive - 1270-1400 rubles per person. Double two-room suite costs from 2040 rubles. Luxury apartments cost from 3190 per night.

Reviews tourists have to go to this summer to get acquainted closer with a country like Belarus. Sanatorium "Belorusochka" is very popular with regular visitors. All of them emphasize the beauty of nature and the comfort of living rooms, modern equipment of the diagnostic and treatment unit, as well as the professionalism of the staff. Excellent food and an interesting entertainment program makes the rest in the sanatorium memorable.

Sanatorium "Radon"

This is a unique health resort that has tremendous success among residents of the country and near abroad. Not all the resorts of Belarus with the treatment of the musculoskeletal system can boast such a powerful health resource. This health resort is located 210 km from Minsk, in a pine forest, on the shore of a beautiful reservoir. The eight-storey modern building accommodates accommodation for 420 people, a restaurant and treatment rooms. A variety of menus and 5 meals a day are waiting for the guests.


Sanatorium "Radon" uses unique radon waters, which are known for their wonderful healing properties. They are extracted from a depth of 300 meters. The content of radon is from 20 to 60 nCi / l, this is a medical bath solution. In addition, therapeutic sapropel muds of Lake Dikoe are widely used for procedures. Sanatorium "Radon" offers its guests more than 50 unique procedures. This underwater and dry traction and contrast radon baths, dry carbonic and vortex baths, various massages.

The cost of recreation includes accommodation, entertainment, full board and basic treatment. Procedures are chosen by the attending physician. Double room type "C" will cost in 2015 rubles per day per person. Superior rooms cost from 2715 rubles. Double apartment will cost in the amount of 1910 rubles. There is also a children's department "Borovichok".The cost of living here starts from 1270 rubles.

Reviews of tourists agree that in general the rest here is very good. Mainly praise the medical-diagnostic base and professionalism of doctors. The territory of the sanatorium is beautiful and well-groomed. The food is very good and quality, but the number of rooms, according to both the Belarusians themselves and the guests of the country, is somewhat "disappointed".Not everywhere is a good repair, furniture in some rooms, too, requires replacement. Otherwise, this sanatorium is impeccable, and if you come here just to improve your health, then all the rest will not be so important.

National Park "Narochansky"

In its territory is the sanatorium "Sputnik".Belarus is a country of surprising beauty, but this region eclipses all others. The territory of the National Park is endless pine forests, stunning blue expanses on which the sky and water merge, unique landscapes. In this region it is easy to breathe, and the diseases recede by themselves. But, like all other sanatoriums in Belarus with treatment of the musculoskeletal system, "Sputnik" has its own therapeutic and preventive base.

What "Sputnik"

offers Here are well treatable polyarthritis of various etiologies, traumatic arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis. A modern mud bath works in the sanatorium, which uses sapropel mud of Lake Sudoble. In addition to these, there are sulphide, mud mud of Lake Saki in the arsenal. In addition, physical, light and laser therapy is performed. In addition, all types of massage, therapeutic gymnastics and wellness walks are used.

Now about the cost of rest. Double two-room apartments will cost 2700 rubles per day. The cost of living in a luxury room is 2500 rubles. Double one-room will cost 2000 rubles.

Judging by the reviews, this sanatorium is the best that Belarus offers. The treatment of the musculoskeletal system is successfully carried out here due to a combination of different methods and intensive therapy conducted by experienced specialists. The stunning beauty of nature around gives a good mood and sets on recovery.

Institutions focused on the treatment of children

These are special sanatoria of Belarus. The musculoskeletal functions of a person are very vulnerable, especially for children. A lot of serious problems, from birth injuries to spine curvature and incorrect posture, should be addressed as soon as possible. The conditions of the sanatorium allow for a comprehensive examination, to identify the disease and to conduct effective outpatient therapy.

"Ruzhansky" sanatorium( Belarus)

This institution positions itself as a children's sanatorium. He is one of the few who accepts the youngest patients at the age of two years. However, such babies here are shown only restorative rest, treatment is carried out by doctors over the age of three. Located sanatorium on the shore of the reservoir Papernya surrounded by coniferous forest. The infrastructure itself is well thought out so that small patients feel comfortable. Residential buildings, a dining room, a sports and a medical building are connected with each other by warm transitions. It is very convenient for parents with disabled children. For them there are additional conveniences: special numbers, elevators and ramps.

Therapeutic base

Various massages, underwater traction of the spine, galvanic, carbonic, mineral, hydromassage baths are widely used in the sanatorium. Well complemented by their thermal treatment: cedar barrel, infrared camera, as well as elektrogryazelechenie. With the use of therapeutic exercise, coaches, specializing in different age groups.

It should be noted that this sanatorium offers quite affordable treatment in Belarus. Prices will vary depending on your individual choice of procedures, but an average of 1815 rubles per day. This amount includes accommodation, 5 meals a day and treatment( upon arrival for 14 days or more).

Parents' comments are words of gratitude for helping children. Here come the most different children, are engaged here and kids with severe forms of cerebral palsy. The treatment shows excellent results, the children quickly return to normal life after severe injuries, and various diseases of the musculoskeletal system also pass easier. Separate reviews underscore the good organization of the whole process: one does not have to stand in lines or experience other inconveniences. The food takes into account the needs of both children and adults, the chefs offer a varied menu and many delicious dishes.

Let's sum up

We have listed not all of the health resorts in Belarus that are engaged in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. You can add another sanatorium "Berestye", "Belaya Vezha", "Nadzeya" and many others. The unique nature of this country has so many unique lakes with therapeutic mud, mineral springs, wonderful, coniferous forests and reservoirs that sanatoriums can be built almost everywhere. In the health resorts described above, besides natural resources, there is also a developed infrastructure, excellent medical equipment and a staff of professional employees. You can be sure that you will receive full information about the state of your body, and a re-performed diagnosis will show serious improvements. Further recommendations of specialists will help maintain their condition at the same level.