Incompatibility of Spouses

It happens that it is problematic not to conceive a baby, but to endure it, that is, an egg is fertilized, but there are reasons why a happy pregnancy decoupling is impossible. Miscarriages occur, mainly, in the early stages of pregnancy, when only two test strips testify to the child born. Genetic incompatibility of spouses is one of the causes of miscarriage. In this case, when planning pregnancy, you need to contact not only the gynecologist, but also consult a genetics physician. He will help you to do everything possible to become happy parents. Unfortunately, genetic research of a couple very rarely takes place at an early stage of pregnancy planning. To the geneticists most often apply spouses who have undergone a standard medical examination. Confirmed by the analysis of health, however, does not allow, for some reason, to conceive or endure a baby.

What is the genetic incompatibility of the spouses?

The protein contained on the surface of all cells of the human body is called HLA.The abbreviation stands for human leukocyte antigen. These proteins are a kind of "guardian" of the body. It is they who recognize the "pests"( bacteria, cancer cells, viruses), and then send a signal to generate antibodies for their destruction.

Pregnancy is also seen by the proteins as an "enemy".Half of the embryo proteins are paternal, and the other half is maternal. For this reason, the mother's body begins to produce antigens, which serve as a protection for the placenta.

With the great similarity of parental HLA, the mother's body takes "strangers" for "her".As a consequence, the placenta and baby are not protected. The female body takes pregnancy for danger and begins to reject the fetus. The more similar the parental chromosomes, the higher the risk of miscarriage. And, accordingly, than the parent HLA are more different, the less danger that there will be incompatibility of the spouses.

Compatibility analysis takes about two weeks. From the venous blood of both parents, pure DNA is isolated with the help of reagents. Then, its in-depth analysis is carried out, and only then a comparative study is carried out. The genetic incompatibility of spouses takes place already with two identical HLA proteins. Decipher the results of analyzes only by highly qualified genetics. He will also make a conclusion.

Complete incompatibility of spouses is rare. In most cases, a partial incompatibility is fixed. There is the possibility of its regulation during planning, conception and the period of pregnancy. Under the supervision of an experienced geneticist, you can conceive, endure and safely give birth to a baby.

Doctors use medicines for treatment. Therapy can be conducted with both spouses or only with the mother. It depends on the degree of incompatibility.

There is also an immunological incompatibility of the spouses. This phenomenon has something in common with Rh-incompatibility. Parental cells contradict each other in their immunological properties. Previously, this was treated by sewing a skin flap of a man's skin to a woman's body. Modern medicine uses centrifugation of the male blood serum, separation of the lymphocyte fraction and immunization with this serum of the female body.

Sexual incompatibility of spouses can be real and fictional. In the first case, the basis is real facts, in the second - sexual illiteracy and the lack of desire to work on relationships. The couple should turn to a sexologist to solve the problem.