What is the treatment for dry cough in adults and children?

Cough itself is not a disease. This is one of the symptoms of various diseases - catarrhal, pulmonary, allergic, etc. Moreover, it is a protective reaction of the body, allowing to get rid of unwanted contents - sputum, mucus, foreign body in the respiratory tract. That is why in such manifestations it is recommended not to suppress cough, but to help him with all kinds of expectorants. However, there is a cough of a different kind, the so-called unproductive or dry, from which the body has no benefit. What is the treatment for a dry cough that traumatizes the throat, trachea, bronchi, without bringing relief? than treat dry cough

For a start it would be nice to go to a pulmonologist and understand the root cause of a cough. Probably, it is the begun inflammation of lungs or banal bronchitis of the smoker. Whatever it was, a strong dry cough, a sore throat and not conducive to the removal of viscous sputum, you need to "moisturize."For this purpose, the doctor prescribes mucolytic and expectorant remedies, as with any kind of cough, but in this case it will be necessary to connect and home methods. Each family has its own simple recipes for treating dry cough and any cold. Hot inhalations with boiled potatoes, inhalations with soda and a decoction of medicinal herbs, chamomile, sage, mother-and-stepmother, thyme, will be always useful, both separately and in collections. It must be remembered that you can not simultaneously take cough and cough suppressants - the effect will be zero, and it can lead to stagnation of mucus in the bronchi.

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severe dry cough

One of those remedies for curing a dry cough is considered to be a hot and plentiful drink of herbal decoctions. In general, the drink itself, even if it is just about water, is necessary for any cough, since the liquid dilutes heavy sputum and helps it to escape. As for medicinal plants, the most popular means are those that are in every house. At least, should be, especially when there are young children. Fruits and leaves of red viburnum as a hot tea or fresh compote, where honey is added instead of sugar - it's tasty, and perfectly removes dry cough in an adult and a child. A proven remedy is the collection of mother-and-stepmother leaves and thyme. A warm broth should be given to the patient three or four times a day. This quickly helps to moisten the cough and withdraw phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Thrusting the chest with medicinal home remedies is another effective way to get rid of colds and coughs. So, at night you can grind the breast of the patient with melted interior fat - preferably goat or badger, put a cotton napkin on top and wrap it with a warm woolen shawl. dry cough in an adult

All of these means prescribe treatment for a cough of colds. However, it can be a symptom of other diseases, for example, allergies, stress, tumor processes. That is why it is strongly recommended to be examined by a specialized specialist and to find out the real reason, to choose the right medicine( what is treated for a dry cough with this or that diagnosis).In some cases, there is no need for symptomatic treatment, since it is necessary to treat not the symptoms, but their source.