Which is better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam": reviews of doctors

The pharmacy market is full of medicines, many of which are analogues of each other, and it is sometimes difficult for a potential buyer to choose which drug to purchase. For example, what is better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam" - a question that regularly hear pharmacists of all pharmacies.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Many diseases require for quality treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This is a fairly extensive group of drugs used in practical medicine. NSAIDs help to get rid of the pain, fever, arising during inflammatory processes. It is worth mentioning that the word "non-steroidal" is crucial, as it explains the cardinal difference of these drugs from glucocorticoids, which are steroid hormones, capable of providing therapeutic effect along with a mass of unnecessary side effects.

what is better mohvalis or meloxicam

Active substance meloxicam

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are divided into several groups, one of which is oxicam. These substances are derived from enolic acid. And it is to these funds belongs meloksikam. This substance is an active active ingredient of many drugs used in clinical medicine for the treatment of inflammation and inflammation caused by pain and heat. Therefore, to say simply,

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which is better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam", is impossible, since it is meloxicam that is the active component of both drugs.

movalis or meloxicam that is better reviews

How does the meloxicam

In pharmacies, potential buyers who need treatment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are often asked: "Here's Movalis and Meloksikam." What's the difference? "The pharmacist can only indicate that the two drugs are the same active substance, and they have a significant difference in price. The drug is prescribed by the doctor, based on the diagnosis, the patient's condition, the history, the contraindications and concomitant diseases.

Meloxicam is an NSAID of a group of oxycomas. It works at the cellular level, blocking a certain group of substances - cyclooxygenase enzymes, which, through chemical transformations in the tissues of the body, cause pain and an increase in temperature due to the inflammatory process. Oksikam though are derivatives of one substance, but work differently. In the human body there are two types of cyclooxygenase - COX-1 and COX-2.COX-1 is called constitutive and works all the time, so exposure to this type of COX is fraught with numerous, profound side effects. But the COX-2 is activated during the illness. And it is on COX-2 that it has an effect on meloxicam, causing it to decrease its activity, and thus to reduce pain and fever during inflammation of an organ or tissue.

Many drugs belonging to the NSAID group have meloxicam as their active ingredient. And to say that it is better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam", from this point of view it is impossible.

movalis or meloxicam that better reviews of doctors

Generic or equivalent?

Many people have heard the word "generic" and know that they designate preparations containing only the active substance, without additional active ingredients. And from this point of view the drug "Meloxicam" is a generic not only of "Movalis", but also of many other medicines with patented names containing this particular substance as an active ingredient. If you take into account that meloxicam is an active active NSAID, you still can not exactly answer the question: "What is better - Movalis or Meloksikam?".When medicinal preparations with patented names are used and the preparation having in the name only the name of the active substance, the difference is determined by the concomitant indices:

  • by dosage of the active ingredient;
  • with additional active substances;
  • components that help to give the drug some form or another that do not have an effect on the body, but which can cause an allergic reaction if the person has such a predisposition;
  • price category, that for qualitative treatment should not play any role, but sometimes it is a determining indicator in the decision to purchase a generic or a patented product.

that it is better movalis or meloxicam injections

How do I prescribe NSAIDs?

Medicinal substances work by entering the human body in several ways - orally, as injections or droppers, with the help of suppositories. In what form to appoint this or that medicine is decided by the attending physician. Many NSAIDs have serious side effects, affecting the gastric mucosa and causing gastritis, erosion and even ulcer. And, often this happens in the case when the drug is prescribed in the form of tablets, capsules, powders for oral use. So in some cases, taking the drug is appropriate in the form of an injection. What shots are better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam" - a difficult question, because they, like tablets, have the same active substance, although they are injected.

which injections are better than mohvalis or meloxicam

What do patients say?

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help in the treatment of many diseases. These are mainly diseases of the musculoskeletal and osteoarticular apparatus. Also, these funds are used in the removal of dental and headaches, menstrual pain. And, , perhaps only the patients themselves will give the right answer to the question "Movalis" or "Meloksikam" - which is better? "Comments about the use of these tools are very different. Some patients argue that only imported and expensive drugs are effective intreatment of the problem, while others, on the contrary, deny their advantage, saying that big money is being taken for brand promotion, and an expensive tool is no better than the same in composition, but at times cheaper. There is also a third point of view of patients taking non-steroidalanti-inflammatory drugs with meloxicam as an active ingredient. They believe that the generic drug is an empty phrase, and apart from expensive drugs, nothing can help with the pain, so we can conclude: the question of what is better is Movalis or Meloksikam", remains open from the patients' point of view

Movalis or meloxicam What is the difference

Opinion of

physicians Any drug is prescribed for use only by the attending physician after a thorough examination. In this moment it is necessary to take into account much - the course of the disease, its stage, concomitant diseases, anamnesis. A competent doctor will be able to prescribe exactly the drug that will not only have a therapeutic effect, but also will not harm. Unfortunately, this does not always happen that way, and the doctor uses certain funds in his arsenal, assigning them to all patients with similar diseases.

If there are any side effects, the drug taken is canceled and another remedy of similar effect is prescribed for treatment. It is not necessary to say that some pharmaceutical companies pay practitioners for appointing their own drugs - this is a matter for the police and controlling bodies. The doctor should be chosen correctly, because an illiterate specialist will not leave a good response about himself. Only a competent, experienced doctor, attentive to each patient, will be able to prescribe an effective medicine.

NSAIDs are widely used means, and therefore the experience of their use is accumulated quite large. Will they help understand, "Movalis" or "Meloksikam" - what is better, reviews of doctors? The opinions of practicing doctors are also shared. After all, they rely on the feedback of their patients, although they too can render on the other side of the reception room and treat the problem of NSAIDs. Doctors in their judgments can rely on instructions for the use of drugs, because it specifies the characteristics of a particular drug.

Movalis or meloxicam is one and the same

What is the difference between "Movalis" and "Meloksikam"?

We continue to consider what is better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam".The active substance of both drugs is meloxicam, and in the same dosage tablets can contain 7.5 or 15 mg of active substance. The same parameter is the same for suppositories and solution for injections for "Movalis" and "Meloxicam".Differences in these preparations exist only in the form-building components, which, by definition, should not play any role. But it is believed that the auxiliary components of "Movalis" are more neutral than such components of the drug "Meloksikam".Although this statement has not been tested anywhere. Therefore what is better - "Movalis" or "Meloksikam" - injections, tablets or suppositories, will have to be determined by the patient himself in a practical way.

what is better mohvalis or meloxicam

So what to choose?

Based on all of the above, one conclusion can be drawn - "Meloksikam" and "Movalis" - the same drug produced by different pharmaceutical companies, containing the same amount of the same active ingredient - meloxicam. These funds differ only in price. And whether to spend an additional 2-3 hundred rubles on the purchase of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, it is up to the patient to decide.