An exacerbation of a gastritis, a diet and treatment

Gastritis is an inflammatory process that "burns" the gastric mucosa. The course of the disease is accompanied by an elevated or decreased level of hydrochloric acid. The exacerbation of gastritis has many symptoms. The patient may complain of pain in the area of ​​the solar plexus, in the chest, in the abdomen. Heartburn and nausea may occur, may be absent.

More frequent signs of exacerbation of inflammation of the internal mucosa of the stomach manifest disturbances in the form of diarrhea or constipation. A person usually feels a general weakness, even dizziness. Nausea periodically turns into vomiting. Disturbances in the salivary glands are noted, which is expressed by abundant salivation or palpable dryness in the mouth. The diagnosis is confirmed by a white coating covering the tongue, and a pale complexion, in addition to the above symptoms.

Exacerbation of gastritis, treatment of

As soon as the first unpleasant symptoms appear, experienced people immediately switch to a special diet. In the day they organize six meals for themselves. It is possible and more, the main thing is that the stomach, even for a short time did not remain empty. In gastric patients, all rules are equally important. One of the rules says that you can not eat a large portion in one sitting. Attack is guaranteed.

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The temperature of food of a person suffering from gastritis should be close to the temperature of his own body - a warm one. Exacerbation of gastritis requires increased attention to the consistency of food. Food can be liquid, like broth, or dense, like cereal, but the food must necessarily be homogeneous. So you can not wash down the porridge with liquid, even with tea. After a thick meal, more than an hour passes before the patient with a sore stomach mucosa will allow himself to drink.

If an exacerbation of gastritis is established, fried foods are immediately excluded from the diet. The best way to cook food for a sick person is on a steam bath. You can boil products in fresh water. It is better to rub the dish in a blender. Gastritis is the case when the cellulose, glorified in the dietary world, is maximally limited, as far as possible, excluded from the patient's menu.

Exacerbation of gastritis, increased acidity

It should completely abandon the fruit without an alkaline or neutral medium, because any sour berry will irritate the inflamed surface. The source of irritation can be pickles, smoked products, pepper products, fatty pieces of meat or fish. A separate threat to the state of the body is coffee, carbonated water and strong tea.

Exacerbation of gastritis, decreased acidity

The food includes products that activate the production of gastric juice. The menu consists of broths, both meat and fish, from vegetable and fruit juices. The diet includes tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

It is not allowed during the exacerbation to eat wiry pieces of meat with fat, lard, poultry skin, any products with a connective tissue. Gentle nutrition, focused on the above recommendations, is practiced for three weeks. Then, as the patient's condition is restored, other products are introduced.

Treatment of acute gastritis is aimed at normalizing the level of hydrochloric acid. At the same time, therapeutic measures are performed to stabilize the nervous system. It should be discussed with the attending physician the advisability of taking B vitamins, which have a beneficial effect on the entire digestive system. Alcohol can spoil all the efforts of the patient.

Heartburn attacks are removed with a glass of alkaline mineral water, drunk half an hour before meals, sauerkraut juice. Alkaline action has a fresh broth, which remains after cooking potatoes. Separately, you can drink an infusion of plantain, like tea, or juice of carrots.

With reduced acidity, herbal preparations containing bitterness help.