Benefits and harms of turnips: we study the properties of products

Everyone knows that vegetables contain many substances useful to the human body. With their help, not only control the weight and make the diet balanced, but also treat certain diseases. This time it's time to find out what is the use and harm of turnip. Benefit and harm of turnip This vegetable does not often take a worthy place on our table. Meanwhile, its properties can often be called unique.

Turnip is a root crop belonging to the cruciferous family. She was also fed on the moment when foreign potatoes were brought to us. In Russia, turnip turnip was the basis of the diet of most peasant families. However, it was not neglected by richer people. The benefits and harm of turnips were widely known even then.

Vitamin Charge

This root crop completely lost undeservedly its place on the table with watercress and daikon. But it is used not only in cooking. Turnip is a vegetable of extreme good. Therefore, it is often used in medicine, as well as in cosmetology( home).In turnip many vitamins PP, A, D and C. And in the long-term storage of their concentration does not decrease.

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Turnip benefit and harm The use and harm of turnips persists even after it has been for the whole winter in the basement. Heat treatment also does not reduce the nutritional value of this root vegetable. Turnip is a kind of canned food, which perfectly fill the vitamin gaps that the body received during a shortage of nutrients. The content of trace elements is not inferior even to dried apricots and bananas. But the calorie content is several times lower. Therefore, a turnip is recommended to eat regularly for those people who want to lose excess weight, and also adhere to a strict diet. She will make up for a lack of vitamins.

Positive qualities

What is the use and harm of turnip? The vegetables have quite a lot of positive qualities. It can be eaten by diabetics. Turnip contains a large amount of fiber, which leads to rapid saturation in the process of eating. The use of turnips for men Special essential oils contained in root vegetables, are capable of killing the harmful microflora, from which our intestines suffer. If you are tormented by constipation and swelling, then turnip with ease will get rid of these ailments. Surprisingly, this vegetable even increases the potency. Therefore, the use of turnip for men is obvious.

Negative qualities of

What is harmful this root crop? Salad with a lot of turnip is not recommended for people who have been following a diet for a long time. In this case, this vegetable should be used with caution, gradually including it in your diet. Otherwise, you are threatened with bloating and increased gas production. Start with steam or boiled turnips. As a rule, it does not give such a sharp negative effect.

Here is such an amazing vegetable called turnip. The benefits and harms of it are quite extensive. Turnip is not recommended for those people who suffer from gastritis with high acidity, as well as hypothyroidism and other thyroid diseases. In nature, there is an allergy to the vegetables of the cruciferous family. Therefore, always consult with your doctor. Only he will say exactly, can you include a turnip in your diet.