Rashes on the genital organs of men: the causes and consequences. Venereal diseases manifested as a rash

Every member of the stronger sex is proud of his masculine power, trying not to spoil him when he is close to his beloved woman. But sometimes it is necessary to refuse such a desired manifestation of feelings due to delicate reasons: for example, it is embarrassing to reveal oneself if the sexual organs are strewn with strange pimples or spots. What are these rashes, where do they come from and where to go for help? We will seek answers to all intimate questions that concern the male population.

Harmless causes

Sometimes a rash on the genital organs of men appears due to elementary non-compliance with hygiene. It's quite easy to fix the problem. In order not to spoil a romantic date, start a habit of washing every morning: for this purpose you can use soap or shower gel. If the constricting effect of these products causes discomfort, get a special liquid for intimate hygiene with a male fragrance. Use the tool also before the proximity: the woman will appreciate the pleasant smell and cleanliness of the body, which will demonstrate that you are respectful to the second half and try to make your intimate relationships comfortable.

Red rashes on the genitals in men can be a consequence of wearing poor-quality or too tight underwear. In this case, you need to reconsider your wardrobe and stock up on cowards made from natural fabrics that do not put pressure on men's dignity and do not cause severe friction against the skin. Of course, it's good if the appearance of acne is associated with these reasons. After all, in some cases, they are one of the signs of a venereal disease or fungal infection.


Quite a common problem. During the thrush there is a rash, which is grouped on the skin by separate foci and grows into small spots. There is a strong itch, burning, white curdled film, hiding a noticeable erosion. The causes of infection are different: taking antibiotics, experiencing stress, reducing immunity. Fungus lives in the body of every person, so emotional experiences or diseases can provoke its activation. In addition, you can catch a candidiasis from the sexual partner: women suffer from them much more often due to the characteristics of the body.

Reproduction of fungi causes balanoposthitis. At first the head becomes inflamed, after a rash appears. On the genital organs in men, it affects not only the member itself, but also the area of ​​the inner surface of the prepuce. Candida balanoposthitis develops not only because of the fungus. It is also caused by various viruses and bacteria. Sometimes the reason lies in the violation of the endocrine system or diabetes, which is sick man.

Herpes and papilloma virus

These venereal diseases are another cause of rashes on the male genital organs. Herpes, for example, has the unpleasant feature of appearing at the most inopportune moment. Initially, a red stain on the genitals starts to bother: it itches and gradually turns into a bubble in which the liquid is located. When it bursts, it grows into a painful ulcer. Herpes can be single or have a mass character. In the fight against infection use special creams and gels, as well as pills.

Herpes pops up when immunity decreases. The aggravation also occurs if another infection - the human papillomavirus - enters the body. It causes the appearance on the genital organs of small formations, similar to warts. These are papillomas or condylomas. Sometimes their color coincides with a shade of skin or is bright red, brown. Papillomas are flat and convex, sometimes have the shape of a fungus: the wart cap grows on a small foot. They must be removed surgically, otherwise with age they will turn into huge growths, itchy and bloody.

Pale treponema

Remember that the most serious venereal disease - syphilis - also begins with a commonplace rash. On the penis appears chancre - a small seal, resembling an ulcer. Its bottom is shiny and flat, the edges are dense. The causative agent is white treponema. Shankr is formed a week and a half after its entry into the body, but if a person has strong immunity, then it can take 3 months before he sees an ulcer. Over time, it disappears, and the patient naively thinks that everything went by itself, but it is not. On the body appears a rash: on the genital organs of men it is not, but it generously covers the chest, face, palms and soles.

Over time, traces similar to the bite of the midges merge into circles or ovals: they then disappear, then reappear for several years - the secondary period of syphilis. In the third phase of the disease a person discovers on the genitalia of the tubercle, which breaks down, forming small ulcers. At the fourth stage, the patient is affected by bone tissue: he becomes disabled. To lead up to this it is not necessary, therefore at the first displays of an infection it is necessary to run in a polyclinic.

What should I do?

Eruptions on the genitals in men cause shame in the representatives of the stronger sex, so they do not rush to go to the doctors. And this is a big mistake. It is necessary to overcome shyness, to come on reception to the dermatologist or the venereologist at once as soon as have found out strange formations on genitals. The specialist during the examination and with the help of the tests will determine the pathogen and prescribe a qualified treatment. No folk remedy can correct the situation: you will only aggravate it. As a result, the disease will cause a number of complications and become chronic. It is necessary to undergo examinations with a partner, you also need to be treated together, otherwise there will be no effect. Warn in any case other women with whom they had contact for the past six months.

If the rash on the genital organs in men is allergic, is a consequence of poor hygiene or tight clothes, then it is necessary only to exclude the factor causing the formation. To avoid such troubles in the future, mothers should teach their sons to take a daily shower from childhood and constantly monitor the purity of the genitals.