Preparation "Glitsiraam": instructions, reviews

Each of us, unfortunately, at least once in life, faces various diseases. Skin diseases, low blood pressure, difficulty in getting rid of phlegm, problems with the adrenal glands, it would seem, a variety of diseases that are quite common. However, these diseases are at least unpleasant, and most importantly, if they are not cured in time, they can lead to serious complications. In the fight against these diseases, the "Glitziram" can help. The instruction does not describe the product, but they can be found in the article. glycyram instruction reviews

What is Glitziram intended for?

This is a drug that will help you in dealing with many problems. If:

  • you suffer from skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema;
  • you have difficulty with the withdrawal of phlegm, it is too thick, viscid, the drug can be used as an effective expectorant;
  • you suffer from bronchial asthma;
  • you have high acidity and you need a laxative;
  • you have low blood pressure;
  • you have Addison's disease;
  • you have adrenal insufficiency.

This drug should be prescribed to you by a doctor, since you may have an intolerance to some of its components.

"Glycyram" for children: instruction

Reviews say that the drug is intended for both children and adults. Adults and children who have reached the age of twelve, take the medicine in tablets.

Children can take "Glitsira" from five months. A child up to twelve years of age is recommended to use it in powder form.

"Glytsiram" restricts only the minimum age of persons who are allowed to use, the maximum limit is not provided. That is, they can be treated by their diseases and older people. Only if they have no problems with kidneys, liver and heart. And do not forget that compliance with the dosage is very important, as the consequences arising in case of an overdose are very unpleasant.


Issued to "Glycyrs" in the form of round tablets of white color with small yellow or brown impregnations or in the form of granules for dissolution in water. The powdered form of the release is intended for children, since it helps to more accurately determine the required dosage.

Necessary dosage of

glycyram for children

It was said above, in what form are prescribed "glycyrs" for children. The instruction powder indicates taking 1 sachet dissolved in 20 ml of water. The water must be warm and boiled. Children aged from five months to three years can take two packets twice a day. For children from the age of three to twelve are allowed to take the drug three to four times a day, thirty minutes after eating.

Adults and children of twelve years, depending on the doctor's appointment, take one or two tablets twice a day. If the disease passes in severe form, it is allowed to take "Glycyrs" three to four times a day. The maximum permitted dose is six times a day. Take the pill best after thirty minutes after eating.

Before taking the drug, it is best to consult a doctor. In each package there is an instruction for the preparation "Glitziram".Feedback is confirmed.


Each drug has a number of contraindications, "Glycyrs" is no exception. First of all it is necessary to note once again the fact that before using it you need a doctor's consultation, this is due to the fact that you may have intolerance of the components of this drug or even an increased sensitivity in relation to its main component.

This medication is carried by most people, but doctors recommend taking it with caution to pregnant and lactating women, and it is better to refrain from using it without any acute need. glycyram for children instruction powder

In addition to the above cases, contraindications for use are:

  • heart disease;
  • kidney failure;
  • hepatic failure.

Overdose of

What does it say about an overdose of "Glitsira" with the instruction? The reviews confirm that if you exceed the dosage of "Glycyrrama", first of all it is recommended to do a gastric lavage, if after this procedure you will be disturbed by unpleasant sensations, you need to see a doctor so that he examines you and based on the results he prescribed treatment depending on your symptoms.

The main result of an overdose of "Glycyrram" is hepatotoxic phenomena, which are expressed in the violation of the liver.

Side effects after application of

], glycyram for children of allergy sufferers

. Most patients taking "Glycyrs" have no side effects. The drug is well tolerated. This is important, because it is often necessary to use "Glytsiram" for children.

Reviews are available that there are side effects. Most of them are due to the fact that the person taking the medicine has an allergy to one or several components of the drug. Allergic reaction is expressed:

  • in swelling;
  • redness;
  • peeling;
  • rashes.

These manifestations pass after the administration of the drug "Glitsira" is discontinued. However, if the reaction is severe, it is better to see a doctor.

In addition, it should be taken into account that exceeding the dosage of the medicine or too frequent use of it inhibits the process of water withdrawal from the body, as a result of which there may be the appearance of puffiness of the whole body.

"Glitziram" is allowed to take drivers, as it does not cause drowsiness and movement disorders. This tells us about the drug "Glitsira" instruction. There are comments in this regard.

Interaction with other drugs

glycyram for children reviews

Doctors do not prohibit its use in conjunction with other drugs, it should only be taken into account that its use, together with preparations having a similar composition, can lead to an overdose of any substance in the body. Do I need a prescription for the purchase of "Glycirama"?

The drug is dispensed without a doctor's prescription, but it is advisable to consult it. Especially if you plan to take the drug "Glitsira" for allergic children.

Shelf Life

Shelf life of this medication is twenty four months. It is the same for tablets and for powder.

The cost of

"Glitsira" is considered a very effective medicine for the treatment of the above diseases, but it is not only an effective, but also affordable medicine.

Its average price is 350 rubles. Of course, it can change in larger or smaller side, depending on the city or pharmacy in which you will make a purchase.

Such a low price is due to the fact that the medicine is produced in Moscow, that is, it is domestic, which completely refutes the myth of the inefficiency of domestic medicines.

"Glitsira" for children: reviews

glycyram for children analogs

"Glytsiram" - an excellent expectorant, anti-inflammatory agent that is suitable for children. Testimonials confirm that the drug is well tolerated. Virtually no side effects.

It really works. Most often people note its quality, reliability, efficiency, that it is suitable even for the youngest children, the safety that is due to the fact that it is made of natural ingredients. Due to these same natural components, the drug will not have a negative effect on your body, the list of its contraindications and side effects is extremely poor.

Moreover, older people can take "Glitzira" without risking their health, only on condition that they have no problems with the heart, kidneys and liver. The term of its validity is quite large, which, combined with a not too high price, makes "Glitziram" a profitable purchase. However, in spite of this, it will be superfluous to have a consultation with a doctor, nevertheless one must be sure that the drug will suit you. Take care of your health, modern living conditions are bad for him. And without health in good condition, life loses its colors.

How to replace "Glitzira" for children? Analogues, unfortunately, are not indicated in the instructions. Therefore, to replace the drug it is better to consult a doctor.