Interesting information: why people snore

Being close to snoring, you get tired not only physically, but also emotionally. The question "why people snore" often remains unanswered. But not only the one who can not fall asleep suffers from snoring, but also the snoring himself. During snoring your lungs do not get enough air, which means that blood brings much less oxygen to the brain than with normal breathing. In the morning, the snoring spouse wakes up just like his wife, having a bad sleep, with a headache, which can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. Constant lack of sleep leads to a neurosis.

Both spouses, exhausted by a bad dream, become nervous, more often quarrel over trifles, even the matter comes to divorce. At work a person comes without resting for the night, and the work does not argue, everything falls from the hands. Definitely - snoring does not lead to anything good. And sometimes even a snoring with a fatal outcome: a person simply suffocates in a dream. Americans consider snoring a symptom of serious diseases. Their studies have determined that it affects even the potency. Snoring men are more often treated with an erection problem.

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So why do people snore? If a person snores in a dream, then there is something wrong with his health. Snoring can cause an abnormal nasopharynx, possibly a narrow airway. If a person has fat deposits on the neck, during sleep they interfere with breathing, and the air passes with a sound. In the drunk, all muscles are relaxed, including on the larynx, and if a person lies on his back, the air passage becomes smaller. The result: almost all the drunk people snore.

It is interesting that the number of snoring men is twice that of women. The larger the person in the complexion, the more likely that he will snore. Also the number of "snoring" increases with age. But it turns out that little children snore too. What prevents them from sleeping, why do they snore? It is possible that your child has polyps or adenoids, contact an otolaryngologist and eliminate the cause. Singing people snore much less often, so let's practice vocal, and if there is no musical ear, then sing alone.

Are there any ways how to get rid of snoring? Maybe. It depends on why people snore.
- First, if you have extra pounds, try to get rid of them. Cut your diet, move more.
- Secondly, it is better to give up strong drinks.
- Third, watch the position of the body. Pillow is better to take a small and put it under your neck, so that your head lay flat, and not at an angle to the body, or try to get used to sleep on your right side.

- Fourthly, you can perform surgery if there is medical evidence for this.
- Fifth, sleep should be done not later than ten in the evening, so that the body was not too tired.

There are also "grandmother's advice".Snoring people did not appear today or yesterday. In the old days they thought about why people snore. And folk doctors determined that, probably, the mucus that accumulates in the nasopharynx prevents breathing. Therefore, the main recommendations were: washing the nose and drinking fresh cabbage before bedtime, rubbed with honey.