Mammoplasty "before" and "after": the results of different types of operation

All women dream of being attractive, possessing a beautiful and lush bust. Daily exercise, cosmetics do not give the desired result. There are other ways, which at least once thought of every second woman.

What is mammoplasty?

This is a surgical operation that aims to eliminate the asymmetry of the breast. Those women who dream of increasing or decreasing the volume of the mammary glands will benefit from mammoplasty. Before and after plasty, the breasts look absolutely different, so this operation is so in demand among the fair sex. Before being on the surgeon's desk, the woman undergoes mandatory examination with a mammalian doctor. He in his conclusion indicates a contraindication to the operation.

mammoplasty before and after

Algorithm of actions

The plastic surgeon together with the patient coordinates the form of the breast, develops the algorithm of the operation. Possible options are: reduction, increase, breast lift. Mammoplasty should be performed in specialized clinics with resuscitation, surgical, and therapeutic departments. General anesthesia is used for anesthesia. Before the operation, the surgeon applies the contour lines before the operation, it is through them that cuts of soft tissues and skin will be made. They are located around areoles, under the mammary glands, in the armpit, so that the scars are almost invisible to others. Sew the tissues layer by layer to speed up the healing process. The application of cosmetic sutures to the skin helps to avoid visible scars and scars.

breast after mammoplasty

Features of mammoplasty

For each woman, implants are selected, which after the operation will give the breast the right form. The doctor determines the volume of mammary glands that will be removed during the operation. At this stage, the patient agrees on how the breast after mammoplasty will look, the places and the number of incisions.

Before the operation, a woman tests for a breast tumor, skin diseases. In addition, an ultrasound examination is necessary before the surgical intervention of the mammary glands.

For women over 35 years of age, mammography is compulsory.

underwear after mammoplasty

Contraindications and indications for mammoplasty

Indications for surgery are:

  • sagging chest after a sharp weight loss or as a result of childbirth;
  • too large volume;
  • small breasts with excess skin;
  • asymmetry of forms;
  • the appearance of pain in the back, neck, shoulders, a violation of posture due to a large chest.

Contraindications to mammoplasty:

  • lactation and pregnancy in women;
  • the presence of obesity;
  • breast cancer;
  • is one of the stages of diabetes mellitus;
  • smoking;
  • heart and lung disease;
  • blood diseases( problems with blood coagulability).

Options for mammoplasty

Currently, plastic surgeons perform four types of operations, taking into account the health status of patients, age, breast condition.

Breast augmentation is performed by endoprosthetics, to reduce the volume, reductive mammoplasty is used. The lift is performed by mastopexy. If necessary, a plastic surgeon performs and breast reconstruction. Let us consider in detail all the types of operations mentioned.


The operation is based on the use of implants. In the pectoral muscle, women are administered drop-shaped or round prostheses that increase the size of the breast. Eco-friendly materials are used in the manufacture of implants, so allergic reactions are excluded.

mammoplasty before and after photos

Reproductive mammoplasty

If a patient experiences pain in the back, waist, neck, the doctor suggests reducing the size of the breast. Reproductive plastic is optimal for eliminating excessively large volume( hypertrophy).The operation is performed with the removal of a certain number of dairy channels and adipose tissue. The operation leads to loss of lactation, that is, a woman can not breast-feed a newborn.


Breast lift recommended when the nipple falls below the pectoral fold. During surgery, remove excess skin, move areolas and nipples higher. A month after mammoplasty scars will be almost invisible. With the help of mastopexy, the breast shape is adjusted.

month after mammoplasty

Breast reconstruction

In cases where the breast was removed along with the tumor, mammoplasty is used for correction. Before and after surgery, the patient is under medical supervision. The procedure implies a long preparatory and rehabilitation period. Use the tissues of the patient herself, taken from the back or abdominal area. When the skin fold is restored, an implant that takes the desired shape is inserted under it.

If during the surgery to remove the tumor it was possible to save the pectoral muscle, women are implanted with a special expander under the skin. The design in the form of a bag is filled after 2-3 months with saline solution, the breast acquires a natural appearance. A few days after the plastic surgery a woman experiences pain. Compression after mammoplasty helps speed up the recovery process.

Postoperative period

It can not be said that it is absolutely safe mammoplasty. Before and after surgery, certain actions are required on the part of the woman. For 7-8 days after the procedure it is advisable to refrain from visiting the solarium, sauna, Russian bath. Hands need to be lifted gently and slowly, so that the seams do not separate after mammoplasty. In addition, it is important to avoid significant physical exertion on the body, including sports, swimming pool. Throughout the rehabilitation period, the doctor recommends the patient to wear special underwear after mammoplasty. It will prevent deformation of the breast.

compression underwear after mammoplasty

Mammoplasty has many side effects:

  • decreases the sensitivity of the nipple;
  • breast quickly and significantly stretched;
  • implants may burst after surgery.

Sometimes mammoplasty can have unpleasant consequences. Before and after surgery, to prevent such effects, a woman should be observed by a doctor. Only in this case mammoplasty will give a result, but only after 4-6 months.

This operation is considered a procedure that helps a woman to get the perfect breast shape. But in some cases, only mammoplasty is not sufficient to achieve this goal. Often it is combined with a tightening of the skin in the chest area.


Despite the serious criticism of such a surgical intervention as mammoplasty, doctors say about the minimal risk of such an operation if all the doctor's recommendations are observed. Plastic surgeons are professionals in their field, they often return patients not just a breast shape, but give confidence in the future, because sometimes it helps to establish the personal life of mammoplasty. Photos before and after visually demonstrate the result to women who dream of changing the shape of the breast.

mammoplasty before and after photos

The results of studies conducted among young women indicate that more than 50 percent of respondents are dissatisfied with its size and shape. They are ready for a plastic breast enlargement surgery. Experienced surgeons perform mammoplasty only in cases when it really needs a patient. They send their patients, who do not need surgery, to a psychologist.