Cryodestruction of papillomas: description of the procedure, indications, patient testimonials

One of the most traditional methods of treating benign neoplasms with liquid nitrogen is cryodestruction of papillomas. Papilloma is a new type of wart, and the term "cryodestruction" comes from the words "destruction"( destruction) and "cryo"( cooling).Otherwise, this procedure is also called cryotherapy.

cryodestruction of papillomas

What is the disease

Papilloma looks on the skin as a growth, soft and oblong. The color can be anything from brown to bodily. The main cause of the appearance of papillomas on the neck or face is the HPV virus. For health these neoplasms are not dangerous, but cause a lot of inconvenience, which the first remedy - cryodestruction with papillomas - helps to help. And indeed, the papilloma not only damages the beauty of the skin, but also delivers a constant discomfort - the chain clings to it, the collar rubs, the comb traumatises. And yet people have a question: "Is cryodestruction mandatory with papillomas?"

All this is not only painful. Later, new growths are formed - nearby. Makeup exactly cause them hard, some growths even wear glasses. If there are many such neoplasms, the cryodestruction of the papillomas is also supported by special medications. What provokes their reproduction? Many factors. Human papillomavirus( HPV) is the main cause, and often its carrier does not suspect this for long, because there are no external manifestations. This virus is transmitted hereditarily, but even more often they are infected - through wounds on the hands( for example, scratches from the cat), and during unprotected sex. And you can never use other people's towels!

What provokes

A virus in a carrier person wakes up and develops if the immune defense of its body is weakened, if there are constantly stressful situations, if a person experiences physical overloads, very often - with excessive weight, with chronic diseases of the genitourinary and digestive systems. And of course, bad habits influence the development of the virus. Some people do not dare for a long time to such a procedure as cryodestruction of papillomas. But it is necessary to remove these growths.

Especially dangerous are those cases when neoplasms settle on the neck, because it is there where they are most often traumatized, and therefore reproduce. The skin on the neck is especially delicate and delicate, clothing constantly closely contacts with it, especially in winter. If the growths cause physical discomfort, removal of papillomas( cryodestruction, for example) is mandatory. However, there are many ways to fight against such tumors.

Methods for removing

The face and neck are removed by papillomas:

  • cryodestruction( liquid nitrogen, after which scars may remain);
  • is cauterized with chemical acids, which is quite sensitive, especially if the tissue is next to the papilloma and thus a chemical burn is caused;
  • by electrocautery, then most often there is a scar.

Also modern medicine uses the old fashioned methods. Surgical excision is indicated if the papilloma is large. Laser removal is very effective and widespread almost as widely as cryodestruction of papillomas.

At home, too, many are trying to fight with neoplasms. In pharmacies, a drug is sold, with which you can try to recover yourself. Again, it should be remembered that the virus as such does not go away anywhere, but the struggle is only with its external manifestations. So, you can buy the drug "cryopharma" and conduct this procedure yourself. However, in this case only cryodestruction of the papillomas on the face, neck and some other sufficiently accessible places is possible. Let's say, it's better not to touch eyelids, and it's better to entrust the removal of papillomas in intimate places to a specialist.

cryodestruction of papillomas in intimate places

How to do it

With the help of an applicator( it is necessary to check whether it is convenient), it is necessary to apply a special composition to the papilloma, which freezes it. First, you will feel burning sensation in one way or another, you need to suffer. But after this procedure the tissues of annoying neoplasm are necrotic and die, giving place to a healthy layer of skin.

In addition to cryodestruction, there are many other home methods for fighting papillomas. Not all of them are focused on a quick result, and some will never give it. And there are practically no truly effective methods, although most are pleased with absolute painlessness. Medical drugs are treated more expensive than folk remedies, but they will get rid of papillomas for sure. And fast enough.

Liquid nitrogen

This chemical destroys altered tissues without touching the surrounding veils. Cryodestruction of papillomas is a modern and effective technique. After the procedure, there is no bleeding, because the arterial and venous vessels that are located in this zone are blocked during freezing.

The treated area, that is, the focus, when the built-up edge is removed, heals quickly, there are no gross scars, as liquid nitrogen does not transform the tissues. A weakly visible scar can remain, but it does not always happen. Usually on the site of the former build-up there is a smooth and clean skin. This method, in comparison with others, almost painless, a slight burning sensation does not last long. That's why doctors recommend exactly such procedure as cryodestruction of papillomas. Patients' reviews always mark a rapid effect and painlessness.

cryodestruction of papillomas on the face

In the

clinic, the manipulation itself is carried out by means of a special apparatus - cryodestructor, which contains liquid nitrogen of very low temperature - minus one hundred and ninety-six degrees. The duration of the procedure is usually about two minutes, but there may be longer operations, because everything depends on the depth of root penetration and the type of tumor. When the treatment ends, the hearth becomes white, hard and does not feel anything.

After 24 hours a scab is formed. It is impossible to touch it, for a whole month and a half it must be rejected independently. Neither picking a wound, nor ripping a crust on it should not in any case. Because it is this frozen crust that protects the wound from infection.

cryodestruction of papillomas is


Then, on the first day after cryodestruction, the whole area of ​​skin that has undergone treatment becomes hyperemic, that is, full of blood from the vessels, and swells. The next day, a blister forms and becomes inflamed. To be frightened it is not necessary. This is a normal process when cells die. Two or three weeks will last the inflammation, the wound will become wet and leaking. Only after this, will the epithelium recover. Sometimes the healing lasts six months. But this is with very large neoplasms.

If scarring on the treated area occurred without "hurrying" from the patient's side( the scab can not be touched!), Then the scar will turn out to be unobtrusive and smooth. There are cases when the removal of papillomas is prohibited. At the slightest sign of their malignancy( this degeneration into malignant neoplasm), absolutely other procedures will be required. Indications for cryodestruction of any growths is their trauma. Less often - aesthetic discomfort.

Other contraindications

Contraindications to the cryodestruction procedure are not so few. Refusal is received first of all by people with heightened sensitivity of an organism to a cold. If a person who wishes to remove papillomas has an acute infectious disease, he will also have to wait and receive medical treatment. If the patient has any inflammatory processes in the internal organs, cryodestruction can not be carried out.

And of course, as already mentioned, the tendency to cancer is an absolute contraindication. If people get cured of angina and flu, and subsequent cryodestruction does not hurt him, then oncology, even the defeated, can resume from such a procedure - in the place where the benign tumor was affected.

cryodestruction of papillomas on eyelids

The decision is yours

Everyone decides whether to remove the papilloma or not. If aesthetically they do not annoy, do not interfere, with clothes little contact, people just do not pay attention to them. Moles, papillomas, warts - that only people do not carry on themselves. However, here there are completely different reasons, and sometimes cryodestruction or another method is simply necessary. Papilloma in any part of the body can not always be safe, it can be accidentally touched by falling, with a washcloth, and many other dangerous situations happen daily.

And this is like a time bomb. That is, the sleeping source of autoinfection sits on the body, which at any time, and most often the most inappropriate, can wake up. The papilloma can be negatively affected by any factors - sunburn, for example, and then the growth is often degenerated into a malignant tumor. And now, after the south, the sea, happiness - the hospital, chemotherapy, the hardest operations. .. But even if nothing terrible happens, this person still remains the source of infection. Relatives, relatives, too, receive this virus through close communication and household items.

Intimate places

The introduction of papillomavirus into the mucosa or the skin of the intimate zone occurs when the sexual act is committed. If it is not protected in any way - the risk of infection is always high. Less "lucky" to the strain of HPV people who use otherbody's washcloths and towels, as well as cosmetics. Very rarely, papillomas in women appear on the genitals after gynecological examination, if the instrument is reusable. Genital warts, even in children, are often found, because the baby is infected from the mother. Sometimes self-infection occurs if the virus is transferred to the anogenital organs from another part of the body.

Factors that contribute to the development of neoplasms in intimate places are the same as everywhere. This is HIV infection, lack of stress resistance, intoxication during pregnancy, immunodeficiency status, hormonal disorder, physical overload. Especially often there is a spike in papilloma growth after long-term treatment with glucocorticoids, antibiotics, immunosuppressors, cytostatics. Both production factors and unfavorable ecological conditions influence. Women can "earn" papillomas on the inner genitals because of the use of contraceptives - both oral and spiral, vaginal rings and the like.

Cryodestruction of papillomas

In intimate places it is difficult to carry out such procedure as cryotherapy. With its help, only visible manifestations of neoplasms are well eliminated. The effects of cold are only possible in a fragmentary manner. In men, papillomas on the penis are subject to treatment - outside, and in women - on the labia. The cervix and vaginal mucosa are not subject to liquid nitrogen. In another way, cryodestruction of papillomas in intimate places is not carried out. Comments on this manipulation people do not write, because they are embarrassed.

It is not difficult to prune the papilloma with nitrogen. However, it is also necessary to remember that together with this cauterization the cause of neoplasms does not disappear. The person is still carrying this virus. And new papillomas will appear as soon as they feel a slack in the body. But even modern medicine will not help in this: none of the most progressive methods to cope with HPV is beyond its power. Relapses, of course, are possible. But in those areas where the cryodestruction was carried out, the papillomas will never be again. papilloma removal by cryodestruction

Vision at risk

If a person uses someone else's towel, make-up, or in some other way infected, this does not mean that the papilloma will immediately grow on the eye. Usually, the immune system copes with the virus and successfully prevents its development. But when the immune system weakens, papillomas may appear on the upper or lower eyelid. The reasons for the deterioration of immunity are listed above, the same principles work here. But it should be noted that elderly people suffer from papillomas more often than others.

This tumor is localized both to the skin of the eyelids, and, much worse, to that thin transparent tissue that covers the eye - on the conjunctiva. First, a very small formation appears in the form of a tumor. But the sensations because of him are very uncomfortable: as if a foreign body is constantly in the eye, it is difficult and painful to blink, the eye becomes inflamed, tears, turns red. And the worst thing is that conjunctivitis occurs systematically. In this case, you can not establish the diagnosis yourself, the more you can not personally remove this tumor. If there is a build-up on the skin outside the eyelid or inside - you should immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Treatment of

In this case, several stages of treatment will be needed: establishing the cause and eliminating it, stopping further development of the tumor and removing all local manifestations of papillomas. Proceeding from this, the drugs necessary for the oppression of the virus are prescribed, pathogenetic therapy is necessary to charge the immune system.

What is the procedure like cryodestruction of the papilloma on the eyelid? To this new formation is carefully applied liquid nitrogen( only in the conditions of the clinic!), The papilloma subsequently disappears itself, as on any other part of the body. But in no case is it inadmissible to remove growths on eyelids in the home. A corneal burn is much worse than a papilloma on it. Damage to health will be caused by a huge - right up to blindness. cryodestruction of the papilloma on the eyelid

This is not such a rare or extraordinary operation - cryodestruction of the papillomas on the eyelids. The patients' comments about it are numerous, illustrative and constructive, they give a lot of advice, and some of them will be listed here, despite the fact that this will be a repetition of what has already been done. There are two main tips:

1. Do not wet the affected area with water.

2. Formed crustes can not be ripped off!