City polyclinic №107( Moscow, Decembrists' street): reviews

Human health is priceless. Only an attentive attitude to yourself will help prolong your life and make your family and friends feel good. Any problems in the body should be reported to a specialist. Qualitative medical services are always glad to offer the Moscow polyclinic 107 in the street of the Decembrists. The help will be rendered not only to Muscovites with registration, but also to nonresident citizens.

Where is and how to get there?

The Moscow polyclinic 107 is located along Dekabristov Street 24. The easiest way to go to a medical facility is by metro. Get up at the station "Otradnoe".If you go from the center of the capital, then sit better closer to the last car. Before visiting a polyclinic, it is desirable to clarify how the right specialist works. You can do this by dialing the hotline number( 499) 907-63-81.The polyclinic is open daily. From Monday to Friday you can visit the specialists from 7:00 to 20:00.On weekends, the institution is open from 9:00 to 16:00.

Patients who, at the place of registration, are referred to polyclinic 107, can receive medical advice absolutely free of charge. For additional compensation, assistance can also be provided to other residents or guests of the capital. From patients who come by the ambulance, no pre-payment is charged.

The management of the hospital

107 polyclinic in the Krasnogvardeisky district in large measure has good reviews from patients. This is primarily due to the high qualification of the specialists who work here. The duties of the chief doctor of the polyclinic since 2012 are performed by Elena Bolshakova. This is a medical specialist with 14 years of experience, who really knows his business. The level of professional training of a doctor meets all modern requirements. This allows to perform the duties of the chief specialist of a medical institution at a high level.

Obligations of the deputy chief doctor are performed by Denisova Marina Sergeevna, who has been working in the medical field for more than 30 years. The last few years 107 polyclinic( Otradnoye) has become a home for a therapist with a huge work experience. Initially Marina Sergeevna was an ordinary specialist of a medical institution. Today the doctor is a member of the management team and copes with his duties without any problems.

Rzhevskaya Nadezhda Viktorovna performs the duties of the main nurse for several years. This sphere she devoted more than 25 years of her life. For the past three years, the specialist has been a member of the management team for the "organization of nursing".Under the strict guidance of medical personnel in a timely manner puts injections and droppers to patients, and also monitors the condition of severe patients.

Procedure for rendering medical care to patients

Every citizen who has a compulsory health insurance policy can count on quality assistance from the staff of the institution. First of all, pre-hospital services are provided.107 city polyclinic can come to the rescue not only Muscovites, but also guests of the capital. Here laboratory diagnostics is carried out, the first medical aid can be rendered. At the services of patients, there is a dental office, in which not only dentistry can be performed, but also removal, and in the future, prosthetics.

The medical institution also provides outpatient and outpatient care. Treatment of patients takes place both in a day hospital and at home. A seriously ill patient is attached to a nurse who comes at certain times. In addition, there is an opportunity to call a doctor at home. It does not matter how old the patient is.107 children's polyclinic gives quality care to small patients from the first days of life. The help can be rendered by the family therapist, who will happily come to the challenge both to the baby and to the sick person of advanced age.

Polyclinic № 107 allows also to pass an examination of temporary incapacity for work after the received traumas or the transferred illnesses. Experts assess the patient's condition and determine its degree of disability. The proper conduct of the examination is of great importance for the further receipt of social payments by a person who temporarily lost the opportunity to earn his own.

List of structural subdivisions of

107 a polyclinic( "Otradnoe") is a place where the patient can be helped in any direction. Here there are such units as the first department of prophylaxis, surgical, urological, therapeutic, dentistry, endocrinology, the department of functional diagnostics, and the neurological room.

Each patient can undergo a complete examination of the body in order to identify an illness at an early stage. Polyclinic № 107 suggests to pass ultrasonic diagnostics of the abdominal cavity, prostate, breast, and thyroid gland. In addition, there is an opportunity to undergo an X-ray examination of the stomach, chest, pelvic and skull bones, large and small joints. Women can perform a mammogram and be registered on time in the presence of any neoplasms.

The laboratory of the polyclinic performs such kinds of analyzes as microbiological, biochemical, cytological, clinical, immunological. The study helps not only to make an accurate diagnosis, but also to reveal what exactly the microorganism is caused by the disease. Additionally, research is carried out in the field of allergology. Timely identification of an object, on which there is a negative reaction of the organism, helps to avoid many problems in the future.

Paid services

107 city polyclinic is a public institution. This means that a certain category of the population is assisted free of charge if there is a compulsory medical insurance policy. However, visitors can also get advice from the institution's specialists for an additional fee. Provision of paid services by a medical institution allows to fully meet the needs of patients. For financial compensation, the patient receives maximum attention from the experts. The money goes to purchase new medical equipment and pay for the staff of the polyclinic.

The basis for providing paid medical services is a contract, which is drawn up directly in the clinic and is coordinated with the Department of Public Health of the city of Moscow. Patient care is provided by appointment. It is only necessary to call the hotline number of the polyclinic. In order to conclude a contract for the provision of medical services, the patient must present a document proving his identity. This can be a passport or driver's license. Parents should also bring their child's birth certificate.

Paid medical services are provided in different directions. This is medical massage, obstetrics and gynecology, roentgenology, reflexology, neurology, infectious diseases, cardiology, exercise therapy, manual therapy, endocrinology, surgery and much more.


In a medical institution, patients are served from the first days of life. If the birth takes place in a department that belongs to the 107 city polyclinic, after the discharge to the baby a specialist is sent. The pediatrician is assigned to the child for the entire period of his growing up( up to 16 years).The main doctor of the children's department is Pronko Nikolai Alexandrovich. Admission of the population on matters not related to the health of children is carried out every Monday from 15:00 to 20:00.

107 a children's polyclinic services patients aged 0 to 15 years. Cards of children over 16 years old are transferred to the adult department. Parents at any time can seek help from a specialist. Children who are enrolled in educational institutions belonging to the children's department regularly undergo a medical examination. This allows at an early stage to identify a particular ailment and prevent its development in the future. Babies who are registered in another region of Moscow can be served on a paid basis. To do this, parents must first conclude an agreement with the management of the medical institution.

The problem of the majority of polyclinics is the living queues of patients. Sometimes you have to wait for hours to get to the right specialist. Parents know how hard it is to get a child to sit quietly in the corridor.107 children's polyclinic( Moscow) - an exception. In order to get to the doctor and not stand in long lines, it is only necessary to make an appointment in advance by phone or at the polyclinic's website. Babies with high fever or acute pains are served without an appointment.


It is very important to properly care for the oral cavity in order to avoid the development of dental diseases. But even the most thorough hygiene can not protect against caries. Polyclinic No. 107( Dekabristov Street) offers a patient room with new equipment for patients. Here, not only treatment of simple ailments, such as caries and pulpitis, but also high-quality prosthetics is performed. For a small fee you can get a really radiant smile. Smirnov Alexey Sergeevich is the head of the dental department of the polyclinic. This is a highly qualified specialist who has been working in the medical field for more than 15 years. Great experience does not prevent him from improving his knowledge and skills. Every year new technologies of dental treatment and prosthetics appear, which are used in practice in the polyclinic 107 in Moscow.

Patients with acute pain are served without a queue. Otherwise, you should first make an appointment with a specialist. Treatment of complex diseases takes place in several stages. Specialists of the dental department use the latest methods of anesthesia. This allows you to overcome the fear of the drill and without any problems to treat cavities of any complexity. With special trepidation, doctors treat small patients. After all, the fear of a dental office for many originates in childhood. If there are problems with baby teeth, polyclinic 107 is at the disposal of the kids. Parental feedback shows that three-year-olds can easily tolerate the filling procedure. True professionals work with children.

Women's consultation at the polyclinic

The representatives of the fair sex who are registered in the Moscow region, assigned to the 107th polyclinic, can get advice from qualified gynecologists or register for pregnancy. The head of the women's consultation is Budyak Irina Valentinovna. This is an obstetrician-gynecologist with ten years of experience. During the time of the doctor's work, more than 1000 healthy babies appeared. In the women's consultation there is a family planning office. Here, future parents can undergo a test and pass all tests to conceive a child.

In the department there is an ultrasound examination office of the pelvic organs. Not only pregnant women are examined here, but also patients with various pathologies. Only after passing through all the procedures the doctor can put the correct diagnosis to the fair sex. Women who are registered in another region can also visit polyclinic No. 107. Reception of doctors for them is carried out after the conclusion of the contract with the management of the medical institution.

To the pregnant women in the department of women's consultation, the staff is paying special attention.107 polyclinics are equipped with comfortable sofas. Doctors accept patients by appointment, so long waiting for their turn is not necessary. But even if you need to spend a little time in the corridor, you can get comfortable and read brochures with useful information.

Calling a doctor at home

It often happens that the illness comes unexpectedly. Get to the specialist while there is no strength or desire. The problem is easily solved if there is a 107 polyclinic nearby. You can call a doctor by phone. The specialist will come to the patient after he has run out of hours at the office. Call the specialist home are eligible patients with acute pain or fever, which are assigned to the 107th polyclinic in Moscow. Calls are recorded until 12:00.All appeals, which arrive after lunch, are transferred to the next day. Assistance can also be provided on weekends. In the office there is always a doctor on duty who can perform a preliminary examination of the patient and make an appointment.

The call of the doctor is carried out by the telephone of the registry( 499) 204-60-11.And at the number( 499) 907-63-77 consultation can be carried out in a telephone mode. You can call from 7:00 to 20:00 on working days and from 9:00 to 18:00 on weekends.

Patient feedback on the work of the medical institution

Like any other institution, has the most diverse responses of patients 107 polyclinics. The address of the main building is known to almost everyone who lives nearby. Many patients note that the polyclinic is located in a locality with developed infrastructure. Here you can easily get there by public transport or your own car. The medical institution has its own parking.

The work in the clinic is automated. The patient can make an appointment with a specialist via the website or by phone. In this case, a few hours before the appointed time, a reminder message will come to your mobile phone. But, unfortunately, not always everything goes according to plan. Patients note that even with a preliminary appointment to a particular specialist, one sometimes has to wait until 20-30 minutes for his turn. But such incidents are rare enough.