Burdock: the roots of medicinal plants in folk medicine

A plant that can be found in orchards and gardens, along roads and on wastelands, and along river banks is a well-known burdock. In the people it is called a burdock or a grandfather. Burdock is a two-year plant. Its leaves are green on top and grayish from below, very large in size. Dark purple flowers, with hooked, tenacious wrappers, are collected in ball-shaped baskets.

burdock roots Long since burdock has been used for healing purposes. It uses its roots and leaves. The top part of the plant is harvested from June to September. Roots are excavated in the autumn. That's when they gain their healing power.

Burdock, whose roots contain tannins and essential oil, ascorbic acid and glycosides, as well as palmitic acid and carbohydrate inulin, can exert a diuretic and diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and lactic effect. People's medicine men use the plant in the form of tinctures. Fresh or dry raw materials are used for cooking decoctions.

Burdock, whose roots are used to make infusion, helps to eliminate many pathologies. Healing medicine helps with gastritis and constipation of a chronic nature. Its reception allows you to eliminate gastric bleeding and alleviate the condition of the patient with gout and rheumatism. It helps infusion from the roots of a healing plant in diabetes mellitus and various pathologies of the skin. Women are recommended a healing drug for menstruation delays. To get the infusion, pour two tablespoons of boiling water a tablespoon of dry shredded raw material. Reception can be done in two hours.

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root burdock recipes When diabetes is recommended decoction of a healing plant. Burdock, whose roots are crushed, is taken for its preparation in the volume of one tablespoon. The raw material is poured into a glass of water, boiled over the fire. After insisting, the medicinal potion is filtered. Patients are recommended to take three times a day for a quarter of a glass. Burdock root, the recipes with which use are very popular, with diabetes is also used to prepare decoctions along with blueberry leaves and bean pods, which are taken in equal quantities. Decoctions of medicinal plants are also used as an excellent cleanser. Burdock is recommended for pathology of the urogenital system.

decoction of burdock root

It is also used decoction of burdock root for hair. They rinse their head after washing. The healing drug makes the hair silky and soft, strengthening them.

Burdock, whose roots are connected with the roots of elecampane, is used in the treatment of rheumatism. In this case, you should prepare a healing broth and take it inside, and also use it as an external warming compress. This remedy perfectly helps with skin rashes and chronic eczema.

In many pathologies, treatment with drugs prepared on the basis of burdock root is very effective. This plant is a great help for the prevention of many diseases, as well as for maintaining the health of the whole organism. Burdock is a grass that is accessible to everyone. Find it is not difficult. It is not difficult to prepare from it a medicinal decoction or tincture.