Uvildy Resort: reviews, photos, address

Lake Uvildy is unique in life-giving energy and beauty, a natural monument. That is why on its shores about 80 medical and tourist facilities are built. One of the largest and most versatile is the Uvildy resort. The places where it is built are worthy of attention of artists and poets. The shores of the lake are surrounded by pine and deciduous forests. The tops of ancient trees form openwork green tents above the heads of holidaymakers, carpets of hundreds of flowers are laying underneath, and phytoncides magical for their curative power are floating in the air. But these beauties are not the only advantage of the resort. On its territory there is a well with radon waters, the usefulness of which is difficult to overestimate. And the neighboring lake Sabanay supplies the resort with especially soft sapropel muds. All these features plus maximum comfort and convenience, friendly and professional staff make the stay at the resort an unforgettable experience.


The official address of the resort "Uvildy" is: Chelyabinsk region, Argayash district, Uvildy village, Kurortnaya street, building No. 5.It is the south-eastern shore of the lake, the most picturesque, with the mildest weather conditions. The places here are reserved. Around endless forest tracts, in which many berries, mushrooms, flowers, pleasing their songs dozens of birds. From Chelyabinsk this paradise is only 78 km. The distance from Yekaterinburg to the resort "Uvildy" is somewhat larger and amounts to 180 km along the route.

In these two cities there are resort representations. In Chelyabinsk, the office is located along Sonya Krivoy Street, building No. 28, and in Ekaterinburg along Belorechenskaya Street, Building No. 15, Room No. 201.Uvildy Resort

How to get to

Tourists who come to the Uvildy spa resort from distant Russian cities can by train or plane arrive in Yekaterinburg, then by public transport to the South Bus Station, where you can take bus number 589 to Chelyabinsk to the North Bus Station( "Yunost").

You can arrive by train or plane right away to Chelyabinsk, then proceed to the North Bus Station. From there, there is a direct bus service to the resort. Time is about an hour.

Personal car you need to drive on the highway M5.From Chelyabinsk, the northern direction towards Ekaterinburg to the village of Dolgoderevensky, then to the west through the settlements of Kasagi, Argayash and Kuznetskoye.

From Yekaterinburg, go south towards Chelyabinsk to the village of Tyubuk, then go west through the settlements of Kasli and Kyshtym.

Medical profile

The Uvildy resort in the Chelyabinsk region is considered to be the largest medical center. Here, such organs and systems are treated:

- the brain( sleep correction, rehabilitation after strokes, vascular pathologies);

- the nervous system;

- lungs and all respiratory organs( asthma, sarcoidosis, rhinitis, acute respiratory infections, pneumonia, bronchitis);

- gastrointestinal tract( various pathologies);

- organs of vision;

- thyroid;

- circulatory system and some pathologies of blood;

- heart and blood vessels;

- genitourinary system of men and women;

- musculoskeletal system( rheumatism, osteoarthritis, arthritis, gout, osteochondrosis, Bekhterev's disease and others).

People who suffer from diabetes, obesity, goiter, hypothyroidism and dozens of other diseases that occur in mild, moderate and chronic forms can improve their health at the "Uvildy" resort. resort Uvildy pictures

Diagnostic base

The Uvildy resort is proud of its modern diagnostic center. Here, many studies are carried out, corresponding to the diseases that each individual patient suffers. So, in case of problems with vision, the following are performed:

- visometry;

- tonometry;

- ophthalmoscopy;

- examination of the fundus.

For heart problems, such studies are carried out:

- ECG;

- rheoencephalography;

- Holter monitoring;

- vascular doplerography.

All patients of the resort perform urine tests, blood tests( general, biochemical), ultrasound of the problem area, ECG.

Treatment Methods

The Uvildy resort has an excellent medical base, based on the latest achievements of medicine. For each type of disease are admission highly professional doctors of narrow specialties:

- the therapist;

- ophthalmologist;

- the urologist;

- gynecologist;

- lung specialist;

is an endocrinologist;

- cardiologist;

is a neurologist;

- orthopedic surgeon;

- gastroenterologist;

- cosmetologist.

The list of medical procedures at the resort "Uvildy" includes several dozen items. So, the balneological department uses radon waters and sapropelic mud, infusions of herbs, pine needles, sea salts, honey, trace elements. Holidaymakers can take courses in baths, which there are many kinds, courses of therapeutic showers, mud treatment. Physiotherapeutic procedures include a wide range of hardware therapies( treatment with light, currents of varying frequency and amplitude, laser and ultrasound, and others).In addition, in the resort, as prescribed by doctors, the following procedures are performed:

- massage( hardware and manual);

- speleotherapy;

- inhalations;

- herbal medicine;

- specialized procedures for improving vision;

- diet therapy;

- exercise therapy;

- psycho-correction;

- lymphotropic therapy and many others.

In addition, the resort conducts several types of operations for plastic surgery( correction of the ear cones and nose, liposuction, mammoplasty, facial rejuvenation and others).

"Uvildy" Resort, "Brain Clinic"

The "Brain Clinic" center operates on the basis of the resort. They are engaged in rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke, who have a sleep disorder and who have pathologies of cerebral vessels. Indications for contacting the clinic:

- headache of any etiology;

- frequent dizziness;

- neuroses;

- memory impairment;

- depression;

- stress;

- suffered trauma to the skull or brain;

- insomnia;

- snoring in a dream;

- panic attacks;

- vegetative vascular dystonia.

The clinic performs a number of general studies, such as ECG, blood and urine tests, ultrasound. Specialized studies are also conducted here, including:

- rheovasography;

- polysomnography;

- echo and rheoencephalography.

Treatment in the center "Clinic of the brain" includes balneological, physiotherapeutic, medicinal, mechanical( massages) and many other procedures. All those who have completed the full course are issued a passport of the brain. resort Uvildy reviews

Territory and infrastructure

A whole small town in the shadow of white-birch trees, curly maples, evergreen pines and spruce is a resort "Uvildy".The photo captures one of these corners. Its spacious territory is decorated with dozens of flower beds, a lot of avenues, benches, gazebos. Among all this beauty, the medical and sleeping buildings( in one of them a buffet with sweets), souvenir shops, sports grounds, restaurants, a sports club, a hairdresser, mail with telegraph, rental points for winter and summer inventory, a large outdoor heated pool, a winter garden. On the lake there is a yacht club, boat station, equipped beach. In winter, the territory is decorated with a high lush tree, flooded with a skating rink, and ski tracks are laid.

For business clients in the resort is equipped with an excellent conference room, the restaurant can order a buffet with service or a banquet.

Arrivals by private vehicles can use the free car park.

For children in the territory there is a playground with swings, and in the building there is a children's club where the teacher looks after the babies.

For convenience of vacationers from dormitories( except for the third, which is located outside the territory), warm passages are arranged in the hospital. resort Uvildy Chelyabinsk


The resort "Uvildy"( Chelyabinsk region) has three buildings for accommodation of its tourists( Nos. 1 and 2 function for a long time, number 3 is new, it is located about 800 meters from the hospital).Also on the territory there are several modern cottages designed for living at any time of the year. The rooms have a different design and degree of comfort, in older buildings the living conditions are much simpler than in the new ones and in cottages.

Room categories:

  • Standard - 1- and 2-bed rooms, up to 15 squares. The rooms have the necessary minimum set of furniture, TV, batteries, shower cabins, toilet bowls, wash basins in the bathrooms.
  • Comfort - 1- and 2-person area of ​​up to 20 squares. Rooms differ from standard spaces and design.

"Uvildy" resort offers to all comers superior rooms:

  • Semi-luxe one-room with area up to 25 squares. The rooms have beautiful furniture, the floors are carpeted.
  • Junior suite is two-room with an area of ​​35 squares. In the room there is a living room and a bedroom.
  • Luxe one-room with an area of ​​30 squares. The room has chic furniture, a small refrigerator, a plasma TV, air conditioning.
  • Two-room suite with the area of ​​50 and 70 squares. These rooms have hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. In the rooms of hygiene shower cabins and baths are installed, bathrobes and slippers are provided.
  • "Presidential" three-room suite with an area of ​​75 squares. Layout: entrance hall, bedroom, living room, office, two bathrooms.

Cottages in the resort are available in two categories - standard and luxury. address of the resort Uvildy


The infrastructure of the resort "Uvildy" includes several restaurants and bars. In the main restaurant, located in a separate building, there are breakfasts, dinners and lunches of the type "self-service", the cost of which is included in the price of permits.

In addition, on the territory of the restaurant "Shinok", stylized as a Ukrainian hut and offering mainly dishes of Ukrainian cuisine.

Like the sea food restaurant "Aquatoria", where you can taste dishes from seafood and fish. Restaurant "Shambala", located on the beach, works only in the summer. Here you can not only have a snack, but also watch the concert, dance.

There are two bars in the resort - "Vitamin" and "Music transit".Various soft drinks, phyto-tea, vitamin cocktails are offered here. Uvildy resort in the Chelyabinsk region


The Uvildy Resort does not bore its guests at any time. The photo can be seen in the article. In summer, tourists are welcome to the beach, sports games, bike rides, badminton, billiards, tennis, fitness, an open pool under the pines, hiking in the woods, where hand-bunnies gladly accept treats in the form of nuts and seeds. In winter, the resort guests can ski, skate, swim in the outdoor or indoor swimming pools.

Guests can relax all year round in the sauna with a swimming pool, a bathhouse from which there is access to a large heated outdoor pool, in a Turkish bath, to participate in contests and quizzes, to make fascinating excursions, to visit a disco.

For the kids at the resort is also a disco, an animation team.

The shooting club, located near the resort "Uvildy", is very popular with tourists. There are equipped a shooting stadium and stands where you can shoot at running and flying targets. All equipment is Swedish.

Hunting and fishing

In addition to treatment, a wonderful program was developed by the resort "Uvildy" for the weekend. This includes not only corporate parties and banquets on the occasion of a wedding or any other family celebration, but also a hobby that many men love. The resort has its own hunting grounds, located from the village "Uvildy" in 220 km. All those wishing back and forth are delivered with comfortable transfers. Hunting takes place on seasons and is conducted on a wild boar, roe deer, hares, foxes, ermines, muskrats, as well as birds of black grouses, grouse, ducks, geese. Guests are accommodated in modern cottages with all amenities. In the camp of hunters there is a wood-house and the restaurant "Wolf's Lair", where you can also book banquets and corporate parties.

For fishermen in the hunting grounds of the resort there are several freshwater and salt lakes, where carps, ripus, and crucian carp are successfully caught. resort Uvildy for the weekend


You can take vouchers to the Uvildy resort on several systems:

- "Weekend tour".

- "General price".

- "The Clinic of the Brain".

- "Rest with treatment".

- "Recovery center".

Prices may vary depending on the season and the chosen room category. It is advisable to specify them with the manager when booking, because the resort often hosts promotions and provides discounts. In general, the prices for accommodation, treatment and food - from 3640 rubles per person per day, subject to placement in the main place, and from 2,800 rubles when placing on an additional place.

Resort "Uvildy", reviews of tourists

In the Chelyabinsk region, the sanatorium "Uvildy" is the most large-scale. He works since 1932.For this long period, thousands of Russians have been healthy here. Those who come here now note the following advantages:

- a unique location;

is an excellent treatment, very effective;

- rich infrastructure;

- a large selection of places where you can have a snack;

- the presence of a heated pool in winter;

- cozy rooms, especially in cottages and a new building.

Notable deficiencies:

- the territory is large, but not everywhere well-groomed;

- far away are the main restaurant and the third residential building;

- insufficient organization of leisure;

- high prices for paid procedures;

- uncomfortable hours of eating, especially dinner, ending at 6 pm;

is a mediocre buffet menu.