Modern ways to stop smoking: "Corsair", electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes can be considered a mini-inhaler, the device works on the same principle: a special liquid is sprayed and fed into the body of a "smoker" in the form of an air-drop mixture. The device simulates smoke, taste, sensations, but the effect of smoking this device is much harmless. When burning, there are no burning products - the device operates on a small battery, and the composition of the vapor does not contain impurities, unlike conventional cigarettes.

One of the most popular brands in this area is the "Corsair".Electronic cigarettes of this brand are distinguished by a relatively low price and a large choice of filler fluids - they are more than fifty.

Corsair Electronic Cigarettes

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

The use of such an analogue of tobacco products as a method of smoking, as well as means of combating bad habits, causes a lot of controversy.

The supporters of "hovering", and there are many of them, reinforce their opinion with a lot of positive effects:

  • The absence of a liquid for the electronic cigarette of tobacco, which, as is known, contains harmful substances, and is also a source of specific odor. As a consequence, even heavy smokers, using instead of regular cigarettes "Corsair"( electronic cigarettes), mark after a while the improvement of overall well-being and appearance. Dyspnea completely or partially. Disappears unpleasant to the surrounding tobacco smell.
  • Reduces harmful thermal effects on the lungs: the vapor generated by the device is much cooler than cigarette smoke.
  • Liquids for electronic cigarettes contain different amounts of nicotine, which makes it possible to regulate the dose of this harmful substance. Gradual reduction of the dose allows you to quit smoking without unnecessary inconveniences. Very valuable quality for those who struggle with bad habit.
  • Fire safety of electronic cigarettes.

Disadvantages of using electronic cigarettes

Of the significant disadvantages, perhaps, you can specify the following:

  • The lack of data on the effects on the body of the smoker of this device. Invented only at the beginning of two thousandths, the device did not manage to become the object of many years of research, like traditional cigarettes. Side effects have not been fixed to this day, but this does not mean that they are not.
  • No mandatory certification and clear quality requirements.

The latter circumstance allows unscrupulous producers to significantly save on quality. Therefore, when choosing a device, it is better to focus on famous brands. In this sense, the device "Corsair" - electronic cigarettes, which deserved many positive reviews from customers already using this brand.

Corsair liquid for electronic cigarettes

Fluid for smoking: what to look for when choosing?

In branded stores, there is an opportunity to immediately purchase under the brand "Korsar" electronic cigarettes and liquid for hobbling factory production. The brand filler contains the following components: water, glycerin, propylene glycol and flavors and purified nicotine. However, if you want, you can also choose non-nicotine fluids.

Where to buy electronic cigarettes "Corsair", accessories and liquid for electronic cigarettes?

Corsair electronic cigarettes SPb

To date, there are shops on the Internet that offer electronic cigarettes "Corsair", liquid for electronic cigarettes, various accessories and accessories. It's quite easy to buy everything you need without leaving home, and it's quite possible to save at the same time, but this method has a lot of disadvantages. In addition to waiting for delivery and possible commission costs for payment, doubts can be caused by the quality and authenticity of the assortment. It's no secret also that online stores often have problems when returning the purchased goods.

As it is not just about the money spent, but also about health, it is better to purchase electronic cigarettes and accessories directly, in the St. Petersburg branded stores. Central department stores "Corsair"( electronic cigarettes): St. Petersburg, st. Rebellion, house 53.

The most famous addresses of the stores "Korsar":

  • Efimova, 2( SEC PIC, 1st floor);
  • Ул.Zvezdnaya, Building 1( TRC Continent);
  • Commandant's Square, 1A( Atmosphere SEC, separate entrance).