How to reduce the growth?

No matter how popular the long-legged beauties, tiny miniature "inch" were, are and will be beyond any competition. Just because the little girls look very cute, like fairy elves or little porcelain dolls. Even next to a short man, you can safely walk in high-heeled shoes and feel yourself in harmony. Small and slender women always look neat and feminine. There are thousands more reasons why girls and women of moderate height can feel happier and more confident.

How to reduce growth? Especially this issue worries girls in adolescence. Those who have passed far beyond 170 cm and still can not stop. If there are procedures that allow you to grow, then, probably, you can become lower with the help of medicine?

At first glance, such a desire seems stupid, a whim, and the problem itself is untenable. After all, there are millions of women in the world, for whom growth is not an occasion for sadness. They are successful, confident in themselves and do not even feel a bit embarrassed when a short man is nearby. And when the growth problem worries a teenager, then it can be seriously not considered. But after all, many adults, serious people are concerned about the question: how to reduce growth?

The world in which we live is designed for people of medium height. Clothes, furniture, cars, apartments - all this is created precisely for such people. The ambiguous attitude of others around, ridicule and jokes about people whose growth can not be called average, only aggravate their desire to become lower.

In search of an answer to the question of how to reduce growth, too high people turn to surgeons. In orthopedic clinics, such a problem is solved with the help of technical means. The method of "shortening" is much more complicated and more traumatic than the reverse procedure of "lengthening".Solving the question of how to reduce the growth of a person, surgeons perform operations on the thigh or lower leg. To do this, cut out a piece of bone or cross the bone at an oblique angle and squeeze its parts so that the edges go over each other. After the operation, the bones are fixed with the help of plates, rods or Ilizarov's apparatus until complete fusion. In general, this is a difficult process for the surgeon and painful for the patient.

Another, very difficult task is the magnitude of the shortening. Our bones are in the "case" of the muscles. If the bone is shortened, the muscles weaken, and with a significant shortening, the function of "flexion-extension" is violated, which affects the joints. Therefore such operations can lead to disability, and shortening can be done no more than 4-5 cm.

Of course, such operative orthopedics has already gained experience of successful shortening of bones, but usually operations are performed with injuries or diseases of the skeleton.

But in order to just become lower, is it worth going to such risky and painful steps? It's probably easier to deal with yourself, your appearance, your posture, your gait. For a high risk to health can not be compared to a result that can be insignificant or not at all noticeable.

If you decide for yourself the problem, how to reduce the growth, then in no case do not slouch. No matter how high you are, keep your back straight and your head high. Saddleback will not reduce growth, it will only create problems for the spine in the form of curvature and pain.

If you so want to seem lower, then take off your high-heeled shoes. And also revise your clothes - horizontal lines will create the illusion of lower growth, and shiny fabrics will help them in this. A proper haircut too can help you seem lower.

A few words to say about nutrition. As you know, almost all vitamins influence growth more or less. But this does not mean that if you stop taking vitamin growth, you can become low. Do not diet, refusing products rich in vitamins A, D( they help to grow) - in this case, health can be harmed, and on the growth of restrictions will not affect.

In general, advice can be given one - think up various tricks in your appearance, in order to divert the attention of others from your growth. Or wait a bit. With age, a person's growth will decrease, this fact is undeniable. And most importantly - stop considering high growth a disadvantage!