How to treat intercostal neuralgia?

Intercostal neuralgia is characterized by very severe and painful pains in the chest that occur with irritation or compression of the intercostal nerves. These pains are often mistaken for the heart.

Everyone who has encountered this disease wants to know what to treat intercostal neuralgia.

Pain in intercostal neuralgia can be permanent or manifested in the form of attacks and lumbago. With this disease, tingling, burning, numbness, inability of deep breathing, and restriction of mobility can be noted.

Pain occurs with a deep breath, sneezing, coughing, sudden movement. She can concentrate in the middle of the chest or on the one hand, give in the shoulder blade, elbow, heart. In the area of ​​the affected nerve, numbness may appear. Intercostal neuralgia is seldom accompanied by changes in blood pressure, increased sweating.

Pain in intercostal neuralgia is often mistaken for pain in the heart. In this case, it is recommended to take nitroglycerin, from which the heartache must pass. If the pain persists, it is likely that this is an intercostal neuralgia.

Since the intercostal nerves are directed in different directions, the pain can be felt not only in the chest, but also in the lumbar region. Such pain can be taken for kidney.

In any case, do not do self-diagnosis and self-medication. When severe paroxysmal pains in the chest, characteristic of intercostal neuralgia, you should call an ambulance or see a doctor who will tell you how to treat intercostal neuralgia.

This disease often appears with age, but can also occur in young people. Intercostal neuralgia develops against the background of osteochondrosis, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal diseases, vitamin B deficiency, spine and ribs diseases.

The cause of the disease can be hypothermia, stress, fatigue, a lot of strain on the back.

How to treat intercostal neuralgia? The main task in the occurrence of acute pain is the removal of pain. In the future, the task is to reduce the number of seizures and fight the root cause of the disease.

For the removal of pain, medicine offers a large set of effective tools. These are painkillers, novocain blockade, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage. For the treatment of neuralgia, acupuncture is widely used, which gives excellent results. A good help is various rubbing and ointment based on snake and bee venom. These ointments help the blood circulation, relax the muscles, have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. After rubbing, it is necessary to wrap up and make sure that there are no drafts. Pancreas patch works well for relieving pain and relaxation.

To achieve a lasting result, it is not enough just to remove symptoms. It is necessary to eliminate the cause of the disease. For this, it is necessary to establish this reason correctly, that is, to conduct a thorough examination, which can take quite a long time.

If intercostal neuralgia is caused by neglected osteochondrosis, then there is the likelihood of surgical treatment.

Traditional medicine offers its methods, how to treat intercostal neuralgia and relieve pain.

A well-known relaxing and soothing means - valerian tincture - well relieves pain and tension. How to treat neuralgia with valerian? You need to take a piece of cotton cloth, moisten it with a tincture of valerian, put it on your sternum, cover with compress paper or cellophane, warmly wrap yourself and go to bed.

Folk healers are advised to drink mint tincture with honey. A tablespoon of dry crushed mint leaves pour a glass of boiling water, insist. Drink two times a day for a hundred grams in the morning and in the evening. In the tincture, add a teaspoon of honey.

How to treat intercostal neuralgia with rubbing? To do this, you must prepare a decoction of birch buds. Take a handful of freshly picked buds, pour vodka( 0.5 liters), insist ten days in the dark. Then apply as rubbing.