How are the injections subcutaneously

Sometimes a person becomes a nurse or nurse if necessary. For example, you have to perform various kinds of injections at home. Then, in particular, it may be necessary to perform a subcutaneous injection. How to do it correctly, this article will tell.

How to prick injections subcutaneously, teach in all sorts of courses, but you can master this simple technique and yourself, both women and men. With a fairly calm and tidy approach, problems should arise at all.

The injections are subcutaneously done for the reason that due to the good blood supply of the subcutaneous fat layer, the drugs are absorbed better and faster here. Accordingly, the effect of drugs introduced into the body is thus more effective than when administered through the mouth. Subcutaneously usually inject up to two milliliters of solutions.

The injections are injected subcutaneously with a needle with the smallest diameter. Avoidance of clearly visible large vessels should be avoided. The most suitable places for subcutaneous injection are the outer humeral surface, the external femoral surface. Sometimes injections are subcutaneously performed in the scapular space or the lower part of the axillary region. In these places it is easiest to take the skin in the fold, and the risk of damage to large blood vessels is minimal.

Subcutaneous administration of the drug provides a longer lasting effect of the drugs than with intravenous injection. Exceptions are cases of insufficient peripheral circulation.

Technique for hypodermic injection

First of all, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and put on surgical gloves. Then the following actions are performed:

  • The syringe for injections should be selected correctly. The injections are usually subcutaneously performed with a two-milliliter syringe.
  • The ampoule with the drug is also processed with alcohol, after which a special nail file, which comes with the medicine, makes a nail and breaks off the tip of the ampoule.
  • If the medicine is in a vial with a metal lid and a rubber stopper, then the upper part of the lid should be removed, the surface of the rubber stopper should be treated with alcohol and pierced with a needle. If the drug is in powder, then through the same needle it should be dissolved.
  • The drug is selected in the syringe by pulling the piston.
  • It is necessary after the medicine has completely got into the syringe, remove excess air, slowly and gently pressing your finger on the piston. Continue to press until a trickle of solution emerges from the needle. The syringe thus keeps a needle upwards, and to collect air bubbles to an exit aperture, it is necessary to tap lightly a finger on a syringe.
  • The intended place, in which the injections will be performed subcutaneously, is treated with alcohol. Initially, using a cotton swab, a large area is treated, and then another injection site, also moistened with alcohol, treats the injection site directly.
  • The skin should be seized in a thick enough fold and pulled up.
  • Quickly, but neatly, the needle pushes into the base of the resulting skin fold and is inserted into the fat layer.
  • By slowly pressing the plunger of the syringe, the medication is squeezed out under the skin.
  • With the same rapid and abrupt movement the needle is removed from under the skin of the patient, and the injection site is slightly massaged and again processed with alcohol.

Sometimes subcutaneous injections are performed in the abdomen. To make an injection correctly, you should mentally draw a figure eight on the abdomen of the patient, which has a center in the navel.

One of the rings of this eight is injected. All other actions are performed in much the same way as in the example described above. It should be taken into account only that the skin in this place is very tender, and all actions should be performed as carefully as possible to avoid the appearance of bruises. The ring of the "eight" changes at each next subcutaneous injection in the abdomen.