White creeper: tincture. Its importance in folk medicine

Creep white( otherwise "Adam's root") is a herbaceous perennial plant combining many useful microelements in its composition, for which it has become widespread in folk medicine.

transgression white root tincture

Tinctures and decoctions on its basis are used not only to relieve the symptoms of the disease, but also to eliminate its causes. In medicinal compositions, roots, leaves, stems, flowers, fruits of the plant are most often used.

Exterior description

White, belonging to the family of pumpkin, is characterized by a thin stalk and very long( up to 3.5 meters), clinging shoots. The root is thick, fleshy, looks like a radish fruit, is characterized by white color. The leaves are long( about 10 cm), located on long petioles, alternately, they are 5- and 7-lobed plates with a deep-hearted base. In the sinuses of the spiral twisted tendrils, with the help of which the white clinger clings to the supports and neighboring plants. Flowers of female and male type, yellowish-green and pale yellow, respectively.

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transgression white

The fruits are small, they are black berries with ovoid seeds. Flowering occurs in June-September, the fruit ripens in July-September.

In natural conditions, the whiteness is white, the use of which is widely claimed by folk medicine, grows in river valleys, ravines, thickets of bushes and on river fringes. Near the settlements, the plant can be found at abandoned buildings and hedges. For medicinal purposes, it is most commonly used in Transcaucasia, where it has its local name - "Caucasian ginseng".

Rinsing of sick teeth and sore throat will show a good result, if the composition of the medicinal product contains a whitening white( root, tincture).Its importance in folk medicine is large enough, since the natural doctor is an effective assistant in the treatment of a large number of diseases.

Recipe for decoction of

To prepare the decoction, the root of the plant needs to be thoroughly rinsed and crushed.2 cups of hot water should be filled with a teaspoon of raw materials, boil for about 15 minutes over low heat and insist for about half an hour. Take a healing solution three times a day for ¼ cup for half an hour before meals. Receiving the decoction inside is effective when:

  • constipation;
  • epilepsy;
  • inflammation of the inner ear;
  • malaria;
  • sore throat;
  • diseases of the heart and joints.

Vodka tincture

Vodka tincture can be prepared from the aerial parts of the plant and its roots. For every 10 grams of ground raw material take 100 ml of vodka or alcohol. The remedy is required to insist in a dark place for 10-14 days. Such a healing solution is effective in the treatment of bronchitis, it is successfully used as a diuretic, antihelminthic, hemostatic and decongestant. Daily dosage - 10 drops before meals in 3 divided doses.

transgression white application

How effective is the white transgression( root, tincture)?Its importance in folk medicine( photo demonstrates the species of plants in natural conditions) is quite large, as the Caucasian ginseng is rich in carbohydrates, essential oils, resins, alkaloids, tannins, phytosterols.

Recipe for tinctures on water

To prepare tinctures on a water basis, you need to put in a thermos 5 grams of chopped grass( flowers, fruits, leaves, stems) and pour a glass of boiling water. Liquid infuse for an hour, strain, dilute with boiled water to the initial volume. Dosage - 1 tbsp.spoon after eating 3 times a day.

Caucasian ginseng in the form of tincture helps in the treatment of joint diseases, bronchitis, cough;Effective in the form of trays and lotions. Razirka joints, treatment of radiculitis, neuralgia, myositis - only a small part of what a modest plant such as the white steppe( root) is capable of. Vodka tincture, decoction, ointment - forms in which it is possible to effectively use bryony( another name for a medicinal plant) for the treatment of various diseases.

transgression white root tincture its meaning in folk medicine

Infusion from the whitewash effectively rinse the aching teeth and sore throat. The dissolved root can be applied to abscesses, chirjam and deprive, to wash out skin rashes and ulcers.

How to prepare an ointment based on white

For skin diseases, an ointment based on fresh juice from the root of the plant is effective. For its preparation, it is required to thoroughly wash the roots, boil 1-2 minutes in water, grind through a meat grinder, and then wring out. Next, take 20 ml of the juice obtained, combine with a cream or vegetable oil( 40 grams), add 40 grams of Vaseline. Useful composition is ready. Keep it in the fridge.

Fresh root juice helps to remove warts and pigment spots on the skin. In a dry powdery form, they shed wounds. Seeds of white whitening help as a laxative;infused with salt water, improve hearing and visual acuity.

In medical practice, white transient is one of the components of the complex drug "Akofit", used in the treatment of plexitis, neuritis, acute radiculitis, sciatica. In addition to tincture of bryonia( so called Caucasian ginseng), the preparation contains a large number of other medicinal plants( mistletoe, rue, aconite), metallic tellurium and white arsenic. It is highly not recommended to use "Akofit" without the appointment of a doctor.

transgression white root tincture its meaning in folk medicine photo

In the old days, many people believed in the healing power of White's shift;Especially popular were the "tears" of the plant. To obtain it was required to loosen the soil around the plant, separate the top part of the root with a knife and make a small depression in its pulp. The next day in it there was a "tear" - a healing liquid, which it was required early in the morning to extract with a spoon and slowly drink. Collect the "tears" should it was the patient.

Contraindications to the use of

White( root, tincture) cure can cure a large number of diseases, but it is considered a poisonous plant, therefore, when using it, the exact dosage should be observed. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting jade - a complex kidney disease. When poisoning begins to hurt the stomach, vomiting is observed, diarrhea with blood opens, blood pressure drops sharply, down to loss of consciousness.

Features of the correct collection and storage of the white

In order to maintain its healing power, White's transient needs to be able to correctly assemble and store. The above-ground part must be harvested in sunny, clear weather at the time when the plant blooms. Shoots should be cut into pieces and well dried in the shade. transgression white root vodka tincture The root part should be stocked prior to the beginning of flowering, since it is during this period that the highest content of nutrients is observed. Roots need to be shaken off the ground, rinsed well, divided into small parts. Raw materials need to be dried and placed in a glass, tightly closed container. Shelf life - no more than 2 years.