Pubic pediculosis

Lice are very unpleasant insects. And affected can be not only the scalp. Pubic pediculosis is a disease in which the pubic region is affected. The perineum can also be affected. In some cases, these parasites can appear on other hairy areas of the body. For example, in men, the zone of the armpits and breasts can be affected. This unpleasant disease is transmitted very simply - in close contact with a person infected with pubic lice. From this it follows that only people can become infected, that is, they can not "catch" these lice from animals.

Very often, pubic pediculosis is transmitted by sexual contact, but it can spread through the lower, as well as bedding. Still it is possible to catch after stay in public toilets, and especially in baths because visitors there remove from themselves all clothes. Pubic lice can be picked up in dormitories where many often use other people's linen and other hygiene items. Of course, so does the risk of other diseases.

Pubic pediculosis, from the point of view of medicine, is considered as a venereal disease, as most often they suffer from people prone to frequent changes in sexual partners and illegible sexual contacts. But this disease can catch even children of different ages. It will be enough for a child to sleep a few nights in the same bed with an infected person to get sick himself. In children, pediculosis can even affect the hair on the eyebrows and eyelashes. First time, about a month, pubic lice do not bother the infected person. These parasites dig into the skin, fixing at the same time on their graspy paws, and then penetrate the stigma into the tiniest blood vessels. Pubic lice inject a special substance into the human blood, after which it becomes suitable for their nutrition. This substance after a month and becomes the cause of scabies and itching. Man, as a rule, very much wants to comb the sore spot - the sensations are very unpleasant and sometimes painful. In this case, there are eczema, which do not heal very long. In addition, grayish pigmentations may be formed, which are an allergic reaction of the body. The most obvious manifestation of pubic lice in a person is the appearance on the scalp of the body of lice, as well as their eggs and nits.

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Treatment of pubic licekidosis

To treat this unpleasant disease is quite difficult. Quickly get rid of lice will not work. Especially since there is not enough soap and sponge here. Old ways to remove pubic lice, which consist in etching them with kerosene and shaving hair, are already ineffective for today. Pubic pediculosis is treated with special ointments, creams and shampoos. Modern means are very effective, and often after their first use of pubic lice can be eliminated. But for the prevention of medicinal products, it is necessary to treat your sexual partner, even if there are no signs of illness. All personal care products, underwear and bed linens must be disinfected. It should be borne in mind that lice of lice, in contrast to adult parasites, live on the body for about seven days. Therefore, you need to disinfect all the things that you had contact with in the last month. Pubic pediculosis can be prevented by being sexually legible. In addition, you need to be very careful in public places. For example, on rest or in other trips it is better to take your bed linen and personal care items. So you will feel safe.

Remember that pubic pediculosis, whose treatment lasts a long time, is easier to prevent. Do not be ill!