Sladz-Syndrome: Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

This article is suitable not only for those who have written in the medical map "biliary sludge", but also for healthy people for the prevention of this syndrome, and hence illness. Consider the question of how to recognize the disease in time, where you can undergo examination and how to be treated. Our topic is a sludge syndrome. So let's figure out what kind of strange phrase.

From medical terminology to a simple language

As you know, doctors usually speak "medical language", or more precisely, in Latin. Often the patient has to use the Internet or directories to understand what is his illness. sludge syndrome

Biliary sludge is the presence of sand in the gallbladder, if to speak in plain language. Later, the reasons for the appearance of this disease will be given. In Latin, "slaj" means "bilious", and sludge is an English word, which translates as a slurry, mud, mud. In fact, in the gallbladder there is a suspension of fine particles of cholesterol, calcium, bilirubin.

What are the symptoms?

Unfortunately, gall bladder does not appear immediately, because a person does not feel any pain, discomfort. But this is for the time being. Most often, or rather, almost always, a suspension in the gall bladder appears due to other disorders in the body. First, the primary disease will start, and after it the problems with the gall bladder begin.

Symptoms of sludge are usually the following:

  • tingling or numbness in the right hypochondrium;
  • nausea;
  • discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, including in the region of the liver, stomach;
  • , when the trunk is bent, pains appear;
  • pain after eating, especially greasy, spicy and smoked food;
  • loss of appetite.

If you have any of these symptoms, you should think about whether it's time to visit the ultrasound room.

Who should I contact if I have pain?

Often people do not know which doctor to go to. Well, if in your district clinic good doctors, then you should first go to the therapist. Having listened to you, the doctor, most likely, will give a coupon to the ultrasound cabinet. Usually a leaflet with a direction is written memo for patients. It is necessary to follow the recommendations:

  • before the study can not eat or drink for 8 hours;
  • bring a diaper and towel;
  • do not take anything inside before ultrasound diagnosis;
  • appears clearly on the time indicated in the ticket.

biliary sludge

To find out what happens in the gallbladder, liver, stomach, in the duodenum, it is better to starve. But you will have the results of the examination and the diagnosis.

If a sludge in the gallbladder is identified, this is written in the conclusion, then the doctor of the ultrasound and the therapist will send you to the gastroenterologist. This specialist deals with those patients who have stomach, liver, bowel, gallbladder disease.

Will it resolve itself?

When patients learn about their diagnosis, they first can not understand what is happening with them, whether it is being treated, whether it will pass by itself. It is worth responding immediately: the biliary sludge does not resolve itself, but it can be helped. How - will be told below. It only requires that you do not worry, do not panic. On the contrary, it's good that you learned about the diagnosis at an early stage.

When the suspension is detected in small( moderate amounts) with ultrasound, the gastroenterologist usually diagnoses "CSF in the initial stage".What is LCD?This abbreviation is cholelithiasis. Do not worry, not a fatal diagnosis, the main thing is to start treatment on time, which requires will power and desire to get better.

Follow the directions of the gastroenterologist

If you have a sluggish syndrome, then you will be prescribed a strict diet, plenty of drink, taking medication. As we said above, cholelithiasis appears for a reason. There is a primary disease. Most likely, the doctor will appoint you additional examinations.

Earlier we started talking about a district clinic where almost everyone does for free. And what if you have to apply to a paid medical center? So that you do not have to spend money, sign up first for ultrasound. If to you after inspection will write in a card, that consultation of the gastroenterologist is necessary, be brave be written down to the given expert. sludge in the gallbladder

Choose a competent specialist, ask the patients how the doctor treats. Be prepared for the fact that you can be sent for additional examinations, will assign the delivery of tests. Do not refuse.

Follow the diet

Any doctor, even a therapist, can prescribe a strict diet. Which one? There is such a diet, called "table number 5".You need to carefully study it and follow the recommendations.

Have patience, if you want to cure the gallbladder and remove the slurry. Treatment is very long - at least one month. But it's worth it: you can learn how to eat right. slides treatment

What is meant by "table number 5"?First, you should eat small portions( not more than 100-150 grams) at a time. But at the same time you will not remain hungry, because the food intake should be 5-6 times a day. That is, every 2-3 hours. So you do not load a sick gallbladder.

Secondly, there should not be any flavor enhancer in your diet, we exclude:

  • spices, spicy seasonings, mustard, pepper and so on;
  • fried, smoked, marinated products;
  • soups on meat and mushroom broths;
  • fatty dairy products;
  • sour berries, fruits;
  • from vegetables: radish, horseradish, onions, garlic;
  • ice cream, malmelade-jam, candy, chocolate;
  • bread( today's baking), patties, rolls. cholecystitis with biliary sludge

What can you eat? Let's enumerate the allowed products:

  • tea with milk, fruit drinks and compotes, juices, still water;
  • yogurts, sour cream and cottage cheese skim or with fat content no more than 2-3%;
  • lean fish;
  • non-acidic vegetables and fruits, preferably in a grated form;
  • boiled sausages and sausages;
  • bread of yesterday's or earlier date of baking;
  • cheese is mild.

Actually, not everything is as complicated as it seems. You will understand that such a diet will only benefit you: the body can only absorb the necessary substances, and not excess cholesterol and fats.

The life-giving moisture

A person should drink a certain amount of water per day so that every cell is filled with moisture, internal organs, including the gall bladder, are washed. But in case of a disease ordinary water for washing is not enough. Gastroenterologist advise mineral water to drink a course, but there is a condition: you need to release the gases from the mineral water, slightly warm the water on the stove. signs of sludge

The syndrome of biliary sludge is easily treated by such waters as: "Slavyanovskaya", Donat Mg, "Essentuki 17".Remember that these waters are medicinal, they can not be controlled uncontrolled, only by doses indicated by the doctor and at strict intervals. Here you can not give a general advice on the treatment scheme, because they all have different. Do not forget to drink ordinary clean water without gases during the day.

Taking medication

The gastroenterologist after all necessary examinations can appoint you the right medication. It is worth saying at once that here we will not list them, so as not to provoke self-medication, which can lead to problems, not recovery. As duration and a dose at all different.

Sludge syndrome is gradually disappearing in the first week of treatment. But do not delude yourself: fight disease to the end. If you were told to be treated for 1 month, then follow this recommendation. Do not take breaks for one or several days. The body is restored gradually, including the gall bladder. If you interrupt the case, further treatment can be useless.

Folk methods of

There are several ways to deal with cholelithiasis on your own. Of course, abundant drinking is necessary. It is advisable to drink at least 1 liter of water per day. Let the water be absolutely clean: without scale, impurities from water pipes and a tap. It is recommended to warm it up lightly and drink one glass at a time. biliary syrge syndrome

Well dissolves cholesterol sand and stones with baking soda solution. In the morning on an empty stomach in a cup or glass put a half-spoonful of soda( for the first time) and pour hot boiling water( to extinguish soda).To drink it is necessary when it will cool down, and it is possible and to pour at first polkruzhki hot water, to dissolve soda and to add cold. Before going to bed, you should repeat the procedure, but you can only drink 2 hours after eating. We do not eat more at night. It is advisable to take a solution of soda for at least one week, if you feel fine. Sludge syndrome will disappear, since soda is an alkali, it is capable of dissolving stones, removing sand from the body and treating other diseases.

Started disease

Do not throw the medication at all, because the sand slowly but surely turns into stones. At first they are small, and then they become bigger. Cholecystitis can develop. Now we'll figure out what kind of insidious disease. Note that cholecystitis with biliary sludge is directly related: if the sand from the gallbladder is not removed, then stones are formed that can block the bile duct, rupture the cavity of the gallbladder. Such a critical condition is cholecystitis. As a rule, a patient with such a diagnosis is removed by gallstones or the organ itself.


To prevent gallstone disease again, it is advisable to adhere to the diet "table number 5" regularly, drink freshly squeezed juices: carrots, orange, tomato.

It is recommended from time to time to be checked in the ultrasound study, to take tests to notice the sluggish syndrome in time: blood, urine.

To maintain health, you should drink more water, eat a fraction, do not eat fatty, salty, spicy food, and carcinogenic products.