The best antiviral drugs for children: reviews

Every parent worries if his child gets sick. Particularly concerned are the mothers of babies, whose age has not yet reached three years. Parents begin to rush about, trying to find the most effective antiviral drugs for children. Reviews sometimes force you to buy a medicine that the kid does not need to recover, as a mother for comfort.

antiviral drugs for children reviews

Antiviral Drugs: The Need for Use and Classification of

When should antiviral drugs be used for children? The comments of some parents report that they give such funds to their children at the first symptoms of the disease. Others say that they are trying to do without such medications, since the latter cause them to distrust. Doctors prescribe medications to fight a viral infection with the following symptoms:

  • fever;
  • sore throat and hyperemia of the mucous membranes;
  • runny nose and nasal congestion;
  • weakness, headache.

Together, these signs indicate that the child has a viral infection. Most ailments with such a clinical picture are caused by viruses. Therefore, treating the disease with antibiotics will be, at least, silly. All antiviral drugs for children, the reviews of which will be presented to your attention today, are divided into groups:

  • from influenza;
  • from herpes infection;
  • from retroviruses;
  • homeopathic remedies;
  • medications based on interferon;
  • preparations of a wide spectrum of action.

Each medication acts on certain viruses. The similarity of drugs is that the effectiveness of any one will be the stronger, the sooner it is taken.

good antiviral drugs for children reviews

Influenza Aids

Danger of the disease occurs when the pathology is caused by the influenza virus. The disease is tricky and violently leaking. With flu, children have a high probability of dehydration and complications. Especially dangerous when the kids are sick. What in this case to use antiviral drugs for children( from a year)?The reviews mention the following medicines.

  • Rimantadine is an inexpensive and long-known drug. Moms and dads say that it is well tolerated by children, but it can be given only from the age of 7.The drug effectively eliminates the influenza A and B virus, which occur in children most often. Undoubtedly plus tablets - their inexpensive price. Buy packaging "Rimantadina" can be only 50 rubles.
  • Tamiflu is the newest medication developed for the treatment of severe influenza. Parents say that this medicine does not cause such trust, as the long-studied "Rimantadine".However, the effectiveness of tablets "Tamiflu" is undeniable. Doctors recommend it for children from the year with swine, avian flu, which are dangerous diseases. Mom and Dad say that the cost of ten capsules "Tamiflu" is indecently high( about 1500 rubles).It is inconvenient that a prescription from a doctor is required to purchase a medicine.
  • Relenza is an analog of Tamiflu. The peculiarity of this drug consists in the unusual application: the medicine is administered by inhalation. According to the parents, you can find out that this medicine is prescribed for children, whose age has reached 5 years. The drug effectively copes with the influenza virus, not allowing complications to arise. Negatively respond about the drug because of its cost. For the course for the child will have to give from 1300 to 1500 rubles.

For the treatment of herpes, chicken pox and shingles

Good antiviral drugs for children( from 3) - reviews say - this medicine "Acyclovir", "Zovirax", "Valtrex", "Vectavir", "Famvir" and others. These medicines act on the herpes virus of various types. Parents of children tell us that drugs effectively treat diseases such as shingles, chicken pox, genital herpes. Minus of drugs( according to the dads and moms) is that they can not be used for up to three years. Such a warning is given by the manufacturer. However, in practice, medicines are prescribed by a doctor to small children, only the dose is selected individually.

There are mothers and dads telling that such funds were administered to their children in the complex treatment of pneumonia and other diseases of the lower parts of the respiratory system. Talking about the effectiveness of drugs in this case is difficult, since it is not known what exactly from the whole complex helped the child cope with the problem.

antiviral drugs for children from the year reviews

Homeopathy: drugs with unproven efficacy

Now on the windows of pharmacy chains you can find expensive and cheap, bad and good antiviral drugs for children. Reviews of parents about homeopathic remedies are controversial. To one children such means help effectively, and for others appear useless. Virtually unanimously, parents say about the expensive cost of medicines. Plus, the drugs are noted for their safety and the ability to use even in newborn babies. Running homeopathic remedies:

  • "Oscilococcinum" - delicious granules, which children take with great pleasure;
  • "Aflubin" - drops on the basis of ethanol, have an unpleasant taste and smell, which creates difficulties in the treatment of the child;
  • "Ergoferon" and "Anaferon" are sweet tablets that promise not only to fight the virus, but also to increase immunity.

antiviral drug for children 3 years reviews

Nasal drugs for children

Antiviral drugs for children under one year - reviews say - it is easier to give the baby by intranasal administration. The views of dads and moms about such remedies are mostly positive. Parents are satisfied with the result of treatment, as well as the possibility of using funds for prevention. Users mention the following names:

  • "Grippferon";
  • "Derinat";
  • "Nasoferon";
  • Miramistin.

Getting into the baby's spout, medicines create an imperceptible and imperceptible film that does not allow viruses to hit healthy cells. Calling your own immune response, drops cause the body to fight the infection on its own. Reviews say that the undoubted advantage of drugs is the possibility of their long use. Statistics show that these funds are most often used for children with a preventive goal.

antiviral drugs for children effective reviews

Interferons are the most popular drugs

Interferon-based drugs are the most advanced antiviral drugs for children from 3 years old. Reviews about them are more good than bad. These medications are designed to treat various types of viral infection. They can be called a broad spectrum means. It is also important that they have an immunomodulating effect. Popularly used:

  • "Cycloferon"( designed for children from 4 years);
  • "Isoprinosine"( can be taken from 2.5 years);
  • "Kagocel"( appointed from 3 years);
  • "Arbidol"( has the form of suspension and tablets, can be used from 2 years);
  • "Citovir"( it is permissible to use it for children from year to year).

Parents from all types of medications prefer to buy exactly drugs based on interferon. There is an opinion among users that they are not addictive, can effectively help a child cope with the disease, and also apply to over-the-counter drugs.

antiviral drugs for children


Parents' feedback on the use of antiviral medicines is different. Most popes and mothers prefer to listen to medical advice and give these funds to their children. But there are also negative reviews.

Parents say that antiviral drugs are a waste of money. In addition, some drugs have serious side effects. Therefore, from the use of such funds for children, mothers refuse. There is a great misconception that antiviral and immunomodulating agents can cause addiction to the body, as a result of which the child is unable to cope with the subsequent illnesses independently. It would be nice to find out what the doctors are thinking about this.

antiviral drugs for children from 3 reviews

Medical point of view

If you contact pediatricians and ask when an antiviral drug for children is really needed( 3 years), the doctors' reviews will tell you the following.

  1. The organism of a child who does not have chronic and autoimmune diseases is able to cope on his own with the virus. It is important to properly organize the regime, care and nutrition.
  2. In most cases, antiviral drugs are given to children to calm their parents. Dads and moms can not stay idle while their child is sick. Therefore, they require the doctor to register at least something.
  3. The effectiveness of the remedies against the virus is higher if you use a medication for prevention or start use during the first hours of the illness.
  4. Antiviral drugs are really necessary for a child in case of serious illnesses, for example, viral pneumonia or during influenza.

Summing up

Today you learned what antiviral drugs are for children( effective).Feedback about them is also provided for your reference. Do not rely on someone else's opinion. If your child is sick, then show it to the doctor, get an appointment. Do not use antiviral drugs on your own, as improper application of them can negatively affect the health of crumbs.