Moscow, maternity hospital № 29: reviews, services

When the family is waiting for the appearance of the child, she thinks about where it is better to give birth to the mother, so that the baby and she were in the hands of qualified doctors and their lives were not threatened. Maternity hospital No. 29, according to the city's residents and official statistics, occupies one of the leading positions in popularity.

Women come here from all parts of the city and nearby settlements. There are comfortable conditions for mother and baby stay. The equipment of the hospital and the experience of the staff make it possible to carry out labor of varying complexity.

Maternity hospital No.29: address

A medical facility is located on the Hospitalny Square, 2. You can get there by several methods:

  • Metro "Semenovskaya" - trams No. 43 and 46, go to the "Soldatskaya street" stop or 32 on the stop "Hospital Square".
  • Metro "Aviamotornaya" - tram number 32.
  • Metro "Baumanskaya" - bus 440 to the stop."Hospital Square".

29 hospitalization address

The service of patients oc

curs if there is an insurance policy or after a preliminary arrangement on a paid basis. You can sign a contract only by going to the hospital number 29 at the address indicated above.


Maternity Hospital No. 29, according to clients, has excellent conditions in all branches. Modern renovation, cleanliness and attentive staff attracts more patients every year.

City Clinical Hospital 29

The clinic is actively used during childbirth with modern anesthetic drugs, which enable a woman to experience less unpleasant sensations and to step in at a critical moment with enough strength.

The maternity hospital is equipped with both adult and children's resuscitation, so if necessary, there will be help at the highest level. The clinic has a modern department for nursing preterm babies. The newest equipment makes it possible to monitor the state of newborns around the clock.

The clinic accepts deliveries at the pole and under a contractual arrangement. Conditions for all women are provided at a high level.

A thorough observation and correction of the underlying disease in pregnant women with endocrine disorders at the maternity hospital No.29 is conducted. According to the reviews of patients with diabetes mellitus, a complex of measures is carried out here, which aims to ensure that pregnancy and childbirth proceed in a calm mode regardless of the concomitant diagnosis.

Such women undergo laboratory tests 2 times a month, periodically lie in the department of pathology of pregnant women and there are additional specialized specialists to give birth at any time to help mom or baby.

Preparation for childbirth

Many women are afraid of this process, because they are, above all, frightened by the unknown. They do not know what will happen and how to proceed in and after the maternity ward. In order for a woman to be aware of this process, special maternity courses are conducted at the maternity hospital No. 29 in Bauman.

They tell women in detail about all stages of childbirth. Also, educational videos and photos can be shown. Women are taught proper breathing and behavior during childbirth.

maternity hospital 29 reviews

If an affiliate program is planned, then couples come here, and the future dad is taught how he can help his wife during the procreation process. So, he can be useful both morally and physically to a woman at birth.

Here they tell you what to take with you to the hospital and how to take care of the baby in the first and subsequent days. In the hospital № 29 in Moscow, there is a breastfeeding support service, where you can apply for help at any time.

Natural Births

There are two ways of procreation. In the maternity hospital at City Clinical Hospital No. 29, doctors try their best to have babies born naturally.

In this case, the mother restores much faster. After passing through the birth canal and putting considerable effort into the newborn in the subconscious, the process of fighting for life is postponed. Such children are more durable and stress-resistant in the future.

29 hospital in Moscow

Normal natural delivery can last from 4 to 12 hours. The woman's organism and the needs of the child determine independently the necessary period of time. In the hospital in the ancestral hall, all conditions have been created for the woman to endure the moment of labor as easily as possible.

There is a bath with Jacuzzi, fitness balls, stairs, special chairs with a cutout. A woman in childbirth herself can determine in what position she should be better.

If a woman does not want to endure pain in bouts, she can be anesthetized with epidural anesthesia. This method is actively used in maternity hospital No. 29. According to the patients, in this case they are not so tired during the bouts and with sufficient strength come to the last stage.

The introduction of anesthesia in acceptable doses does not affect the process of childbearing and such births are referred to as natural. Modern doctors believe that women who have a low pain threshold, must use this method, so as not to deliver themselves so much suffering.

Vertical birth

Previously, almost all women in different countries gave birth to children in one position - sitting in a special chair with a hole, standing and even hanging on the neck of her husband. Only for the convenience of doctors introduced a horizontal method of delivery, so that it was easier for them to observe what was happening.

Now actively return to the vertical method. According to statistics, in this case for 2-3 hours the period of fights is shortened, and the child quickly moves along the birth canal.

Physicians have established that in this way the baby is less likely to be injured. In women who gave birth to this method, virtually no breaks and other damage are observed.

Caesarean section of

For delivery or in case of emergency, labor in the 29th maternity hospital can be performed with the help of a surgical procedure. Caesarean section is made in a special department, where monitors are installed, which monitor all important vital indicators of both women and baby.

Experienced surgeons-gynecologists perform the operation for 20-40 minutes under normal conditions. If necessary, the mother and baby are placed in the intensive care unit. If the cesarean section is in normal mode, then within a few hours the woman and her child are transferred to one ward.

birth in 29 maternity homes

General anesthesia is only used if there is a threat to life for the mother. In others, spinal or epidural anesthesia is used. With this method, the mother is conscious and immediately after the birth of the baby can see and kiss him.

Birthdate No. 29: contract

Modern women do not want to stand in lines in a consultation several times a month during pregnancy. Also, it is not very convenient to undergo examinations in different medical institutions.

The maternity hospital at 29 hospitals uses pregnancy and childbirth under contract. Thus, a woman is constantly observed with her doctor, passes necessary diagnostics in one place and gives birth with her doctor, even if he is not on duty this day.

29 maternity hospital contract

For women, there are separate family chambers in which a husband or a relative can live with a woman in labor. After childbirth, specialists adjust their mother's breastfeeding process and teach how to handle the baby.

Children's Diagnostic Center

The City Clinical Hospital No. 29 has a special department where the child is monitored for up to 1 year. Experienced neonatologists accept clients here.

They follow the correctness of the development of the baby, weight gain and changes in growth. Also here is the vaccination, which is stipulated by the state schedule. At the center are taking necessary narrow specialists.

To the kid in the due terms spend US-researches of all bodies and a brain through a fontanel. This is done in order to identify any congenital pathologies at early stages and start treatment in time.


The service in this center takes place on a contract basis. At the request of the parents, additional vaccination with the necessary drugs can be carried out here. Very often it is done by parents who travel with babies to different countries.