"Elevit Pronatal": reviews of gynecologists when planning pregnancy and for pregnant women

During the gestation period, every expectant mother is especially attentive to her well-being. The nutrition of the fairer sex during this period should be appropriate. However, not all parents receive the necessary minerals and vitamins from foods. That's why gynecologists recommend taking vitamins "Elevit Pronatal".The doctors' comments on this complex are only positive. It is about them that this article will tell you. You will find out what the experts say about the use of the drug while waiting for the baby and during the planning period.

vitamins anvit pronatal reviews of doctors

Composition of the drug

About the drug "Elevit Pronatal" the doctors say that it contains a doubled dose of many vitamins and minerals. So, in one tablet of a medicine 13 essential for the pregnant woman of vitamins are presented, and also additional microcells and useful substances.

The composition of the drug includes vitamins B, C, A, E, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, iron and other components. Also in the composition is found calcium, manganese. All this is necessary for a future mother.

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"Elevit Pronatal": reviews of gynecologists in the planning of pregnancy

Doctors report that such a medicine should be started already from the moment you just decided to conceive a child. Many future mothers think such a drug correction is meaningless. However, they are mistaken.

Gynecologists report that vitamins can positively influence the formation and maturation of the follicle, from which the egg will subsequently emerge. So, during this period, a normal content of vitamin A in the body and components participating in the blood formation( B vitamins) is necessary. In addition to these important substances that regulate the correct growth of gametes, the expectant mother needs a normal dose of vitamin E. It is this substance that maintains the correct work of the yellow body that secretes progesterone. It is worth recalling that without the last hormone, the onset of pregnancy is simply impossible.

About the drug "Elevit Pronatal" reviews of gynecologists say that you need to use the medication for at least a month before conception. This will allow the process of fertilization to occur.

anevit pronatal reviews of gynecologists

Benefit of medicament for the future baby

You already know that you need to use the "Elevit Pronatal" complex before pregnancy. Reviews of gynecologists report that after conception, the course of the drug should not be interrupted. If a woman has not previously taken this complex, then you need to start as soon as possible.

Doctors report that it is very important to use this medication at the earliest possible dates. The preparation contains folic acid. It is this substance that allows the neural tube of the fetus to be properly formed. Admission of this compound by 99 percent reduces the risk of developing its defects. Also, doctors report that the possibility of developing other pathologies of the fetus is approximately halved.

anvit pronatal reviews of doctors

How can medicine help a future mother?

How useful is the "Elevit Pronatal" complex for pregnant women? Reviews of gynecologists report that the medicine supplies the body of the future mother with iron. This substance helps to avoid anemia, which is so often visited by representatives of the weaker sex who are in an interesting position.

Many women experience problems with teeth, hair and nails during childbearing. All this is due to a lack of calcium. Even with the regular use of this substance, its absorption may simply not occur. Solve this problem will help the drug "Elevit Pronatal."Reviews of gynecologists report that this complex contains calcium. It also contains vitamin D. It is this component that helps to correctly assimilate the substance described.

The preparation contains magnesium. This element regulates the work of the nervous system, and also helps maintain a normal tone of the uterus. Doctors say that the timely use of this substance can prevent premature birth or unwanted termination of pregnancy.

anvit pronatal before pregnancy reviews of gynecologists

Contraindications to the use of

There are such future mothers who do not recommend using the drug "Elevit Pronatal."So, the drug is prohibited for use in those women who have cancer in the remission or aggravation period. It is also not possible to apply the formulation with hypersensitivity to one of the constituents.if the future mother shows an excess of vitamin A and D, then the use of the complex can be dangerous.

Medication is not recommended for prolonged use in individuals with kidney and liver disease. Gynecologists report that before using the composition, you need to consult a specialist and choose the right vitamin regimen.

anevit pronatal reviews of gynecologists when planning pregnancy

What do doctors say about the method of application?

About the method of taking and the dose of the drug "Elevit Pronatal" reviews of gynecologists report the following information. The medication is used once a day by the capsule. In this case, it is worth giving preference to the morning reception. Drink the complex after eating or during a meal. Drink the capsule with plain water in unlimited quantities.

The duration of use of the medication is determined exclusively by the gynecologist and directly depends on the state of the future mother. One drug is prescribed continuously for the entire term. Other women of the weaker sex need a monthly break in correction.

anvit pronatal for pregnant women reviews of gynecologists

"Elevit Pronatal": reviews of gynecologists

Specialists report that in some situations during the course of this drug the future mother needs to take tests. So, with urolithiasis or kidney pathologies, it is necessary to regularly undergo ultrasound diagnosis and conduct urine tests on Sulkovich.

Doctors report that sometimes in the first trimester an adverse reaction to this complex may be nausea and vomiting. Thus it is necessary to address to the gynecologist and for a while to pick up an alternative means of reception of vitamins. Further, the medic can allow you to gradually return to the usual drug.

Reviews of gynecologists report that many women's clinics are providing medicines for free. At the same time, the state must supply the drug to every future mother for the entire duration of pregnancy. If you independently buy a medicine, its price will be 700 and 1500 rubles. For this amount you can buy 30 and 100 capsules respectively. Doctors strongly recommend before using the drug to study the instructions and take into account all contraindications.

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Instead of concluding

Now you know about the preparation "Elevit Pronatal".This tool is created for expectant mothers who are only planning a pregnancy. Also it can be used by women already in an interesting position. The medication is allowed for use during breastfeeding. After all, and at this time a woman gives a lot of useful substances to her baby. Before using the drug, it is worth turning to the gynecologist and taking into account individual recommendations. Mild pregnancy and well-being!