How to cook cedar cone at home?

Cedar trees have been providing useful fruits to mankind for thousands of years, which are endowed with medicinal properties. Virtually all parts of this miracle plant - from needles to bark - are suitable for use. Nuts, pine needles, resin and cones can be used as a miracle cure for different diseases. Even modern medicine has confirmed the medicinal qualities of the tree.

Tibetan and oriental healers apply the gifts of the plant for therapeutic purposes. Of the urban population, few people know that not only the nut kernels are highly nutritious, the cones themselves with the shell are an indispensable natural remedy in the fight against many diseases. But how to cook cedar cones to make it suitable for use will be described in today's material.


Decoctions and infusions from cones of cedar are recommended by many folk aesculops with inflammatory pathologies, respiratory diseases, diseases of joints and skin. Proper cooking of raw materials will help to get rid of frequen

t colds, helminths, calm the nervous system and accelerate the regeneration of the skin.

Drugs based on cones show immunomodulatory, antimicrobial, hemostatic, diuretic and antiscorbutic effects. They are shown to patients with pathologies of the heart and blood vessels. Take solutions as a laxative and antihelminthic agent. Learn how to cook cedar cone, you can by reading the article until the end. By the way, raw materials have long been actively used in the cosmetic field to remove hair follicles from various parts of the body.

How to cook cedar cone: tips for cooking

It should be remembered that there is a lot of resin in the raw material, so when cooking it can ruin the pan. To the resin, separated from the cones, does not settle back on the fruit, it is advisable to throw a pot of grass into the cup, which will become a kind of barrier base.

Where to start? Put all the raw materials on the bottom of the pan, top with grass and pour with running water. Cook at very low heat for at least an hour. The cooking time depends on the maturity of the cones. In general, it is recommended to perform the cooking process outdoors, as the finished products exude a strong aroma of resinous substance.

Using noise, we first extract the grass, and after the bumps, which must be transferred to a clean tissue base and allowed to cool. Healing decoction and the resin itself is used for its intended purpose - for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. We hope you will not have any more questions: "How to cook cedar cones?"As you can see, this is not difficult.

When to harvest?

The collection of raw materials should begin in late June. During this period the fruits are young, closed and supple, containing all valuable substances. They are suitable for the preparation of medicinal drugs.

Tincture of cedar cones on milk from ARI and SARS

What to take: half a liter of pasteurized milk, six cones and honey to improve the taste.

Let the milk boil, put the washed fruit into it and boil for half an hour. When the medicine becomes warm - add honey to taste. Use in combination with medications at the time of illness, throughout the day. Therapy is carried out throughout the week. You can drink the solution for prophylaxis to stimulate immunity.

Tincture on vodka to improve blood circulation

Half a liter of any vodka or alcohol will require seven fruits. Rinse the bumps;if heavily soiled, then hold in cold water for 10-15 minutes. Then cut into several parts and pour alcohol. Put the container in a cool and sun-protective place for two weeks. During the infusion, the jar with the liquid should be shaken.

Finished tincture acquires a rich brown color and characteristic resinous aroma. You can add a dessert spoonful of solution directly into the tea and drink in the evening before preparing for bed. To achieve a therapeutic result, it should take at least 60 days. Cedar cone on vodka helps to adjust the motor function, normalize speech and improve brain activity.