The drug 'Phenazepam': testimonials and indications

Irritability, nervousness, sleep disturbance, apathy to life, mental imbalance. Many of us face such symptoms. The reasons for this can be very diverse, but most often this is due to some or other problems arising in the family and at work. What should I do in such cases? You can try to drink herbal sedatives, but it's best to see a doctor, in order to exclude the deterioration of your condition. The symptoms described above are associated with malfunctioning of the brain, so herbal preparations are not always effective. There are a huge number of medications that can be prescribed for the treatment of mental and nervous disorders. One of the most powerful of them, according to numerous researches and assurances of doctors, is the drug "Fenazepam".Feedback confirm this or not? Is this a powerful drug? Let's try to figure it all out.

Preparation "Phenazepam": instruction on the use of

This drug has been known in medicine for a very long time. Doctors, if necessary, necessarily appoint him to their patients, believing that the best means and not to find. The instructions for use say that the drug "Phenazepam" refers to the drugs of a group of tranquilizers. It has an anti-anxiety and hypnotic effect. Often, it is prescribed for cramps and as an anti-emetic. It is shown under various neurotic and psychopathic conditions. Simply put, those patients who have increased irritability, serious problems with sleep, emotional instability, lack of interest in life. This drug has found application in the treatment of reactive psychoses, vegetative dysfunctions.

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It should be noted that the drug "Fenazepam", the reviews of which we still have to study, has a number of contraindications for its use. It is about the age of eighteen years, pregnancy, lactation, closed glaucoma, myasthenia gravis, individual intolerance of the components of the remedy. During the administration of the drug, side effects such as drowsiness, nausea, muscle weakness, attention disturbance, memory and coordination of movements, dry mouth, headache, menstrual irregularity may occur. Overdose of "Fenazepam" can promise even more serious consequences. That is why this drug is dispensed only on the prescription of the doctor, in fact, and take it without the knowledge of the latter is strictly not recommended.

Drug "Fenazepam": patients feedback

Many experts consider this drug to be completely safe, and this despite the number of side effects that can make itself felt during its reception. On the other hand, there are still disputes over whether the drug "Phenazepam" can be considered a drug. Judging by the numerous reviews of patients, the drug is really very effective, it starts to work in a few hours. Yes, so that a person after his admission can easily fall asleep in the workplace or sleep through the whole day. Very often, other side effects also make themselves felt. Some reviews say that for their reasons, the drug had to be discontinued. Meanwhile, in case of successful therapy, a person's condition starts to return to normal in a few days, irritability and nervousness go away, activity and joy return to life.

The drug "Phenazepam", the reviews confirm this, should be drunk according to the prescription of the doctor, in order to avoid the process of getting used to it. Many patients, however, are not very happy with this drug, since after its abolition those problems that were before the treatment are returned.

Conclusion can be done this: only under the supervision of a doctor and only for medical reasons should take the drug "Phenazepam".The lethal dose of it does not represent a certain volume, therefore the treatment regimen must be selected individually in each case.