Perinatal Center, Kirov: registry, services and reviews

Perinatal Center( Kirov, Moscow, 163) today operates under the leadership of Nikolai Vladimirovich Semenovsky. The center provides emergency and inpatient care around the clock to save pregnancy and to give birth to a healthy child with women having any abnormalities in the body and pathology and belonging to risk groups during childbirth.

perinatal center of the Kirov

A bit of history

The perinatal center in Kirov, while still an ordinary maternity hospital, received its first newborn on November 3, 1937.Over the years, this medical institution has assisted women in labor and their babies in the status of a maternity hospital. In August 2004, according to the order No. 757, it was renamed the "Kirov Regional Clinical Perinatal Center".Kirov gladly accepted this news, because one of the largest and professionally trained obstetric institutions appeared on their territory.

Types of medical care provided by the

Center The perinatal center of the city of Kirov round the clock provides assistance to pregnant women during the antenatal period, as well as in the process of delivery, if there is a possibility of any complications related to fetal preservation or labor activity. The types of services provided include:

  • Provision of outpatient consultations.
  • Provision of inpatient medical care, which does not require a permanent stay in a medical institution aimed at treatment and rehabilitation. Treatment is conducted in a day hospital.
  • Provision of inpatient medical care to women who need intensive care and round-the-clock surveillance. The treatment is carried out around the clock in a hospital and includes medication.
  • Providing high-tech care using ART( assisted reproductive technologies).

Department of the perinatal center of Kirov for women

The perinatal center of Kirov provides a complex of services provided by highly qualified doctors. To date, the mothers have the opportunity to use the services of more than 20 specialized centers of the center:

  • Department "Mother and Child".As part of the obstetric physiological department: wards for joint stay of the mother and child with all the necessary equipment, a dining room, rooms for physiotherapy, examination rooms, ultrasound study.
  • Obstetrical physiological department, whose goal is to teach birth-giving skills to care for newborns( hygiene, breastfeeding).Women who have undergone difficult births receive treatment here, undergo necessary examinations, diagnose, receive counseling from a psychologist and other specialists.
  • The Obstetric Observatory is a maternity unit where a team of highly qualified specialists will assist with naturally delivering births, or if necessary, perform a cesarean section. Today, the perinatal center of Kirov strives to improve the solution of such problems as childbirth from 22 weeks, study and improvement of the management of labor and cesarean section.
  • In the center there are two obstetric departments of the pathology of pregnancy, where highly qualified doctors work. The perinatal center of Kirov provides observation of women with the threat of premature birth, late toxicosis, placental insufficiency, placenta previa( department No. 1) and women with severe extragenital and obstetrical pathology( department No. 2).
  • Two gynecological departments, whose activities are aimed at establishing a diagnosis and effective treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as termination of pregnancy at different times as prescribed by the doctor.

Kindergarten center of the city of Kirov for newborns

The Kirov Regional Clinical Perinatal Center has departments for newborns whose activities are aimed at treating and restoring the functions of organs in newborns born with deviations or earlier established term.

  • The department for newborns employs highly qualified pediatricians, conducting diagnostic and treatment procedures, vaccination and blood testing for genetic and congenital diseases.
  • The Department of Intensive Care and Intensive Care for Newborns and the Second Stage of Nursing are designed for newborns born here or brought from other maternity hospitals who have a body weight below the extreme( less than 1 kg) that were born with pathologies or diseases.

Record to the doctor

Due to the large influx of patients, it was decided to establish some rules of recording to specialists and further reception for consultations in order to evenly distribute the load among the personnel. This applies only to planned methods: emergency medical care is rendered around the clock and without an appointment. You can get a planned consultation in a direction that is issued by the local doctor or other specialist and by appointment. To re-visit the direction is no longer required. The queue for a scheduled reception can not exceed 14 calendar days from the moment of recording. If you directly contact the registry, you need to bring your passport or other document proving your identity, MHI policy and referral. Recording to specialized institutions or special agencies can be carried out independently through the Internet. How else to get an appointment with specialists in the perinatal center( Kirov)?Electronic Registry - this type of service extends to the consultative and diagnostic department( psychiatry, sexology, urology) and the separation of assisted reproductive technologies( genetics and family medicine).

Paid medical services

Does the perinatal center( Kirov) have paid services and does it have the right to do so? To paid medical services are:

  • Individual post of medical supervision provided that the patient is in hospital.
  • Use of medications, products or procedures that are not included in the list of vital and important.
  • Provision of anonymous medical services.
  • Treatment of foreign citizens or stateless persons.

All these points and a transcript to them are described in a special provision on the procedure for providing paid medical services. A list of additional services provided by the clinical diagnostic laboratory, physiotherapeutic, radiological, ultrasound, dental and other departments is also attached to the provision. Also, the paid services include the services of the consulting and diagnostic department, the family planning center, the department of therapeutic physical training, computed tomography, anesthesia-resuscitation departments, some gynecological and obstetrical services, and the department of pregnancy pathology( operation "caesarean section").

Center for Family Planning

The center of family planning and reproduction works on the territory of the medical institution. At the opening of the consultation, goals such as the attitude of people to family planning, the preparation of parents for the birth of children, the provision of psychological and medical assistance to families with certain problems in the conception issue were pursued. The center also carries the idea of ​​the correct reproductive education of young people: pregnancy planning, prevention of unwanted conception. The team of specialists included urologists, children's and adult gynecologists, endocrinologists, sexologist, psychologist. The result of the well-coordinated work of the team are excellent indicators on the desired conception, fertility and sexual education of adolescents.

School for expectant parents "Expectation"

For pregnant women since the end of the 90s, a school for future parents with a program called "Waiting" has been opened. What does the perinatal center( Kirov) offer? The mothers' comments on this consultation and its specialists are exceptionally positive. The team includes:

  • Psychologist who will tell how to avoid postpartum depression, harmoniously combine the relationship with her husband and the new responsibilities of the mother.
  • A neonatologist is a doctor who knows everything about children for a year: how to feed, temper, massage, apply medicamentous and non-medicinal treatment, prepare the baby for vaccination.
  • Instructor for physical therapy: he will tell you how to relax with physical exertion, strengthen immunity and heart, save or quickly restore the figure after giving birth.