How is it easier to wake up in the morning? How fast and easy to wake up?

Morning is without a doubt the most important time of the day. From what it will be, it sometimes depends all day. A mild awakening sets the person on a beautiful day, gives new strength and energy. How is it easier to wake up in the morning? This question is asked by many people who are forced to get up at work. Make your morning awake, fill it with a great mood under everyone's power. How easy is it to wake up in the morning?

Lie down at the same time

A timely departure to sleep guarantees an easy awakening. To teach your body to fall asleep every day at the same time, including weekends, is hard, but the result will not take long to wait. Such a rigid regime guarantees a quality sleep, and after a while the body will wake up without an alarm. In addition, it is worth to fall asleep until 12 pm, it is during these hours that the body rests best.

Alarm clock - a friend of the morning

To answer the question about how it is easier to wake up in the morning, the alarm clock will help. To buy it is not difficult. It is best to buy an apparatus that plays tranquil and pleasant music. Avoid harsh signals, since a loud sound causes stress. On the Internet, you can find many sites that perform the function of a social alarm clock. When registering on this site, you enter the phone number, set the time, and in the morning give out the call. Usually, robots call, which include a pleasant melody and wish for a great day.

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Another way to learn how to get up in the morning is to put an alarm clock not near the bed. Put it in a place to quickly and easily turn it off it was impossible. For example, place it on a closet or under a table, in another room or on a window. When annoying sound bothers, you have to get up and turn off the device. By the way, the stores sell original alarm clocks "for the lazy" in the form of aircraft or animals. In the evening, the right time is set, and in the morning such a plane will be circling around the room until the owner presses the switch. There are also such devices that "devour" money. Any bill is inserted into a special hole, and if you do not get up and turn off the alarm in the morning, then it simply shreds the money into small pieces.

Do not rush to get up

After waking up, do not immediately get up and get down to business. You can afford to lie in a warm bed for a few minutes without meaning. Abrupt awakening is stress for a person, excepting delays, there is no longer stress, it would be time. But too long to luxuriate in bed is not worth it, you can fall into the arms of Morpheus again. Massage the lobes and nape will help wake up faster and easier.

Early Recovery

How easy is it to wake up in the morning? The answer to this question was known from ancient times. The earlier you get up in the morning, the easier it is to wake up, the head does not hurt, and the sun gives a good mood. Our ancestors began their day with the sunrise. So laid and nature, all our bodies "wake up" at 5-6 in the morning. For many, getting up early is a nightmare, but having become accustomed to such a regime, you begin to understand all its advantages. And hard work is easier to perform in the morning. Be patient, get up early in the morning, especially if there is a habit of sleeping before 12 days, extremely hard. Get used to the new regime gradually. Set the alarm for 10-15 minutes earlier than usual, every day, and at the end of the week you can see that the hours of recovery are changing.


How fast and easy to wake up in the morning? This often depends on nutrition. Do not eat 2 hours before bedtime. At night, food is poorly digested, it creates a heaviness and unpleasant sensations. Also, refuse to eat heavy, fatty and sweet foods: meat, legumes, desserts and cakes. This is easy to follow if the dinner was dense and hearty. If necessary, you can eat something light, curd or yogurt, it will not only help to satisfy hunger, but it is also useful for the digestive tract. Do not drink strong drinks before bed, tea, cocoa or coffee. These drinks excite the nervous system and prevent the body from falling asleep. An excellent tool will be brewed herbs, mint or lemon balm. Also, folk remedies recommend drinking hot milk before breakfast with honey - the drink warms, helps to relax and quickly fall asleep.

Do not refuse breakfast in the morning. Before it is useful to drink a glass of water with lemon, it will not only encourage the body, but also strengthen the immune system. Breakfast should consist not only of a cup of coffee and sandwiches with sausage. It should be balanced, contain dairy products, fruits and cereals. How to learn to get up in the morning? The scientists are also looking for this answer, they came to the conclusion that it is better not to drink a cup of coffee in the morning, but simply to inhale its aroma. Energy and vigor of the body are guaranteed for several hours. In addition, doctors advise to give up coffee in the morning, since this drink is harmful to human health, it can be replaced with green tea. It not only gives a charge of vivacity for many hours, but also contains vitamins and minerals that prevent the aging of skin cells.

Motivation of

It is hardly possible to wake up easily in the morning, if you do not know what an early rise is needed for. Think about what you can do in these free hours: work, sports or personal affairs. You can use this time for activities that do not reach the hands or do not have enough time after work. For easy recovery requires motivation - because when the day is to be fun and interesting, getting up is much easier.

For most of the incentive to get up in the morning is work, get up by 8 am, go to traffic jams - a serious step. Work is an iron stimulus. Responsible people always wake up on time and in any condition. The easiest way to formulate the goal for an early recovery is obtained from individual entrepreneurs, whose day is painted by the hour, there is an opportunity to work even more, and therefore, to get more profit. The same goes for people in liberal professions, freelancers. The main thing here is not to be lazy and develop an iron will power to get up early in the morning.

Charge from water

How to get up in the morning without feeling tired and lethargic? This question is relevant for many people. The shower will help in the morning. It is not necessary to injure your body with cold water, the main thing is to alternate cool water with warm water. It is important to change the temperature, in addition, this warm-up temperes the body, improves the complexion. You can use fragrant oils or other flavors.

Radical method

How is it easier to wake up in the morning? Computer geniuses have come up with many new programs that allow you to wake up in the morning, for example, a computer can work instead of an alarm clock. A new and rather radical method, helping to answer the question of how easy it is to get up in the morning, is a special program. Its essence is that at some point the computer starts to work and format the hard drive. Each user stores a lot of important data on the device and, of course, does not want to erase them. Therefore, to disable formatting, you have to get up and undo the action, and do it quickly. In such an extreme situation, the dream will pass by itself.

Ideal conditions for

To make the morning pleasant, you need to create "ideal conditions".The temperature in the room should not be too low to not freeze and not stay warm under a warm blanket, but it should not be too hot. Get an automatic coffee machine, the aroma of the drink will help you wake up quickly in the morning. Plan your day in advance, prepare clothes and documents, hurry does not give anyone pleasure. Family people wake up, because waking up the other, pushing into the side, it is more interesting than waking up yourself. Let the family members share their experiences, how easy it is to wake up in the morning. Ask your relatives or partner to wake you up, but do not just say "Get up, be late", "Wake up, sleepy!" And sit on the bed and start talking. How easy it is to wake up early in the morning, suggest Dr. Bangkok. Opening your eyes in the morning, look at your hands and palms. We do so much with our own hands and look at them so little, without paying them due attention. Not exactly the traditional way of recovery for our citizens, but, nevertheless, it exists and is popular in many countries.

How easy is it to wake up in the morning? Observing simple advice and recommendations, you can not only make your morning happy and unhurried, but also revise your schedule. Make your awakening enjoyable under everyone's power, this affects the mood for the whole day.