How to treat a flea bite? Remedies for a bite of fleas. What should I do if I have a bite of a flea

Fleas are parasites that feed on blood and are distributed throughout. They parasitize mostly on animals, but often people are exposed to their bites. Currently, there are more than two thousand species of these insects, five hundred of which can be found in our country.

The bites of these bloodsuckers usually do not require special treatment, despite the soreness and itching, which persist for a long time. But in some cases, allergic reactions and skin diseases are possible, so the question of how to treat a flea bite is still relevant today.

if you bite a flea what to do

Species of fleas

There are a lot of flea species, humans are attacked mainly by parasites such as Ctenocephalides canis, Ctenocephalides felis, Pulex irritans( human), Xenopsylla cheopis( rat) and Spilopsyllus cuniculi( rabbit).

In cities, fleas live in basements and often cause trouble to people. Usually they live on stray animals, although they are not there permanently. Insects can live in carpets, upholstery furniture, earth. People can be allergic to flea bites. Insects are very small, so people do not notice them, besides they are able to jump a distance of up to a meter and a half.

Fleas lay larvae, which after several moults turn into adult insects and attack the new host. As a rule, after two days, the swelling in the place where the parasite was bitten disappears, and redness passes four days later.

But this does not always happen, often the symptoms of a flea bite can manifest itself in the form of allergies, severe irritation, dangerous skin diseases. In such cases, treatment should be carried out. If there are serious consequences, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Flea Bite Detection

Many people ask themselves: if you have bitten a flea, what to do. Before considering this problem, one must learn to recognize flea bites, which people often confuse with defeat by spiders and bedbugs. It is necessary to carefully consider the site of the bite. In its center will be seen two punctures, which will help distinguish it from defeat by other insects. This also suggests that in this case a person does not deal with an allergic reaction. A flea-infested man feels immediately, as they cause pain. This is due to the fact that the parasite does not inject an anesthetic into the wound, but injects an enzyme that does not allow the blood to clot. This enzyme causes itching and swelling. These parasites feed every day, but in the absence of a food base they fall into a hibernation, in which they can stay for up to one year. After the insect has awakened, it pounces on the victim, biting it hard.

how to treat a flea bite

Comparison of flea and bug bites

Before how to treat the bite of a flea , it is necessary to make sure that it is she who caused damage, as several parasites can bite a person's home, for example, bugs, mosquitoes and so on. Often people confuse wounds from bug bites with flea wounds. You can distinguish them according to the following characteristics:

  1. Bedbugs hunt at night. Fleas can attack both day and night.
  2. The Bug introduces a substance into the wound with an anesthetic, so its bite does not cause pain, during flea injuries a person always experiences pain.
  3. Most often fleas hit their legs, and bugs - back, arms and shoulders. At the same time, the first leave behind a linear track consisting of four to five punctures, while the latter can cause wounds in chaotic order, but not far apart.

Knowing how the insects, which are discussed in this article, can be easily treated at home. But only in the event that the organism is not inclined to development of allergies and other negative consequences. Otherwise, doctor's help is needed.

Symptoms of

So, the bites of fleas in children and adults cause painful sensations, like from a needle prick. On the site of the lesion, a red dot appears from the caked blood, swelling and severe itching, which lasts a long time. This reaction is called pulicosis. With constant combing, the risk of spread of infection and the formation of an inflammatory process increases. Especially often the insect bites the area of ​​the feet and lower leg, slightly less often affects the arms and trunk. If there is no allergy to flea bites, the symptoms go away for several days. But some people in two days may have an abscess or a small wound that can bleed. Others have a severe reaction to flea bite, which is accompanied by pain in the chest, shortness of breath, a severe swelling or hives. Symptoms after a bite of a cat flea pass faster than other types of these parasites. The most painful sensations cause damage to insects that live on moose. Eyewitnesses say that when a lesion occurs, pain occurs as from a bee sting, so they already know what to do with flea bites so that there is no allergic reaction.

that will help with flea bites

The dangers of flea bites

In many tropical countries, there are sand fleas that penetrate the human skin and are there constantly, receiving regular blood meal. Gradually formed a huge number of eggs in the body of the flea, bites on the legs cause severe suppuration. If the parasite does not pull out in time, it can even cause amputation of the limbs.

Fleas bite hard and regularly, injecting into the human blood toxins that cause skin irritation. These parasites are dangerous because they suffer from various infectious diseases. In medicine, there are about twenty-five diseases that fleas suffer. They can be transmitted through the blood, as well as mechanically. The most dangerous are considered to be encephalitis, salmonellosis, typhus, hepatitis B and C, anthrax, trypanosomiasis and others. In addition, these bloodsucking insects carry helminth eggs that can enter the stomach. So the pets become infected, which bite the parasites out of their wool. And from an animal, helminths can be transmitted to humans.

Consequences of

We already know that there are pain and itching from flea bites .But if parasites bite constantly and there are many of them, then a person may have neurosis or psychosis. It will seem to him that insects constantly creep through his body, even in the absence of them. If you do not take any measures and damage will become neglected, it can cause purulent skin diseases, the appearance of abscesses and phlegmon.

As mentioned above, some people have an allergy, in which redness spreads to huge areas of the skin, there is a huge swelling, the temperature rises. Also, flea bites in children and allergies can cause indigestion, difficulty breathing, and in some cases anaphylactic shock occurs.

Children are most susceptible to bites of this parasite, and lesions can be present on any part of the body, as the skin of the child is tender and thin, the parasite is very easy to bite it. Also, a person can develop dermatitis, a bulimosis.

flea bites on man treatment

First aid

The first unpleasant symptom in flea damage is severe itching, which affects both children and adults. Therefore, flea bites on human treatment are presumed primarily by means of disinfecting the wound, relieving pain, swelling and itching.

First, the affected area is washed with soapy water, rinsed and wiped dry, then applied antiseptic( zelenok, iodine, alcohol, etc.).It is not recommended to use hot water, as this will cause severe itching. To remove the swelling, wipe the wound with vinegar, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 1 or a solution of citric acid.

Many argue that helps against flea bites ordinary baking soda. To do this, it is diluted with water to a mushy state and makes a compress from this solution.

You can also use medical products in the form of an ointment or cream. It can be, for example, "Nezulin" or "Rescuer".If a person develops an allergic reaction, you should immediately contact a doctor. It is also recommended to take an antihistamine medication, for example, Suprastin.

It is very important not to comb the wounds, because you can put an infection that will provoke inflammation and suppuration.

Fleas can also bite a person who is asleep. In this case, if there is severe damage to the legs, it is recommended that they be bandaged, having previously smeared it with itching.

Many doctors recommend taking one of the antihistamines for the prevention.

allergy to flea bites

Actions in the occurrence of allergic reactions

In medical practice, there have been cases when anaphylactic shock occurred after the defeat of these bloodsucking parasites.

In the presence of allergic reactions to flea bites on a person, treatment should be started immediately, but only after a visit to the doctor. Self-medication in this case is contraindicated, since the organism of an allergic can react differently, the condition can worsen.

An experienced doctor will prescribe antihistamines, medicines for lowering temperature, and also prescribe sedatives. The first aid in this case will be the ointment "Hydrocortisone", which instantly stops allergies. Therefore, the only thing that a person can do by himself before the doctor's arrival is to lubricate the affected area with ointment before the appearance of negative reactions. It will help with the bites of fleas this drug and children, so it can be used in childhood.

Treatment of dermatophilia

In addition to a simple reaction to bite and allergies, there is a borderline condition, which in medicine is called dermatophiliasis. In this case, a rash appears, but there are still no symptoms of an allergic reaction.

In this state, the same measures are taken as with simple wound treatment. First, the wound is washed with soap, smeared with alcohol or green, apply a compress with ice. It is recommended to do this as soon as possible, and at the first signs of deterioration you need to contact a medical institution. Otherwise, the development of dermatitis.

than to treat flea bites

Means against a bite of fleas in the form of ointments

If a person does not have allergies to flea bites, treatment can be done at home. Of course, there is no special drug in this case in the pharmacy, but many remedies can be used that will eliminate unpleasant symptoms. Ointment "Boro-Plus" is often used for this purpose. It is inexpensive, quickly eliminates inflammation, swelling and promotes the healing of purulent wounds. Also good is the gel "Fenistil", which is a universal preparation against insect bites.

In the formation of pustular wounds, Levomekol is used.

An effective antihistaminic preparation is in this case ointment "Hydrocortisone".It is used only in emergency cases, because it contains hormones.

Traditional medicine

Folk remedies for a flea bite help well. To get rid of the swelling, you need to prepare a soda solution from one glass of water and one spoonful of tea soda. In this mixture, dipped gauze and make compresses. Also often used lotions from the decoction of dandelion, psyllium, celandine and calendula. Or use the juice of these plants, as well as garlic, which rub the affected area. Very good in this case, the bitter wormwood helps, it not only relieves itching, but also repels parasites.

Get rid of harmful parasites

We already know how to treat a flea bite, and this process is not complicated at all. But if the lesions occur regularly, this can be a real problem.

In the house it is recommended to process floors, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. They are washed with a wormwood decoction. Prepare it this way: 40 g of the leaves of the plant cook for ten minutes, filter and add a quarter of a piece of household soap, wiping it on a grater. In this mixture, also add half a liter of water and wash the floors in the rooms.

Every corner of the house or apartment needs to be vacuumed regularly, you can use pesticides against insects. All things are recommended for washing in very hot water, as parasites are afraid of high temperatures.

Watering the lawn helps to eliminate the larvae of parasites, since they do not live under water. It is also necessary to consult a veterinarian if the house has animals. For them you can buy anti-block collars.

If the problem of fleas is not solved, you can call a specialist who will help them destroy.

If you follow these recommendations, the question of how to treat a flea bite will not arise. In case of living in a private house, on a site and household premises, disinfect by spraying with insecticides, for example, methoprene, after removing the debris, leaves, grass. This is done twice every fourteen days.

We remove fleas from

animals. Of course, it's best to show your pet to a specialist, but if there is no such possibility, then people's means can come to the rescue. The safest method is mechanical treatment of the animal's fur. To do this, you can buy a special brush, which is impregnated with special oils with an unusual smell, it is recommended to regularly comb out the pet throughout the body, including the ears and tail.

You can also bathe a pet with a special shampoo that can be cooked at home. To do this, use any essential oil with a pungent odor, for example, lavender or grapefruit. Four drops of this remedy are mixed with castor oil, which is basic and is used so that the pet does not have burns on the skin. In this mixture, add liquid soap and a small amount of glycerin. During bathing with this shampoo, it is necessary to monitor the reaction of the animal - if it becomes very itchy, it should be thoroughly washed with clean water and discontinued use of the product in the future.

itchy flea bites

Reviews of eyewitnesses

Many eyewitnesses already know: if you have bitten a flea, what to do in the first place, since you have often faced this problem. Often spending holidays on the seas, living on holiday bases, you can face such a nuisance as flea bites. People recommend taking the "Rescuer" with them and, if necessary, treating the bites. This contributes to their rapid healing and elimination of unpleasant symptoms.

Fans of outdoor activities also face the problem of flea bites when they go camping and sleeping in tents. They claim that after the defeat there is a strong itching, which is difficult to ignore. But, as is known, it is impossible to comb wounds, especially, in the absence of elementary sanitary conditions. In this case, every tourist should know the than to smear the bites of the fleas so that the itching passes quickly. Those eyewitnesses who used "Diphenhydramine" note that this remedy is good enough and quickly helps to remove symptoms, but has one side effect - it makes you want to sleep.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to take action on time.