Water Pepper Extract

Currently, people know a lot of plants that are considered medicinal. This group should be attributed and water pepper. This plant was used by the Romans in ancient times. During the Middle Ages, the alchemists revered and appreciated this culture. Means from this plant helped to clear deep wounds and even destroy a wide variety of tumors. It is worth noting that in China, water pepper is considered an excellent seasoning for dishes.

The extract of water pepper contains special substances that were discovered relatively recently. For example, glycoside is polygopyperin. This substance contains a huge amount of vitamin K - a substance that prevents the development of diseases, which are characterized by internal bleeding. In addition, the extract of water pepper contains a flavone glycoside routine. Vitamin P, as it is often called, is able to reduce the fragility and permeability of human vessels and capillaries. We should not forget about the so-called tannins, which are also present in large quantities in water pepper.

The extract of water pepper is obtained as a result of processing the collected plant. The collection is at the end of August - beginning of September. It is worth noting that they tear it off by hand. You can use a special sickle. Cut the plant at an altitude of twenty centimeters from the soil. The grass dries very quickly. The main thing is to constantly mix it, otherwise the whole collection will turn black, which is unacceptable.

Extract of water pepper to date, almost all pharmacies offer. In general, collectors often confuse this plant with another kind of pepper. And in the dry grass substitution is very difficult to identify, because all the burning properties of water pepper with this treatment disappear. Professionals can distinguish real water pepper from other plants of the family, guided by external characteristics. The inflorescences of this herb are special, the specialist will always allocate them from the general mass. The thing is that water pepper has special points on the perianth. They are often white or golden in color. To determine, you can use the leaves of the plant.

Why do I need a water pepper extract? The use of this substance is topical at present, as it is used in the recipes of traditional medicine. Since ancient times, the extract is considered an excellent external irritant. As for freshly harvested grass, it can be used if a person has severe headaches. To do this, simply put it into the nape of the neck. It's kind of a natural mustard plaster. Hemorrhoids, which is a serious and very painful ailment, recedes if the diseased person regularly takes an extract of water pepper inside or do so-called sessile baths from it. With various kinds of bleeding it is recommended to drink tea, adding water pepper extract to it. Reviews, it should be noted, this tool is often positive. However, any medications have contraindications. For a start, you should still consult your doctor.

The liquid extract of this plant perfectly helps as a uterine and hemostatic agent. But, as has already been said above, it is rather risky to engage in self-medication with the help of such substances. Ask for advice from a specialist, only after that decide whether to use you water pepper as a medicine or not. In conclusion, we recall that the extract of the plant is contained in antihemorrhoid preparations and candles( for example, candles Anestezol).There are a lot of such drugs. You can also buy them in almost every pharmacy.