"Acipol": indications for use, instructions, reviews

A wide selection of medical products nowadays allows you to adjust almost any state of the body. In addition to antibiotics, analgesics and antiviral agents, probiotics are very popular. One such is the medicine "Acipol".Indications for use of this drug are prescribed in the instructions. It is about this and this article will tell you. You will learn about the reviews that are left about this medication. Separately it is necessary to say about what the preparation "Acipol" has indications for use for children.

Aciphal indications for use

What is this drug?

Before you say which of the "Acipol" preparation has indications for use, it is worth mentioning its composition. Medication belongs to the group of probiotics. It contains live lactobacilli. Also in the formulation is polysaccharide kefir protein. Additional ingredients can be found in the capsule. It is worth noting that the shell of the pill is not digested in the intestine and is excreted unchanged.

There are thirty capsules in one medicine package. Also sometimes you can find a pack of ten and twenty tablets. However, they are less in demand, as a result of which they are simply not ordered by pharmacists.

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How does the medication work?

What are the indications for the use of the drug "Acipol"?The situations in which the medication is to be used will be described below. For starters, it is worth mentioning how the drug works on the human body.

The drug in the capsule enters directly into the human intestine. Useful bacteria contained in the preparation have a negative impact on pathogenic microorganisms. Thus, the medicine suppresses the pathological microflora, contributing to colonization of the intestines with the necessary substances. The medicine normalizes digestion and regulates stool. In addition, the composition of this medication has an immunomodulatory effect on the body. The result is an increase in resistance to viruses and bacteria.

Aciphal indications for use reviews

Medication "Acipol": indications for use

In what situations does a person need to use this medication? Doctors report that the drug "Acipol" indications for use are described in the instructions. However, this does not mean that a person can independently determine the necessity of using a medicine. To start taking this drug, you need to visit a doctor and get individual recommendations.

The drug is used for various inflammatory processes in the intestinal tract. These include salmonellosis, dysentery, adenoviral infections, lesions of the digestive tract with bacterial microflora. The composition can be prescribed for colitis of various types. During dysbiosis it is necessary to conduct therapy with this medication.

What else does the probiotic "Acipol" have for indication? Instruction for use informs that the composition is assigned to correct the patient's condition during long-term antibiotic therapy. It is worth noting that in this case a long course of treatment is chosen.

The drug is often prescribed for people with low immunity. It is also used to correct the condition of premature and infants with a lag in weight. Often, the medication is used in the first months of the baby's life to correct the work of the stomach and intestines. After all, it is at this age that children are tormented by excessive gas formation and abdominal pain.

Aciphal indications for use in children

Preventive measures

What other drugs have Acipol readings? Instruction for use informs that the medication can be used for preventive purposes. Often, it is recommended to children during prolonged illnesses or after prolonged treatment. The composition is used to prevent diseases during epidemics. Also, it is assigned to children starting to attend pre-school educational institutions.

It should be noted that for preventive purposes the medication is used according to a certain scheme taking into account the patient's external indicators. So, always pay attention to the growth, weight and age of the patient.

Instruction for the use of

You already know which probiotic "Acipol" has indications for use. The comments of doctors tell us that the medicine should be taken orally, washed down with a lot of water. It is not recommended to pre-chew the pill. If the drug is prescribed to infants, it is worthwhile to open the capsule and dissolve its contents in the water or food of the baby. In this case, the food should not be hot.

Children under the age of three are given a single dose in the amount of one capsule. Repeat the drug should be 2-3 times a day. Children after three years, as well as adult patients are recommended to take one tablet for half an hour before a meal. Multiplicity of application is 4 times a day.

The duration of the correction course is always chosen by the doctor. In acute infections in the intestine, the drug is usually taken for at least five days, but not more than two weeks. If the probiotic is used for prophylactic purposes, then the duration of correction is 10-20 days. In this case, the dose of the drug is reduced to one capsule per day.

Aciphal indications for use in children reviews

Features of the use of

Doctors say that the drug is often prescribed in complex therapy. However, you should use it correctly in this case. In acute intestinal infections and poisonings, a sorbent is often used. Acipol preparation in this situation should be administered two hours after the use of the above-mentioned composition.

With the simultaneous use of antibiotics, it is also worth taking a short break in taking medications. If the doctor appoints you several drugs, including "Acipol", then you need to find out from a specialist about the method of using this tool.

Aciphal indications for use

Comments from consumers about the drug

Patients say that this drug is very convenient to take. Capsules containing powder are rather small. They are easily swallowed even with a small amount of water. The product itself, contained in the gelatinous shell, has a neutral taste. That's why it's pretty simple to give the children.

Most parents report that they mix the medicine in the baby's food. The kid does not even notice that he is taking this medicine. It is preferable for the infant to dissolve the powder in a small amount of pure drinking water.

Also, patients report that the "Acipol" should be taken only about 10 days. While many other probiotics require a long course. That is why the above composition is preferred. It is worth noting that this is also profitable. Pharmacists say that one package of medicine costs about 350 rubles. Its contents will suffice you for the whole course of treatment or preventive measures.

Aciphal indication Instruction for use

Instead of concluding

Now you know what the "Acipol" medication has indications for use for children. Reviews about this product are presented in your article. Remember that before you start using a medicine, you need to visit a doctor and get suitable appointments. Good health to you!