Cleaning braces: how to care?

Braces are complex orthodontic structures that correct a problematic bite. The method of their application is reliable, widespread, time-tested. Immediately the question arises: "How to brush your teeth if the glands interfere?" For such a case, orthodontists have specially developed several devices that facilitate dental care.

Cleaning braces. How and what to do

During the period of orthodontic treatment, caries can rapidly progress. So that after the braces are removed, do not be horrified by the state of the teeth, you need to master certain skills for properly cleaning these tools before or just after installation. It is necessary separately to process the lower and upper dentition. At the same time, each tooth should go off at least 10 seconds.

Hygiene products should be recommended by a dentist, or should be guided by proven sources of information. Correctly selected toothbrushes, brushes and other devices will preserve the health of the gums and the integrity of the tooth enamel. Do not be shy to ask the doctor to show him on the dummy how to properly clean the braces.

cleaning braces

Bracket cleansers

The following are necessary for proper maintenance of braces.

  • Orthodontic toothbrushes for cleaning braces. These tools have a shape resembling the Latin letter V, with a thin neck. The brush should be cleaned each tooth separately in places where it is possible to reach, while trying not to affect the braces. The brush has a soft bristle. Even if the piece of iron is hurt, nothing terrible will happen.
  • Ershiki for cleaning braces. Such devices allow you to perform accurate cleaning of brackets at different angles, which must be done in order to avoid the appearance of raid in inaccessible places. Otherwise, after removing the braces to your displeasure, you can find caries.
  • Flosses are dental floss that cleans the space between the teeth well. Wax floss can perfectly penetrate at the narrowest intervals.
  • Irrigator for braces. This useful device cleans teeth with a thin stream of water under high pressure, it massages the gums well. To the teeth such cleaning is absolutely harmless and has great efficiency. It is not necessary to charge the irrigator with simple water, for this purpose there are special strengthening and disinfecting compounds with medicinal herbal tinctures. Toothpaste and rinse aid for the mouth. These are the mandatory components for dental care with braces. Choose them on the advice of a dentist.

These drugs should be used carefully and regularly, preferably every time after eating for 10 minutes.
teeth cleaning with braces

Cleaning before braces. What should be done?

Before installing the bracket system, you need to undergo the procedure for cleaning the mouth and teeth. It is recommended to do the following:

  • If there is tooth decay, then it must be cured. Installed braces will accelerate the development of the disease, and get rid of it will be more difficult.
  • Completely cure any inflammation of the gums.
  • Clean tooth enamel. Bracket systems are installed only on clean dental rows.
  • Remove diseased teeth before installing braces, if any.

These procedures are mandatory before installing the bracket system. It is best to undergo the procedure of professional teeth cleaning.
floss cleaning

Professional cleaning

Most people wearing braces are not properly cared for. No toothpaste, floss and brushes can replace a specialist who not only tells how and how the teeth are cleaned before and with them, but also carries out the necessary hygienic measures, namely:

  • removal of calculus;
  • sealing of fissures;
  • enamel treatment;
  • plaque cleaning.

Professional teeth cleaning is performed by laser, ultrasound and chemical solution. At the end of brushing, the teeth are covered with a special lacquer that saturates the enamel with fluoride.

These hygienic measures are mandatory for 1 time in 5-6 months. Do not do them more often, as tooth enamel can suffer.
brushes for cleaning braces

How to brush your teeth with braces

Teeth cleaning with braces involves several procedures.

  1. The first thing to start with is the use of a V-shaped brush. Movements with a brush should be unhurried, vertically and horizontally. Thus, the front surface of the tooth enamel is treated.
  2. The next step after the first procedure is the use of a multi-beam brush that removes the plaque formed around the brackets. It is necessary to perform this manipulation with sweeping movements.
  3. Next comes the brush, which rotational movements clean places with difficult access, located under the metal arcs.
  4. After carrying out these procedures, you need to clean the space located between the crowns with a dental floss. Only very carefully, so as not to injure the gums. Cleaning of floss during braces is mandatory, the thread cleans the remains of food well.
  5. At the very end, when all the necessary manipulations are done, you need to remove the plaque formed on the internal and chewing surfaces of the crowns with an ordinary toothbrush.
  6. The final step is rinsing the mouth with an antibacterial rinse aid. He will kill harmful micro-organisms and will refresh his breath well.

brushes for cleaning braces

How to choose a toothpaste for teeth cleaning with braces

Choose only a special toothpaste so that the cleaning of the braces can provide such results:

  • is an ideal cleansing and effective removal of food residues;
  • normalization and recovery of microflora;
  • antimicrobial effect;
  • optimum protection against caries.

Special toothpastes perfectly protect and strengthen teeth, which become more susceptible to external factors during treatment.

After the tooth cleaning procedure has been completed, the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed with an alcohol-free solution. This is necessary after each meal.
cleaning before braces

Day care for braces, cleaning and dental advice

You need to learn how to properly care for braces, teeth and mouth, follow all the recommendations of a doctor. When brushing your teeth with a special brush, you first need to make slow horizontal movements along the arch of the bracket system. This will help remove the particles of food stuck in the teeth. When brushing, brush each element of the bracket system separately, all the space surrounding each tooth around the bracket, groove and gums. It is necessary to clean the space under the arch of the bracket system.

The thread helps to handle the space between the teeth. You should clean your teeth and braces after any meal.

Use of a regular or too hard toothbrush is contraindicated. It will damage not only the gum, but also the integrity of the most bracket system.

If all the necessary manipulations are carried out correctly, then the plaque can be easily disposed of.

If a person is not at home and after eating there is no way to fully clean the teeth, you need to use a dental floss, as well as a special rinse aid for the oral cavity.
tooth cleaning before braces

What is forbidden when wearing braces to avoid damage

When wearing braces, it is necessary to exclude hard whole foods, as well as viscous and sweet food. If you eat raw fruits or vegetables, you need to cut them into small pieces. It is strictly prohibited to bite carrots, apples and other solid foods.

You need to forget about eating too hot and cold food. Variations in temperature will cause the braces to begin to "peel off."It is absolutely forbidden to eat toffee and chew gum.

You can not brush your teeth with ordinary toothpaste.

It is forbidden to get rid of the leftovers of food stuck between the teeth, using various sharp objects.

If any element of the bracket system has shifted, you should immediately contact an orthodontist. If this is not done, the risk that the result of wearing braces will be zero increases manyfold.

Brake cleaning is a very important procedure. It depends on the further health of teeth, gums and the entire oral cavity after they are removed. We need to seriously approach this process: strictly follow all the recommendations of a dentist, and then after the removal of the bracket system you will have a beautiful smile, healthy teeth and gums.