Device for non-surgical correction of the nose shape "Rhinocorrect."Reviews, instructions, cost

A new and effective device that can change the shape of the nose, you can consider the "Renocorrect" langet. This is an excellent alternative to rhinoplasty. Today we learn all about the adaptation of "Renocorrection": reviews about it, rules of wearing, advantages, cost. Let's find out why on the Internet you can find absolutely opposite opinions about this device. And also understand how to distinguish the original tool from a counterfeit, a good site from fraudulent. Further on the text this device will be called a clip, a clothespin, a proof-reader, a langette. rhinocorrect reviews

Rhinoplasty - what is it?

To understand why it is better to give preference to the "Renocorrection" clip, you need to find out how the nose shape correction operation is performed, and what is its cost. Rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention aimed at changing the size or shape of the olfactory organ. This operation is not recommended for boys and girls under 16 years of age. But the remedy "Rinokorrekt" these categories of persons can be worn.

Rhinoplasty, the cost of which for many people will be prohibitive, can be carried out in a closed or open way. In the first case, the surgeon makes incisions on the mucous membrane of the nose, and then the scars will not be visible. And in the second case there is a trace in the form of a broken line on the place where the nares are divided. This scar eventually disappears.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. In the postoperative period, the patient should breathe for a while, because in the nose three days will be gauze tampons. Immediately after surgery, a plaster cast is applied to a person. After 2 weeks, it is removed. Edema begins to disappear on the third day after rhinoplasty, and bruises disappear within two weeks.

rhinoplasty cost

The process of final formation of a "new" nose after an operation can last from several months to a year. For some time, the olfactory organ may seem swollen, and the tip of the nose responds to a sharp change in temperature after an operation such as rhinoplasty. The cost of this method of surgical treatment of the olfactory organ can range from 12 to 18 thousand rubles. The final price depends on the choice of the clinic, the qualification of the doctor, as well as the characteristics of the organism and the complexity of the work.

Given that rhinoplasty is a far from inexpensive method of nose correction, it is worthwhile to consider another way in which the olfactory organ will not be susceptible to surgical intervention.

rhinocorrection rhinitis

Appearance of the

lashette "Rhinocorrect" for the nose is a special device that looks like a clothes peg. A pinkish orthogel tattoo is made. Adaptation is suitable for both women and men. This nozzle carefully acts on the nose, it is harmless and effective.

What are the advantages of the device?

The "Renocorrect" Lango, according to the manufacturer, has the following advantages:

  1. Excellent 100% result. Within a month of active use of clothespins, a person will see the effect of this product.
  2. Easy to use. There is nothing easier than every day for 2 hours just put on your nose a langette.
  3. Quality. Unlike other similar devices, this corrector will not cause a person inconveniences, such as rubbing the olfactory organ, its irritation.
  4. Painless manipulation. Correction of the nose will pass unnoticed.
  5. Versatility. Langetka can be worn by any member of the family.
  6. Decent operation replacement. The "Rinocorrect" nozzle for the nose will correct its shape, so the need for surgical intervention will fall away.
  7. Cheapness. The cost of this nozzle is several times lower than the price of rhinoplasty.

nose snuff


The "Renocorrect" Langnet, the instruction to which is quite simple, is used like this:

  1. It is necessary to fasten the clip so that the sides of the device lie on the wings of the nose, and also just below its middle.
  2. Wear a clothespin every day for at least 2 hours. The correction process will be lengthy, so you need to be patient. Usually, the change in the shape of the nose takes up to 4 months.

Langheta is easy to clean, does not need special care. Gradually pressing on the cartilaginous tissue of the olfactory organ, the clothespin changes its shape to 2 mm per month.

It turns out that somewhere in 4 months the user will see such results:

  • An elevated tip of the nose that tends to drop due to age-related changes.
  • Symmetry Restoration.
  • Narrowing of the tip and wings of the olfactory organ.
  • Visual reduction of the length of the nose.
  • Smoothing of the hump on the bridge of the nose.
  • Complete recovery of the shape of the nose after injuries or fractures.

Price of the device

Renovation can be an effective substitute for such a procedure as rhinoplasty. The price of a langette can range from 1100 to 1300 rubles. You can buy this device only on the official website of the distributor. In pharmacies or stores selling various medications, this tag is not implemented. Rhinocorrection for the nose

Caution, fake!

Very often the adaptation of "Renocorrect", reviews about which can be found in various forums, is sold either at too high, or at a low price. In the first case, unreasonably high cost is put by those sellers who wish to sell the device profitably. They put an extra charge of 400, and even 500%.In the second case, when the clothespin is sold at a lower cost, it is a forgery. And in the first example, a person will not be immune from a counterfeit. How to secure yourself and from the hundreds of sites selling this device, really choose the right one? For this, a person should know how to distinguish the present device from "lime":

  1. The original langauge weighs no more than 50 grams. A counterfeit device is usually heavier.
  2. When wearing this device, nose correction is performed without any unpleasant sensations. But the counterfeit goods will rub, cause lachrymation.
  3. An original certificate is always accompanied by a quality certificate. But a sham product does not have any documents at all.
  4. The cost of this corrector is quite adequate - at the level of 1300 rubles. But the fake clip is sold at an overpriced( 5000 rubles) or undervalued( up to 500 rubles).

Positive user ratings for

The adaptation of "Renocorrect" reviews is different. Some people praise him, others, on the contrary, criticize him. Those users who approached this device, note that they never thought that a patch on the nose could change its shape and length. Many people are delighted with the effect of this proofreader. Women, for example, boast of the results of home manipulations, laying out various photos using the "Renocorrect"( before and after the perfection procedure).Real pictures of people who managed to change the shape of the nose with the help of this Chinese device, can be seen below. nose correction

Negative user ratings for

Unfortunately, the device "Renocorrect" reviews receives not only flattering, but also disapproving. Some users were dissatisfied with the action of the langet. The reasons for their indignation, displeasure are:

  • Lack of effect.
  • Discomfort when worn.

Let us examine these points in detail.

No result

This nose stick, according to some users, does not have absolutely no effect. However, there is a "but" here: many people misunderstand this device. They forget to wear it every day, wear as much as they want. But this is wrong. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and wear a corrector for the nose every day for at least 2 hours. And if a person does not observe these simple rules, then, naturally, there will not be any effect on speech.

Discomfort when wearing

Some people have this nasal nose for discomfort. The sense of smell in users itches, it hurts, they want to quickly remove this clothespin. Such unpleasant feelings can arise for one reason - if a person bought a counterfeit goods. In order not to become another victim of scammers, you should carefully select a site where the original proofreader should be sold. After all, when wearing this device, the user will not experience any uncomfortable sensations. rhinocorrection before and after

Choosing a site where you can buy this product

To adapt the "Renocorrect" brought an excellent result, it is important to purchase it on the official Internet resource. But how to understand where the real site is, and where are the scammers?

  1. On "fake" resources, the seller will never indicate his actual or legal address, as well as contacts. On the official website, all this information will be provided to a potential buyer. In addition, there is even such a button as a "feedback form".That is, a person comes to the site, asks the question of interest in a special window. After some time he personally calls the manager of the company and answers his question. And already during the conversation a person can discuss with the employee of the company all the points concerning the clothespins.
  2. The fraudulent Internet resources usually sell only one product, in our case - it's a clothespin for the nose "Rinocorrect."The official distributor sells many different products.
  3. Scammers will never be able to provide quality certificates for goods. Or they can, but they will make all the papers counterfeit. On this site all documents to the device are attached. And this is a prerequisite for buying a langette.
  4. Fraudulent resources often carry out fascinating actions. For example, if the proofreader had them at a price of 6,000 rubles, then they defiantly cross out the old price and point out a new one. And it will be half lower, that is 3 thousand rubles. But do not think that this is a lucky chance, and you really became a lucky one. This is all the marketing moves of scammers. On the present adaptation there will be no such grandiose discounts. Yes, and the cost of the original proofreader will be lower even after scammers lower the cost of their goods. After all, the price of a real lingo will not actually be above 1,300 rubles.


From this article you learned what the "Renocorrect" device is like, how to use this clothespin, what are its advantages. Understand that this is an excellent alternative to an expensive operation called "rhinoplasty."However, to make the device effective, you need, first, to purchase it on a tested resource, and secondly, to use it according to the instructions. And then the person will get a beautiful, even, symmetrical nose.