What is health. Types of human health

The general condition of each person is composed of many factors, among which the most important is health. Types of health are a complex system, on which depends not only the general mood, but also the working capacity of the organism. health types of health

General description of

It is impossible to understand and study the health, health, and other components of a healthy organism, unless you look in detail at the next notion. So, human health, to date, is called the normal and stable psychosomatic state of the individual. There are the following types of human health:

  • physical;
  • mental;
  • social welfare.

The main criterion that the above mentioned types of health have is the ability to provide the body with a normal regulation of behavior, as well as an effective activity of the individual.

Previously, doctors held the view that health is the state of the human body, in which there are no diseases: mental, physical, physical and other. However, the World Health Organization made a necessary contribution to the old definition, supplementing the necessary criterion about the "well-being" of all areas of the functioning of the body.

In 2001 Apanasenko G.A.derived his own definition. He said that the health is called the dynamic state of a person, which depends on the reserves available in the body, for example, resistance to external negative factors, the ability to compensate for pathological stress that occurs in our life everywhere, and so on. The doctor noted additional criteria that characterize health. Kinds of health and their level, as Apanasenko said, are characterized by plastic, energy, and also necessary information support of life processes, acting as organizers of the whole body activity. In addition, health necessarily implies the possibility of manifestation of social and biological functions, that is, the natural desire to procreate or survive and preserve one's own individual.

physical health

Forms: bodily health

The above characteristics, of course, are necessary for study and understanding, but the ordinary reader should give examples in practice. So, what determines human health? Kinds of health primarily pay attention to the physical or physical condition of the body. This concept can be easily seen in all the abovementioned theoretical definitions.

Physical health is a state of the individual in which perfect regulation of life processes is observed regardless of external indicators. In addition, this group can also include a high degree of stability and adaptation to numerous environmental factors, as well as the harmony of all physiological processes. As a rule, health indicators are represented by the following list:

  • Physical activity and physical fitness.
  • Physical development.
  • Training of the body, which depends on regularity and systemic training. In many ways, the above functions provide the physical health of the human body. And the necessary components on which the status of the bodily state of the personality depends is the immune tone of the organism and its sensory health.

    Mental state

    Mental, spiritual health - in medicine there is a large number of all kinds of concepts. Despite the plurality of definitions, the essence boils down to the following: the mental health of an individual is its ability to respond adequately to the environment, both internal and external. The main component of this type of health is the ability, independently of external and internal stimuli, to balance itself and its mood. The central element here is the psychological well-being of the human body. mental health

    Social Health

    The preservation of mental health is inextricably linked with the social well-being of the individual. A favorable social condition is the ability to successfully adapt to the social environment in which the individual is at the moment. It is also necessary to note here the preservation of the ability to successfully fulfill social functions. Such health is an indicator of the activity of the individual in society, that is, the availability of connections, resources, fruitful communication, the quality of interaction are indicators of the high social welfare of the individual. A decent level of health allows a person to tune in to active interaction with the outside world.

    It should be noted that the notion of social health has entered modern pedagogical and psychological science relatively recently. That is why it is impossible to fully confirm the list of measurable criteria. However, the general opinion boils down to the following postulates that form a happy social condition of a person:

    • the existence of an understanding of the moral norms accepted in society;
    • a decent level of spiritual development;
    • adaptation to the social environment;
    • development of moral values.

    types of human health

    Socio-psychological health:

    criteria Sociology and personality psychology contain a list of criteria that are necessary to maintain a high level of health:

    • Awareness of one's own "I", and on the same level - the experience of a sense of permanence and unity of the physical body and the spiritual.
    • Adequate level of requirements and criticality to self, as well as a normal assessment of its results.
    • Ability to manage their own behavior, including in non-standard critical situations.
    • Normal reaction to the generally accepted rules of conduct in modern society, on moral attitudes and legal norms.
    • Understanding the need for positive planning for both work and personal activities, as well as the successful implementation of the goals and objectives.

    health indicators

    The preservation of mental health largely depends on the preservation of the personality of the individual. It is important to take into account the negative changes in the external environment that directly affect the structure of the personality, causing mental illness. Despite the negative aspects, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and develop their own methods for overcoming obstacles.

    Psychology in a person's life

    Psychological health in medicine is called a dynamic aggregate of personality traits that can provide harmony between the needs of a person and the demands that are imposed on him by society. Psychological or spiritual health is one of the most important prerequisites for the development and self-actualization of the individual. health promotion

    A. Maslow first identified the qualities that contribute to the health of the psychological side of personality:

    • Orientation to real events.
    • Concentration of thoughts is not on one's own personality, but on a problem.
    • Need for solitude.
    • Spirituality and spiritual development.
    • Independence.
    • Sense of humor and so on.

    Emotional health

    Emotional health means accepting one's own feelings as a real given, gifted by life. Due to the presence of a high level of emotional state, you can always listen to others, learn empathy, and also get rid of or establish interdependence. With good emotional health, a person is able to provide strong support to people in need.

    Sexual health

    Sexual health is a complex of those aspects of human behavior that enhance a person's ability to love. Somatic, intellectual, social and emotional spheres of the life of a person not only motivate to positive thinking, but also increase the person's sexual communication.

    Morality and its role in personal activities

    The basis of a person's moral health is the values ​​and personal attitudes of personality that determine the behavior of an individual in a particular social environment. This means that regardless of life situations, a person adheres to his own principles and appreciates what she has at the moment. Moral health consists of the needs, motivation and information resources that a person seeks throughout his life.

    A person can feel fully only at a normal level of health in general and its individual components: the psyche, physical condition, moral development and so on. Otherwise, it is necessary to take all measures to eliminate the negative impact on the body and nervous system, and at the same time - to begin strengthening health.