The city of Krasnogorsk. Vishnevsky Hospital

Krasnogorsk Vishnevsky hospital

The third clinical military hospital, named after Vishnevsky, is located in the city of Krasnogorsk. For today it is one of the most high-tech medical centers in Russia, where qualified doctors of different specialties work. Located in the city of Krasnogorsk, Vishnevsky Hospital is equipped with modern equipment, through which diagnostics, effective treatment and rehabilitation of patients, injured and injured are carried out. The therapeutic procedures of the centers and departments of the medical institution correspond to the world standards in quality, and the equipment is periodically replenished and improved, modern and innovative methods of treatment of the most serious diseases are actively used. Further in the article it is told, what services the hospital of Vishnevsky( Krasnogorsk) provides, how to reach the clinic.

Cardiac Surgery Center

The hospital named after Vishnevsky( Krasnogorsk) was supplemented by this institution in 1975.It consists of seven specialized complexes for the treatment of patients with joint and connective tissue diseases, chronic myocardium and ischemia, arterial hypertension, cardiac rhythm and conduction disorders. The cardiosurgical center has two compartments. This, in particular, intensive resuscitation and therapy.

Center for Vascular Surgery

This department can accommodate up to 80 patients. It is intended for effective treatment, complete examination and prevention of vascular diseases. Located in the city of Krasnogorsk, the military hospital Vishnevsky on the basis of the center conducts complex surgical interventions for damage to blood vessels, aorta and main arteries. The profile includes treatment of various severe pathologies of veins. Krasnogorsk military hospital of Vishnevsky

Coloproctological center

This department was created on the basis of a small complex of proctology in 1994.Work center in a medical institution since the late 60's. The department is equipped with a laboratory of endoscopy and functional research. It includes three therapy buildings that can accommodate 65 people.

Urology Center

It is one of the most sought-after departments that the Vishnevsky Hospital( Krasnogorsk) has. The feedback of many former patients indicates the high professionalism of the staff. The center consists of departments of urolithiasis, general urology and oncourology. Each year, there are approximately 1,200 operations associated with cancer of the bladder, prostate, testes, surgery for renal cysts, prostate adenoma, varicocele and other diseases. Vishnevsky Krasnogorsk hospital

Center for Restorative and Plastic Surgery

This hospital is located in the city of Krasnogorsk Vishnevsky Hospital recently. The center is equipped with modern equipment and the latest equipment. It includes departments of plastic surgery, general microsurgery, and also operations on the hand.

Ophthalmology center

In this department the following operations are performed:

  • laser and microsurgical treatment of glaucoma;
  • seamless cataract microsurgery;
  • plastic surgical interventions on the eyelids;
  • treatment of diseases of the system of lacrimation;
  • treatment of strabismus;
  • therapy of astigmatism and myopia with the help of microsurgery;
  • interventions of sclera-strengthening and refractive nature;
  • ceramoplasty.

Visnevskogo Krasnogorsk hospital how to get there

Other centers

The hospital of Vishnevsky located in the city of Krasnogorsk has departments of neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology. There are also centers of pharmacy, roentgenology, traditional medicine, endovascular surgery, intensive care. Has a hospital located in the city of Krasnogorsk Vishnevsky and departments of resuscitation and anesthesiology. The medical institution has in its composition centers of diagnostic and functional research, clinical laboratory diagnostics.

Manual therapy room

This division has been a part of the Center for Traditional Medicine since the autumn of 1996.The main function of the office is to provide advice and highly specialized assistance to patients with spine and joint disorders with the help of manual treatment. Therapy is carried out using the latest diagnostic equipment and procedures. Highly qualified doctors of the cabinet conduct effective treatment using classical manual, medicamental therapy, reflexotherapy, local anesthesia technology, as well as osteopathic techniques( cranio-sacral and visceral).Visnevskogo Hospital Krasnogorsk reviews

Department of Thermal Relaxation and Phytotherapy

In December 1994, this office was formed and entered the hospital. The founder was a retired colonel, a doctor of the highest category Zubok Nikolai Mikhailovich, who graduated in 1969 with the honors of the SMA named after SM Kirov. Since 1976, its activities extend to three centers, which includes the hospital Vishnevsky( Krasnogorsk).Each year, approximately 10% of patients in the treatment room are treated in the thermal relaxation and phytotherapy room. The cabinet carries out treatment of diseases of cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory, urinary, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal tract, skin. Therapy is carried out with medicinal herbs, which the doctor carefully chooses. Decoctions and infusions of them are prepared by the pharmacist in a specially designated room called a coterie. The patient then receives them in the phyto-bar according to the doctor's prescription. The greatest effectiveness of phytotherapy in combination with hyperthermic dry air baths. They are used in the treatment of pulmonary, skin diseases, disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Location of the hospital

Hospital them. Vishnevsky is in the Krasnogorsky district, p / o Arkhangelsk. City transport should get to m. "Tushinskaya".Then you should take the minibus № 568. Before the establishment you can get there by train from Riga or Kursk stations. To leave it is necessary on the station."Krasnogorskaya".