The drug "Antipollin": reviews

Recently, an increasing number of Russians suffer from allergies. Someone suffers all fairly calmly, feeling only a small unpleasant symptoms. But there are people who suffer from allergies very much. Seasonal, whether food or household - some it causes great suffering. In the pharmacy market, there is a huge number of different drugs that combat the symptoms of allergies. The recent development of Kazakhstani scientists "Antipollin" reviews patients already received positive. In this article we will consider the tool in more detail.

Antipollin reviews

What is an allergy?

Sometimes, the most common substances can cause unpleasant sensations: dust, mites, pollen of plants, pet hair. This is what is called an allergy. Such a specific reaction of the body is immune. Substances that act as allergens are recognized by the immune system as hostile, alien. As a protection, it secrete antibodies, which from the interaction with allergens produce histamine. It is this chemical that causes unpleasant symptoms: a runny nose, tearing of the eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion and much more. Let us dwell on them in more detail.

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Symptoms of allergy

Allergy is not generally considered a disease. Nevertheless, its manifestations can make our life sometimes just unbearable. Allergic rhinitis manifests as a runny nose, frequent sneezing, itching in the nose. In this period, the sense of smell worsens, if not lost altogether. There is a need to constantly carry in your pocket a handkerchief due to uncontrolled discharge from the nose. Often the eyes suffer: lachrymation, redness, itchy eyelids are very unpleasant. It happens that the allergy is also manifested by itchy skin, down to dermatitis. On the skin, red spots may appear, which may impair your appearance. More complicated cases are caused by the so-called Quincke's edema. A person seems to swell, which is caused by a strong swelling of the subcutaneous tissue. This complication can even lead to a fatal outcome if you do not take the medicine in time.

Antipollin Mixst reviews

Allergy types

Allergy is divided into year-round and seasonal. The first is characterized by a reaction to the wool of pets, dust, mites, mold fungi. To determine such an allergy is quite simple: the patient's condition worsens in closed rooms. It can become quite burdensome, as in the premises we spend most of the time. Seasonal allergy is exacerbated during the flowering period of plants. Usually it's autumn, summer and spring. In winter, symptoms recede. The most sensitive period of time in the spring is from April to May, when the irritant is the pollen of trees. From May to August, when the flowering of cereals begins, summer allergies occur. Autumn also brings the pollen of weeds, which act as powerful allergens.

To determine if you have any kind of allergy, it is enough to visit an allergist. By submitting a set of specific analyzes, you can absolutely know exactly what you should avoid. Do not delay this moment - because some people silently tolerate allergies for years - various complications that may follow its symptoms, can cause serious harm to the body.

Antipollin mixed trees reviews

"Antipollin" will help

This drug was developed in Kazakhstan by the well-known allergist scientist Moshkevich Viktor Semenovich. For many years he was engaged in research into the effects of radiation poisoning. He and his team observed the health of the residents of the Semipalatinsk region. The results of their research became the impetus to close this terrible landfill. He was helped by these materials in the future, when he opened an allergology department. It was in this department that "Antipollin" was developed.

Reviews of the experimental drug immediately received the most positive. Its action is based on two principles: stimulation of the immune system so that it is easier to cope with the problem, and the introduction of a "guilty" allergen. Increasing the concentration of irritant in the body, "Antipollin" causes a decrease in sensitivity to it. This allows you to achieve a stable remission. The transfer agent in this process is ascorbic acid and talc.

Antipollin mitst tree reviews

"Antipollin Mixt": feedback from patients

This drug contains a set of several allergens. Tree mixes are prescribed for patients suffering from allergies to tree blossoms. Usually this happens in the spring. To begin with, you need to consult a doctor, he will conduct a study and designate exactly the kind of medicine that will work best."Antipollin Mitst Trees," which testifies to its high efficiency, is presented in two forms: No. 1 and No. 2. They differ in the composition of allergens, so it is so important to determine precisely which substance acts as an irritant.

Trees that irritate us

Packing No. 1 contains a birch tree, a regular hornbeam, an alder sticky and an ordinary hazel. If the analysis shows that your body is allergic to one of these components, you definitely should take Antipollin Mixt Trees. Reviews of patients who have tried many medications for allergy and who have not been relieved say that this medicine has become their real salvation.

In package No. 2, those who can not tolerate the flowering of black poplar, petioled oak, small-leaved elm and ash-leaf maple will find their salvation. Also contained in this mix of the drug "Antipollin" birch dangling. Reviews of allergy doctors give a positive assessment of this drug. Due to the fact that the composition is completely natural, you can not be afraid of getting used to it. Follow the instructions for its use, and you can without fear wait for the onset of spring. Antipollin wormwood отзывы

Home pests

Our house is our fortress. So say only those who do not suffer from allergies to house dust. It's very unpleasant to come home, knowing that there is suffering waiting for you, not rest. Professional allergic people of this kind know all about super-powerful vacuum cleaners picking up the smallest particles of dust, throwing into the air special vapors that destroy them even in the air. About bessulfatnye powders, neutral for the skin allergy. But it helps for a little while, since the dust has an unpleasant feature soon to appear again. In this case, you can help "Antipollin Home dust".The testimonies of those who have suffered from this disease for many years contain tempting evidence that, taking this medication, you can manage without antihistamine tablets for a long time and even lie down lying down! Antipollin birch leafy reviews

Herbal monsters

Wormwood is a very fragrant plant. Many people even like her bitter, bitter smell. But not to those who have a strong allergy. Sneezing in the nose, tears, itchy skin, swelling prevent them from enjoying all the delights of this herb. Well, if they have a competent allergist doctor, who will advise such patients to take "Antipollin Wormwood".The testimonials of those who have already tried this drug will convince them of his excellent work. Repeated tests, surrendering after several years of administration, show almost complete absence of reaction to the wormwood allergen. Ask your doctor and try, maybe it will help you?

Antipollin home dust reviews

Some features of taking the drug "Antipollin"

Reviews that you find also contain tips for taking this medicine. On drugstore sites it is said that each pack consists of 9 blisters. They constitute the initial, basic and supportive courses. The instructions detail how to take "Antipollin" during each of them. It is important to start on time. To run to the doctor for a prescription, when the allergy is in full bloom, there is no sense. He will be able to prescribe only supportive or withdrawal symptoms. To prevent her appearance, it is better to start taking this medicine in the winter. Then the body, which has received a certain dose of allergens, will have time to reconstruct and find them an antidote to the moment when they blossom in nature.

Allergy often causes patients to take large amounts of medication. They do not always help."Antipollin", reviews of which, despite his relative youth, have already firmly established themselves in the field of "good" and "very good", will not only help you cope with the symptoms of the disease, but will also prevent their occurrence if you start taking this drug in advance. Take advantage of the achievements of our domestic scientists to ease their ailments!