What is pregravid preparation for pregnancy?

In the medical environment, the joke that healthy people do not exist is very popular, there are simply under-surveyed. Humor in this situation is more sad, because there is too much truth in this joke. The notorious modern rhythm of life, insufficiently healthy food, a complex ecological situation and many negative factors lead to the fact that it is almost impossible to conceive, endure and without problems to give birth to an absolutely healthy child. But doctors add: it's almost impossible to randomly win a lottery. But why leave such a responsible business to chance, if it is reasonable and reasonable to approach the process? It is for this that there is a pregravid preparation for pregnancy. Modern diagnostic techniques and extensive experience allow us to identify in advance the factors that can provoke obvious problems with the bearing of a child and adversely affect his health.

Pregravid preparation for pregnancy

A balanced approach to family planning

The ancient approach to pregnancy as solely to the gift of God is morally obsolete. Even if we consider this from the point of view of Orthodox morality, it is worth remembering that the Christian doctrine presupposes the free will of man and responsibility for the decisions made. Consequently, family planning and the conscious continuation of the genus are by no means the providence of God. This is a responsible decision, and pregravid preparation for pregnancy is fully consistent with any moral standards.

In the vast majority of cases, any responsible business begins with preliminary preparation. Pregnancy is not an exception, and especially it is important for a woman, because it is her hormonal changes in the body, the inevitable changes, quite a lot of physical stress and all the associated efforts. It is about the correct preparation for the procreation until the moment of conception of the child.

Pregravid preparation for pregnancy

Pregravid preparation for pregnancy

It can not be said that this is an exceptionally fashionable novelty. Even at the end of the last century, doctors urged to reasonably approach the issue of family planning. In particular, women were offered to treat possible diseases in advance, to pay a visit to the dentist."The teeth fell from pregnancy" - a very frequent situation. Of course, for the construction of the skeleton of the child, the body does not take calcium from the teeth of the mother, but there are some changes that provoke a dizzying development of the existing dental problems.

To date, pregravid preparation for pregnancy is a comprehensive examination, consultations of doctors and putting in order all potentially dangerous conditions. Especially attentively it is necessary to treat this period to those women who already had experience of unsuccessful pregnancies.

what is pregravid preparation

Where to start?

Many medical centers offer such a service as pregravid preparation for pregnancy. The basic principles of this process are to consult a married couple as correctly as possible, explain the importance of a sensible and responsible approach. After preliminary consultation, appropriate examinations are made.

First of all, a specialist collects an anamnesis, as with any referral to a doctor. Different families may have different problems. Perhaps these are unsuccessful attempts to have a child. Non-occurrence of pregnancy does not necessarily mean chronic infertility - perhaps, the body needs relatively minor corrective measures. In other cases, this is a difficult experience of previous pregnancies, miscarriage or the birth of a child with serious developmental problems. Focusing on the collected anamnesis, the doctor will make a plan for the examinations, which will need to be passed not only to the woman, but also to the man.

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Medical examination

At the initial stage of the procedure, they practically do not differ from standard regular medical examinations: the general state of health is revealed, it is necessary to pass tests. If there are, or as a result of the examination, some neglected or even chronic diseases will be found, this is an excellent opportunity to eliminate problems. What is pregravid preparation? If we argue in a simplistic and even crude way, then this is a survey and bringing the organism into a condition suitable for reproduction.

Male examination

It would be a mistake to believe that pregnancy is an exclusively feminine concern. A man should also realize his responsibility. In addition to general tests and examinations, a spermogram may be needed - a special analysis designed to determine the ability of a man to continue genus. The quantity and vigor of spermatozoa, other parameters are estimated. It may be necessary to study genes, especially if there are some genetic diseases in the genus or you simply have fears. It is also necessary to analyze for possible Rh-conflict. If the Rh factors of both parents turn out to be unsuitable, this does not mean that the birth of a child is impossible, but constant monitoring of the doctor and medical supervision will be required.

Pregravid preparation for miscarriage

Examination of a woman

Since it is the female body that is the main burden during pregnancy and childbirth, surveys under pregravid preparation are focused mainly on the future mother. It is advisable to pass all specialists, from a cardiologist to a gastroenterologist. For example, if you pre-treat chronic digestive disorders, it will be much easier to tolerate toxicosis. It is important not only to give life to the baby, but also to preserve one's own health without any excessive sacrifices.

The following examinations will be required:

  • gynecological;
  • ultrasound of pelvic organs;
  • colposcopy;
  • blood test for antibodies to dangerous diseases that adversely affect pregnancy and fetal health;
  • hormonal examination;
  • immunologic;
  • hemostasiogram( blood coagulation assay);
  • histological and cytological examination;
  • assays for autoantibodies;
  • compiling an accurate ovulation schedule based on basal body temperature.

Pregravid preparation Pregnancy analyzes

Pregravid preparation for miscarriage

If a woman already had a sad experience of miscarriage, preliminary examinations and careful preparation will help to identify the causes and take appropriate measures. If it turned out that the culprit is a neglected disease, it's worth spending time on treatment and recovery.

Pregravid preparation of pregnancy, analyzes and examinations are aimed not only at achieving the possibility of a healthy baby's birth. This is a comprehensive care for the family, because the fewer problems arise during the bearing of the baby, the healthier will be the psychological climate, which means less fears, conflicts and causes for stress.

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What should I do before the planned conception?

Even if you are not going to go to the family planning center and undergo a survey under the guidance of the lead physician, you can register yourself for specialized medical examinations with specialists. Only this will have a positive effect on the overall health. A visit to the dentist, treatment of caries and elimination of other possible problems in the oral cavity is already a solid part of the success. This is the beginning of most of the problems with digestion.

If you show consciousness, refuse bad habits, quit smoking and add reasonable physical activity - this is a solid help. What is the purpose of pre-gravity training? Everyone probably knows a common saying that all diseases in people happen from nerves. This is partly true. Stress can provoke painful conditions, and a vicious cycle closes: illness causes stress, which in turn provokes an exacerbation of the disease. The ability to conceive and endure a child is a test of the general well-being of the body. Of course, sometimes pregnancy happens in spite of everything, but this is not the merit of the parents, but rather an accident. Relying on chance and elementary luck, hoping that "God will have mercy" and trouble will pass by - this is an infantile view of things.

Make a choice in favor of health, and the body will not slow you to thank: a strong family, healthy and fun children - is not it fun? Make your happiness conscious and complete, take responsibility for your own well-being and become the masters of your destiny!