Analogues, composition and instructions for the use of "Endofalka"

What is the use of such a drug as "Endofalk"?The composition, analogue of the medicine, as well as instructions for its use will be presented below. instructions for use of endofalk

Composition, form of laxative

In what form is the preparation under consideration? What does this tell us about the instructions for use?"Endofalk" is available in the form of a powder for the preparation of an oral solution. It has a crystalline structure, white color, and a fragrant orange fruit smell.

The active components of this drug include macrogol 3350, sodium hydrogencarbonate, sodium chloride and potassium chloride. Also in the composition of the medicament are inactive ingredients in the form of silicon colloidal dioxide, fruit flavor, flavor of orange and sodium saccharinate.

The powder "Endofalk", the instruction for use of which is in a box of cardboard, is contained in sachets of laminated material.

Pharmacological indicators

What is this medication? What does the instruction for use say about it?"Endofalk" is a laxative. Its effectiveness and mechanism of operation are determined by the work of the components that make up the composition.

"Endofalk" is a combined preparation, which consists of a mixture of various electrolytes, as well as macrogol. They are designed to prepare an isosmolar solution.

Finished solution "Endofalk", the composition of which was presented above, is actively used in medical practice for cleaning the intestines. Thus, this remedy is referred to as laxatives. endofalk instructions for use

Features of

As mentioned above, the active ingredient of the drug in question is macrogol 3350( i.e., polyethylene glycol).Thanks to it from a powder it is possible to create an isoosmolar solution that prevents the absorption of water in the intestine and stomach, and also facilitates the accelerated passage of the contents of the gastrointestinal tract and its release.

It should also be noted that polyethylene glycol has a high molecular weight. In the absence of metabolism and absorption, this element prevents unwanted gas formation, which is caused by the metabolic action of bacteria.

As for the electrolytes of the salts included in the drug, they prevent the process of disturbance of the water-salt balance in the human body.

Pharmacokinetic features of laxative

Is the laxative drug absorbed? What information does the instruction on the application contain?"Endofalk" includes an element such as macrogol 3350. It is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, nor is it metabolized. This substance prevents the absorption of other components of the drug in the intestine. In addition, it facilitates the rapid passage of the contents of the gastrointestinal tract and its excretion.

It should also be noted that the drug in question prevents the occurrence of increased gas formation. Due to the diarrhea that has arisen, the intestines are gradually emptied and cleaned. endofalk instructions for use

Electrolytes in the finished solution are balanced in such a way as to prevent reverse secretion and absorption of water and salts, preventing the violation of water and mineral balance in the body.

Indications for use of the prepared solution

When is the Endofalk drug used? The instruction states that the indications for the prescription of this remedy are the following states:

  • the process of preparing the patient for radiologic or endoscopic examination of the lower intestine;
  • the process of preparation for surgical manipulations, which require a complete absence of the contents of the intestine, that is, chyme.

Prohibitions for the use of the laxative solution

In what cases can not you use the "Endofalk" medication? Instructions for use, reviews argue that there are many contraindications to this remedy. These include the following:

  • violation of the process of gastric emptying, risk of gastrointestinal perforation or if it already exists;
  • intestinal obstruction, as well as a suspicion of a similar pathology, expressed colitis, which is in an acute stage;
  • erosive and ulcerative lesions of the digestive tract, hypersensitivity to macrogol or other ingredient of the drug, toxic megacolon;
  • marked renal failure, dehydration, cardiovascular failure. endofalk instructions

It should also be noted that the medication in question is not assigned to people with impaired swallowing reflexes, as well as predisposed to aspiration, eructation, and patients with impaired consciousness.

Instruction for use

"Endofalk" is assigned only to adults who have reached the age of eighteen. The drug is taken orally in the form of a freshly prepared solution.

The recommended dosage of this remedy is three to four liters. A ready laxative solution is taken in portions of 200 or 300 ml every twenty-five minutes.

How to prepare such a preparation? To obtain one liter of drug solution, the contents of the two bags are dissolved in 500 ml of boiled chilled pure water. After that, the amount of laxative medicine is adjusted to one liter.

According to the doctors, everything for complete cleansing and release of the intestine must be prepared, and then take 3 liters of the drug. The period during which it is required to take a laxative solution is three or four hours.

How should I use Endofalk? Instruction, reviews of experts say that such a solution should be taken orally by oral route. If it is impossible to use the medication alone, it is administered via a nasogastric tube. As a rule, they do this on the eve of the evening or in the morning on the day when they are supposed to examine the patient or perform an operation on the intestine. endofalk instructions

It should also be noted that the evening before or on the day of the examination, the patient is required to refrain from taking any food.

Side effects

What are the undesirable reactions that a patient should be warned before prescribing an Endofalk drug? Instruction for use says that unwanted phenomena on the background of the use of this drug may arise from the gastrointestinal tract. Typically, such adverse reactions include a feeling of overflow and bloating, irritation of the anus, nausea, abdominal cramps and vomiting.

In the event that a patient has at least one of the above symptoms, he must temporarily slow down the frequency of the solution or completely stop using it until the side effects disappear.

Also, the following negative reactions may occur in a person taking the drug "Endofalk":

  • sleep disturbance, general weakness, mild disorientation;
  • arrhythmia, tachycardia;
  • allergic reactions( urticaria, dermatitis, rhinorrhea);
  • hypocalcemia( very rare phenomenon).

Drug overdose

In case of an overdose with the drug in question, the patient may develop severe diarrhea. Also, when taking a large amount of a drug, it is possible to violate the water, electrolyte and acid-base balance in the body. In such cases, the patient needs to replace the lost fluid, as well as constantly monitor electrolytes and pH.endofalk analog composition

It should also be noted that with a disturbed electrolyte and acid-base balance, the patient is corrected for the changes identified.

Aspiration, the patient may develop pulmonary edema. This requires intensive treatment, including artificial ventilation of high-pressure lungs.

Interaction with other

medications Absorption of preparations taken before or during Endomalfalk's solution is significantly reduced or completely discontinued due to their rapid removal from the gastrointestinal tract.

If, for vital reasons, the use of the drug can not be canceled, then the alternative routes of its administration( for example, intravenous or intramuscular) are adopted. If such forms do not exist, then the patient can be temporarily transferred to similar means.

Prepared mortar should not be mixed with other products, as well as with various additives, including sugar.

Analogues and reviews

Now you know how to use the powder "Endofalk".Instructions, analogues of this medication are discussed in this article. endofalk instruction analogs

If you need to replace this medication, apply the following analogs: Defhenorm, Phytolax, Leovit, Norgalax, Forlax, Microlax, Lavakol, Portalalak, Normolak and others.

According to consumer reviews, the drug under consideration manifests itself as a highly effective laxative drug. However, its use is shown only in medical examination and surgical manipulations. In order to eliminate the usual constipation, experts recommend using other medications designed specifically for this purpose.