Kirov, "Kolos"( sanatorium): treatment and reviews

An extensive network of sanatoriums and dispensaries in the immediate vicinity offers its residents Kirov."Kolos"( sanatorium) favorably distinguishes among them a good medical base with consistently high level of service.

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Location of the Kolos complex

One of the unconditional advantages that the Kolos resort( Kirov) offers its guests is its location. The mild climate, the evergreen pine forest and the proximity of the river make recreation here pleasant and useful. In summer there is a beach on the river, and skiing and sleigh tracks are laid throughout the territory in winter, a skating rink is operating. For sports enthusiasts in the open air there are sports grounds, and for those who like barbecue on the grill, special rest areas are equipped.

The unique mud of the surrounding lakes is similar in composition to the therapeutic mud of Haapsalu. Very noteworthy are mineral springs, of which there are three.

Cozy buildings are located among a pine forest on the bank of the river Ivkinki, in the Orichevsky district, just 40 km from Kirov.

You can get there by car in 20-30 minutes, and by public transport - about 1 hour, it's the bus routes: № 112( Nizhneivkino) or No. 205( Sredneevkino) from the bus station, you need to go to the stop "Kolos"( departure every hour).

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Accommodation and meals

At the same time in the sanatorium complex can accommodate up to 250 guests. The health resort provides accommodation in two buildings. Building number 1 - these are hotel-type rooms. There are single and double rooms from economy class to luxury class. The cost of living in them - from 1 590 to 2 140 rubles / day.

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In the second building, the accommodation passes through the apartment type( 1-, 2- and 3-room apartments), which allows you to relax in comfort and family style. The cost of the room is from 2 260 rubles./day.

Nutrition in the health resort ordered 3-time, balanced and dietary. Included in the cost of living.

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Rest, treatment and accommodation for every taste and purse offers its guests a sanatorium "Kolos"( Kirov).The photocopy provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the conditions of accommodation. To find out more about the prices for treatment and accommodation, please call:( 8332) 78-42-20, 64-38-55.

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Profiles of treatment and rehabilitation

There are several directions among the medical and health-improving profiles of the health resort. Here are treated:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • of ENT diseases.
  • Violations of the peripheral nervous system.
  • Gynecologic diseases and genitourinary problems.
  • Skin problems.

Although very close to the city of Kirov."Kolos"( sanatorium) conducts wide-profile treatment, relying on the balneological factor and widely applying mud therapy along with traditional types of sanatorium treatment.

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Therapeutic base of

The health resort "Kolos" in Orichevsky district for many years of its work has created its own methods of treating problems of the digestive tract, genitourinary system, gynecological, neurological diseases. Here they achieve good results in the treatment of occupational diseases( dust bronchitis), rehabilitation of weakened children, treatment of osteochondrosis. In order to undergo a course of treatment and recovery, it is not necessary to leave the city of Kirov."Kolos"( sanatorium) treatment offered high-quality, at a high level, using modern equipment and the latest techniques of balneology. And thus it will not be absolutely necessary to go to the distance, to expensive resorts of foreign countries. So, among the main types of medical procedures, health resorts will be:

  • Hydrotherapy: baths with mineral water, pearl, coniferous.
  • 4 types of healing shower.
  • Underwater shower massage.
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures( electroprocedures, magnet, laser, ultrasound, ultraviolet, microwaves - only 12 kinds of positions).
  • Magnetoturbotron.
  • Inhalations( 5 types).
  • Acupuncture.
  • Gynecological procedures.
  • Intestinal room( microclysters, intestinal irrigation).
  • Extension of the spine( dry).
  • Massages( 3 types).
  • Cabinet of psychotherapy.
  • Room of artificial microclimate( salt mines).
  • Speleo chamber( sylvinite).
  • Hall LFK.
  • Gym.

Upon entering the health resort, an individual program of treatment and rehabilitation is developed for each guest. It will include wellness procedures, as well as mud therapy and balneotherapy according to the indications.

There are no age restrictions in the sanatorium, all guests are accepted( contra-indications are standard for sanatoriums).The recommended course of treatment is 14 and 21 days. Major programs: "Standard"( includes the full course of treatment), "Wellness"( sanatorium-resort rest), "Weekend"( there are several options).

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Mud Treatment

Rich in silt-sulphide mud of the lake surrounding Kirov. Kolos( sanatorium) uses mud containing hydrogen sulphide( 136-180 mg / 100 g) and chloride-sulfate-sodium mineral waters for the treatment of its patients. By their composition, these bright oily medicinal muds of local lakes are close to the curative mud of the Estonian resort of Haapsalu and Shatkovsky lakes.

In the health resort mud application is applied, cavity and rectal procedures are performed with their use, electro-mud therapy, amplipulse therapy are used.

Here we achieve good results in mud therapy of the musculoskeletal system, blood circulation, during skin cleansing from inflammation and hemorrhage, normalize the supply of tissues.

Mineral water

The sanatorium Kolos( Kirov) has its own pump room for mineral water. In the health resort, chloride-sulfate-sodium water is treated with 3 types. Thus, the source's mineral water No. 2-K is similar in its composition to the water "Essentuki No. 4", and the water of source No. 12 is bitter-salty, analogous to "Essentuki No. 17".Mineral water from source number 3( sodium, brine) is used only for improving outdoor procedures( baths, irrigation, applications, inhalation).

The intake of mineral waters improves digestion, stimulates tissue nutrition at the cellular level, promotes excretion of toxins, cleansing of internal organs.

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The health resort offers a wide range of leisure time entertainment. So, here there is an extensive entertainment program: constantly performing performances of artists, conducting their own dance evenings accompanied by a DJ, festive programs and various contests, quizzes, parties are organized.

As already mentioned, there is a well-equipped beach in summer, skiing and sleigh tracks are laid in winter. There are paths for hiking. Awnings with barbecue grills are equipped. There is a rental office.

For gym sports enthusiasts there is a gym, sports grounds, a football field, indoor billiards, table tennis, air hockey.

There is a sauna with a swimming pool and a beauty salon.

For those who wish to organize excursions in with. Velikoretskaya and in the city of Kirov."Kolos"( sanatorium) rest offers the most diverse. Here you will find a lesson for those who want a quiet pastime, and those who are used to active recreation.

The guests also have a guarded car park( paid), a shop, a safe, a long-distance telephone.

For those who want only to relax on the weekends, there are weekend tours in the health resort.

The sanatorium also provides services to corporate clients for conferences, seminars, banquets, business meetings. The health resort has a concert hall for 300 seats, video and disco.

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Services for children

The sanatorium positions itself as a health resort for all. Here have put a lot of effort to ensure that vacationers with children were comfortable.

So, families with kids are offered accommodation in apartment-type rooms. And with the purchase of "Health improvement" vouchers for children from 4 to 14 years, 20 percent discounts apply.

For children there is a playroom with experienced teachers, there is a children's playground.

Many parents go here to undergo treatment under the program of rehabilitation of weakened children( children from 3 years old are admitted).The program is known throughout the region, and not just in a place like Kirov."Kolos"( sanatorium) achieves tangible results in improving the kids.

"Kolos" also has its own children's health camp, which is located on the territory adjacent to the sanatorium.


Sanatorium Kolos( Kirov) reviews are positive. Mild climate, balneotherapy, mud treatment in conjunction with high standards of services are noted by almost everyone who wrote reviews.

In some responses, the work of administrators and managers is celebrated on the positive side. Positive feedback on the quality of service in the rooms and cleanliness in the buildings.

A number of guests who wrote the wishes of the guests notes the good location of the health resort, unusual relic forests and conditions for recreation: gazebos, swimming pool. Many people like the well-being of the territory.

Health staff receives good grades. They are evaluated as professionals in their field, attentive and courteous people.