Dental clinics "Dental Forte", Naberezhnye Chelny: addresses, reviews

A good dentist is the most important doctor who will accompany you throughout your life. For the first time we have to sit in the dental chair with a preschooler, but with age, the need for a qualified dentist is only growing. Today we want to tell you about the clinics "Dental Forte".It is a network of medical institutions, in which real professionals work their business. It is here that you can be sure of the excellent result, the complete painlessness of the procedure and the quality assurance. dental forte

A little about

"Dental Forte" is the newest dental clinic that provides all types of services in the field of treatment and prosthetics. At your service are dentists-therapists and orthodontists, professional surgeons, who offer the widest range of services, including implantation of artificial teeth. There are waiting not only adults, but also children."Dental Forte" is a cozy office, a fully equipped dental laboratory, where neither you nor your children will feel pain or discomfort.

The network of clinics

The history of the company began 15 years ago. It was then that the first clinic "Dental Forte" was opened. Since the first days, the company's priority has been advanced and high-quality medicine, available to all customers. Probably, it was this approach to work that ensured success, because as of today, the company already has three best dental clinics and two impeccable dental laboratories on its account. To date, it is a multidisciplinary clinic, employing more than 200 qualified specialists. A distinctive feature is the use of only high-quality materials from leading manufacturers. This is what allows doctors to give guarantees for all types of services.

Diagnostic block

The clinic "Dental Forte"( Naberezhnye Chelny) works to provide you with medical services according to the best, world standards, which allows to solve patient health problems in comfortable conditions, with the utmost attention and consideration of their personal needs and desires. The greatest value of the company is the trust of customers. The company offers every client to undergo a full and up-to-date diagnostics, which will allow to notice the problem in time and quickly solve it.

The clinic "Dental Forte"( Naberezhnye Chelny) offers its clients to undergo X-ray diagnostics. If the problem can not be identified with this method, then here you can pass the diagnosis:

  • of the temporomandibular joint;
  • periodontal disease;
  • osseointegration;
  • tooth vitality;
  • investigate the length of the root canals.

Based on customer feedback, it is this clinic that has an excellent diagnostic base where doctors can find answers to any questions. Not all dental clinics in Naberezhnye Chelny have such equipment, and doctors have to be treated, partly by their intuition. On the official website of the company there are many examples of real cases, when doctors "Dental Forte" saved completely hopeless teeth. This became possible due to modern diagnostics. Tatarstan embankment canoes

Teeth treatment

This is the main service that the clinic "Dental Forte"( Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny) is engaged in. Here, at the most affordable prices in the city, doctors perform caries and tooth sensitivity, professional oral hygiene and whitening. Another popular area is implantology and prosthetics. Patients of any age, the doctors of this clinic correct the bite and make the smile flawless. Judging by the feedback, everything was done here to ensure that the treatment procedures are as painless and comfortable for patients as possible. Many patients note in their reviews that the doctors of this clinic could quickly cure the most complicated pulpitis and periodontitis. With the help of high-precision equipment and extensive work experience, dentists save the most hopeless teeth, giving you a chance to eat normally and do not hesitate to smile.

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Pediatric Dentistry

The most responsible is the first reception at the dentist. It is important not to frighten a small patient, so that next time he calmly went to treat his teeth. And here again parents mark not only high professionalism of doctors, but also the ability to build friendly relations with the baby. And the truth is, there are no tear-stained children in the corridors here, everyone is waiting quietly for their turn. And what of fear, if the doctor can imperceptibly conduct anesthesia and treatment. For especially emotional patients, the method of treatment in sleep is used. This is a novelty practiced by the clinic "Dental Forte"( Tatarstan, Naberezhnye Chelny).Judging by the reviews, it was thanks to this practice that those who were desperately afraid to treat their teeth finally ventured to this step. dental clinics embankment boats


Another very complex and necessary branch of dental practice. Probably everyone was afraid of pulling a tooth. Dentistry "Dental Forte"( Naberezhnye Chelny) thanks to the latest technology, high-precision equipment and modern products will completely save you from it. Microsurgical interventions will save and restore lost soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. That is, surgery today is not only removal, but for the most part also restoration, implantation. If you do not want to put up with dentures, contact the Dental Forte clinic. Reviews say that specialists can restore the tooth, if only the root is preserved, or simply implant the pin and grow a new one on the basis of it. stomatology dental forte embankment canoes

Cost of services

This is the most interesting information for the reader, as we all estimate our financial capabilities. Compared to most clinics, prices are quite affordable. Anesthesia will cost 260 rubles, caries treatment - 2,000 rubles, but its complication( pulpitis) costs twice as much, so do not run your teeth. Computed tomography costs 2,900, the cost of tooth extraction starts at 1,200 rubles.

For those who want to sparkle with a Hollywood smile, there is a whitening service for all teeth. It will cost you 9,200 rubles. But when all your teeth are in order, it is enough to undergo a regular medical examination, the cost of which is 440 rubles.

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Addresses of clinics

To date, the network is growing and developing, with each year there are all new branches. You are waiting for specialists at the address: G. Kamala boulevard, 24 / A.The second clinic is located at: ul. Ak. Rubanenko, 12( 1/16).Finally, the third address: Naberezhnochelninsky Ave., 10 B. You can contact any of these clinics, where you will be met by professional doctors and surrounded by attention. Working hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:00 to 20:00.Sunday is a day off, so if the case is urgent, contact the city policlinic on duty.

specialists We analyzed dozens of testimonials and did not find any negative ones. Every patient praises doctors who are used to working with them. Very often in the responses there is the name of Hasanova E. M. A professional dentist with more than 20 years of work experience, an orthodontist, on whose account dozens of complicated cases and excellent results. Chief physician of dentistry - Gabdrafikov RR, a doctor-therapist with a general experience of more than 19 years, he not only cured hundreds of patients, but also learned several generations of young specialists. Here there are about 200 specialists, whose names we can not list, but each of them works to make you smile.