Compressor inhaler Omron NE-C20: characteristics and reviews

The Omron NE-C20 Compressor Inhaler is a device that is used in diseases of the respiratory system. It works by spraying medications that the patient inhales by wearing a special mask. This method is effective for respiratory infections, upper and lower respiratory tract infections. Treatment with the Omron inhaler requires a certain number of sessions, which is determined by the attending physician depending on the diagnosis detected.

Application of

There are two types of nebulizers. Nebulizer( nebulizer) Omron NE-C20 - compressor, more versatile, in contrast to ultrasonic. It can be used not only in the direct treatment of an already manifested illness. Prevention, carried out with its help, will prevent the penetration of infection into the body and help not to get sick during the period of wide spread of the virus.

Omron NE-C20( compressor) inhaler is used for both adults and children at any age. The device configuration determines the presence of several types of masks depending on the size. Therefore, any person can hold a cycle of similar procedures with the purpose of his recovery or protection from the disease.

inhaler omron ne c20 compressor reviews

Characteristics of

The medicines that can be sprayed with an inhaler are divided into groups. For the purpose of allocating drugs for adults and children. For each disease uses their own species. For example, there are several for the treatment of bronchitis and laryngitis.

Compressor inhaler Omron Compair NE-C20 was developed with the help of doctors from different directions for more effective treatment of diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, allergies of various etiologies. As a result of exposure to the inhaler, respiration and sputum evacuation are facilitated, so the general condition of the patient improves, and recovery is faster than using only tablets.

Despite the ease of use of the device, self-medication is not recommended. After all, the symptoms of many diseases are similar, and the preparations for each are their own. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken, first you need to determine the exact diagnosis and only then use the Omron NE-C20 compressor inhaler, if the doctor gives permission for this. Omron Ne-C20 inhaler, compressor

Advantages of using

This device, in comparison with other inhalers, has several advantages. It was thanks to this that he became so popular.

  • The light weight makes it easy to carry it to any distance, which is quite convenient due to the extensive scope of the nebulizer application.
  • Compactness is provided by parameters. The Omron NE-C20 compressor does not require much space for installation, it is very convenient to store and, thanks to this, it is often used at home.
  • The price of the device is acceptable for all segments of the population. The availability of such equipment allows a procedure called inhalation to be carried out at home.
  • Ease of use is also its advantage. After reading the detailed instructions to familiarize yourself with the operation of this device it will be easy.
  • Low noise level.

The combination of these advantages provided the Omron NE-C20 inhaler with wide popularity among the population. Inhaler( nebulizer) Omron NE-C20, compressor

Principle of operation of

To start working with the device, it is necessary to pour in the medicine, which will be sprayed, onto the place in the system. When the inhaler is switched on, the drug pairs, when they enter the special tube, are mixed with compressed air, which is injected by a special compressor. The resulting mixture, the so-called fine-dispersed aerosol, goes in the upward direction, where, under the action of the deflector, it becomes an aerosol medium with even smaller constituents. It is her who inhales the one with the mask on it. This aerosol mixture has a curative effect, for which the manipulations with the inhaler are carried out.

Everything is arranged so that the drug pairs penetrate not only into the upper respiratory tract. They extend their impact almost to the entire system, which provides the process of breathing. Compressor inhaler Omron NE-C20 is a universal solution for modern medicine.

inhalator compressor omron compair ne c20

Preparing for operation

First of all, you need to read the instructions for use. Special knowledge of the assembly of the inhaler does not require, but it is still necessary to check the source.

It is necessary to add to the device the drug prescribed by the doctor. Usually this is done in proportion to the saline solution. Next, you will attach the parts( mask, nosepiece) directly to the inhaler. The last action will be the joining of the air tube to the compressor apparatus. It should not be forgotten that when using a nebulizer, the angle of inclination of the inhaler chamber should not be more than 45 degrees.

Characteristics of

Technical characteristics play a very important role in the operation of the inhaler. When buying this device, you should always pay attention to such parameters:

  • weight;
  • dimensions;
  • fabrication material;
  • maximum and minimum operating temperature limits;
  • noise level( standard - up to 45 dB);
  • performance( 0.25 ml / min);
  • the volume of the container for the preparation( an average of 10 ml).

Compressor Inhaler Omron NE-C20


The standard kit of the nebulizer includes:

  • device for carrying out the inhalation of the nose;
  • mask, the size of which corresponds to the parameters of an adult;
  • mask for the child;
  • air filter( usually in an amount of 5 pieces);
  • adapter for alternating current;
  • carry bag, which can store the device.

Omron Injector NE-C20: reviews

The response from consumers to the appearance of a new generation inhaler surpassed all expectations of manufacturers. The popularity of this device proved the success of the technology, which was used in its production. Omron NE-C20( compressor) inhalator, reviews of which are mostly positive, is available in almost every home, due to the universality of its use for medical purposes. Those who have already bought it did not regret their choice, because the quality of the compressor inhaler justified all their expectations. The use of a nebulizer to treat children was made possible by the quiet operation of the apparatus and the painlessness of the procedure. In addition, they note the high efficiency of the inhaler and its democratic price.