Milk mushroom. Contraindications need to know

Tibetan milk fungus is a living organism with unique properties. He requires a careful attitude to himself. The milk fungus has many names. It is called the "fungus of Indian yogis", affectionately called "kefir fungus", "Thai mushroom" or "corn of the Prophet".I was brought to Europe from India. From simple dairy products, this microorganism can make truly magical drinks, unique in their composition and action.

Milk mushroom is known as a drug to which contraindications are minimal. Therefore, I would like to talk about his benefits. If you need to improve your body, there is nothing better than this natural healer. Its use contributes to the activation of the immune system, the normalization of metabolism, helps in the healing of ulcers and wounds, improves the microflora of the intestine, treats the gastrointestinal tract.

How useful is the milk mushroom yet? It has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, as well as antispasmodic properties. With its application, potency increases, memory and attention improves. It is difficult to list all the useful qualities that this product possesses, but I would like to note its very important advantage. It not only eliminates the external signs of the disease, but also treats the root cause of the disease.

From many diseases, it is possible to rid the human body of milk fungus. Contraindications to its use, however, should be known. If you decide to undergo a wellness course of cleansing, treatment or weight loss, then for this time you will have to categorically refuse to take alcohol or medicinal alcohol tinctures. This combination will not benefit your body.

Who else should not use milk mushroom? Contraindications to its use are insignificant, but nevertheless they are available. You should not take a drink if you have acute intestinal disorders, as it increases gas production and activates the work of the intestine.

When consuming milk fungus, contraindications should be taken into account and patients suffering from urolithiasis. People in this category are advised to consult a doctor, especially if the disease is currently undergoing an exacerbation.

Diabetes mellitus can also be used. There are no contraindications for such patients, but it must be remembered that between his intake and the introduction of insulin, an interval of more than one hour should be observed. Otherwise, the action of insulin is blocked. Observe the interval between receiving the infusion of Tibetan fungus and pharmacological agents should be and patients with asthma, only in this case it should be at least three hours.

This product is widely used in home cosmetology. Let's get acquainted with his cosmetic effect. Using the infusion, you can take a wellness and rejuvenating bath. The effect is simply stunning! The skin becomes, as in the baby. Gorgeous and mask from hair loss, which make the curls more lively and healthier. A glass of kefir rub into the scalp, as if massaging it, for 10 minutes. You can do and wrapping, shaking his head with polyethylene and a towel for 2 hours. Try it, you will not regret it! If you are tormented by blackheads or barley does not give rest, apply a napkin or gauze, soaked in the infusion of Tibetan mushroom on the problem site for 15-20 minutes. Your problems will go to no.

This is an amazing Tibetan milk mushroom! Contraindications for use in cosmetology are also practically absent. Just watch for kefir not to peroxidate, otherwise irritation may appear. Remember: all the products that you use for your body must be of high quality!