The drug "Carnitine": instructions for use, analogues and reviews of doctors

To maintain the health of adults and children, the pharmacy network offers the drug "Carnitine".The instruction for using this tool tells when, why and how it should be used. In this article we offer information on the useful properties of the drug, and also tells you what kind of analogues it has.

Amino acid and vitamin

The processes occurring in the human body are interconnected into successive chains. One substance is produced under certain conditions, causing another substance to be synthesized, which in turn affects the production and operation of the following components. In the tissues of the human body, carnitine is produced, which plays a significant role in metabolic processes by maintaining the activity of the coenzyme acetylation. In young children, these processes are still not sufficiently activated, and therefore for children it is important to have a rational diet, in which there must be sources of carnitine - meat and dairy products. This substance is special, carnitine is similar in its structure to the B vitamins, and sometimes it is incorrectly called vitamin B or vitamin B11.

carnitine instructions for use

From the history of the discovery of carnitine

One of the most important substances that work on metabolic processes in the human body is carnitine. The instruction on the use of drugs with this substance tells how to take this medicine, but does not say how it was discovered. And it happened more than a century ago - in 1905.Two Russian scientists, V. Gulevich and R. P. Krimberg, examining the tissues of the human body, isolated a special substance called vitamin W.Half a century later, it was obtained artificially. Only after another 2 years, in 1962, scientists understood the meaning of the open substance - it is an active participant in the metabolism, engaged in the transfer of long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria through their membrane. By the way, mitochondria are special cellular organoids, peculiar electrical stations, which, by oxidizing organic compounds, receive the electrical energy used to produce an electrical potential for the synthesis of ATP and thermogenesis.

l carnitine instructions for use

Forms of carnitine

Essential substance that is produced in the human body, and comes with food - carnitine. Instructions for use, reviews, analogues of medicines, the active ingredient of which is this vitamin-like substance, will be considered below. First, we explain that carnitine is the general name of several similar derivatives. They are obtained from each other by chemical reactions taking place in a living body:

  • Acetyl-L-carnitine.
  • Propionyl-L-carnitine.
  • L-carnitine tartrate.

The first two forms are the ethereal derivatives of carnitine. They are most suitable for the complex treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and for improving cerebral circulation. But the non-ethereal third form( l-carnitine tartrate) is a medicinal substance that helps with metabolic stress, increased physical exertion, primary and secondary disorders of spermatogenesis. Drugs and sports nutrition with carnitine can be called "Carnitine" or "L-Carnitine."These drugs are identical in composition and in the therapeutic effects.

Scientific basis of

The "Karnitin" preparation instruction must be attached to each package without fail. Before getting to the pharmacy counters, the carnitine substance was tested for a long time. In Russia, studies of the effects of carnitine in combination with coenzyme Q19 on a group of adolescents and children suffering from autonomic dystonia with cardiac changes were carried out. The results of the research was the observation of positive dynamics of various parameters of the condition of the subjects. It was concluded that such treatment in combination therapy is of benefit. Now many analogues of "Carnitina" are produced. Instructions for the use of these tools are almost identical, because the main acting component in them is the same.

How is the substance synthesized in the body?

Carnitine is an important substance for all living things. In humans, the production of carnitine occurs in the tissues of the liver and kidneys under the influence of certain enzymes. Also for this complex chemical process, vitamins C, B3, B6, B9, B12, iron, lysine and methionine are needed. The development of this component, which is necessary for metabolic processes, can be disrupted for several reasons, which specialists are divided into primary and secondary. Primary causes are congenital anomalies caused by genetic peculiarities. Secondary causes are kidney diseases and the intake of certain groups of antibiotics and metabolic drugs, for example, meldonia. How useful is Vitamin B?

An organism needs energy to carry out all vital processes. Its supplier is fats. Their oxidation occurring in the mitochondria is a merit of l-carnitine.

Another function of carnitine is the defense of the body during apoptosis - a programmed and regulated cell death.

Also this substance has detoxification ability to organic acids and xenobiotics.

Its effectiveness is proven in solving some andrological problems. What is the prescription for the drug "Carnitine"?

It is indicated in many conditions requiring the restoration of body tissues, is used in sports nutrition, for people with cardio problems to restore tolerance to physical stress. This drug promotes the prolongation of mental and physical activity in people of elderly and senile age. He necessarily enters the complex therapy for diseases such as Bils syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. He is prescribed for tubercular sclerosis and some forms of progressive muscular dystrophy.

For some preparations containing l carnitine, the instructions for use for weight loss are recommendatory in nature. It is conditioned by the appointment of carnitine in that it helps the mitochondria to break down fats, releasing the energy necessary for the body. This substance itself does not affect the utilization of fat in any way, it is only a conductor. Scientists have established that for proper operation of the "energy blocks" of the body, not only carnitine, but also coenzyme Q10 is needed. Therefore, in order to increase the body's ability to process fats into energy, it is necessary to use complex drugs in conjunction with physical activity.

carnitine instructions for use for weight loss

If the drug can not be taken

There are contraindications to the use of drugs with the substance of l-carnitine. The instructions for the use of these drugs indicate that they can not be used in such cases:

  • Hypersensitivity to components of a certain dosage form.
  • Trimethylaminuria is most often a rare genetic mutation that causes the accumulation in the human body of trimethylamine, which has an unpleasant smell of fish.

It is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Side effects of

In rare cases, the appearance of unwanted reactions with the use of drugs "Carnitine" and "l-carnitine."In the instructions for use, the following side effects are noted:

  • Allergic reactions.
  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Indigestion.

carnitine instructions for use review

How to take the substance?

Methods of taking the drug "Carnitine" in the instructions for use are described in sufficient detail. The drug "L-Carnitine" is available in several dosage forms:

  • Dragee.
  • Capsules.
  • Solution for infusion.
  • Syrup.
  • Tablets.

The form of application of "Carnitine", as well as the mode and dosage of the drug is prescribed by the attending physician. To enhance mental activity, the drug is prescribed to adults and children over 14 years of age, one tablet or tablet of 500 mg once a day. Treatment is usually done in a course of 30 days, then a break is necessary. Repeated course may be prescribed only by a doctor. The drug "Carnitine", available in capsules and prescribed for use by the treating doctor for medical reasons, can be given by opening the capsule and pouring its contents into a teaspoonful of water, but it is better to purchase special products for children, they are available in the form of syrup, havespoon-dispenser.

Pharmaceutical companies produce the drug "Carnitine chloride".The instructions for using the tool contain information about the rules for its reception."Carnitine chloride" is available as a solution for injection, packaged in ampoules of 5ml. This drug is injected in the form of infusions, very slowly - not more than 60 drops per minute, which allows the active component to rapidly penetrate the heart, liver and brain. It is widely used in the treatment of such conditions and diseases as:

  • Acute disorders of the blood circulation of the brain, observed during an ischemic stroke or transient ischemic attack.
  • Circulatory encephalopathy.
  • Toxic brain damage.

Since the drug is injected directly into the systemic bloodstream, it is actively used in the retardation of growth in children, as well as in the treatment of hypotrophy, anorexia.

carnitine chloride instructions for use

How to buy and store a drug with carnitine?

"Carnitine" is sold in the pharmacy chain without a prescription. Store it at room temperature, in places inaccessible to children. It should be remembered that after the expiry date of the drug with carnitine can not be used. Preparations with carnitine are produced by many pharmaceutical companies, so they have a variety of names and may contain additional active components. The most popular among buyers are Alimba, Carniten, Cartan, Carton, Elcar, Carnifit, L-Carnitine.

carnitine analogues instruction manual


A lot of useful information is provided by the instruction on the application of "Carnitine".Reviews of patients about the drug report all of its positive and negative qualities. Opinions about "Carnitine" are ambiguous, which is due to the purpose for which and in what mode this tool was used. Also, many of those who leave feedback mention different manufacturers and forms of the drug. Those who take "Carnitine" for weight loss, it should be remembered that physical exertion, exercises on different muscle groups - the basis of the process of reducing body weight and acquiring beautiful forms.

In pediatric practice, the drug "Carnitine" is prescribed for many medical indications. Some parents remain satisfied with the remedy, because it helped the child gain weight, improve their physical condition. Others note the increased excitability of the child after taking the drug.

Is there and lose weight?

Does it really help to lose weight "Carnitine"?Instructions for use for weight loss conceals one important detail."Carnitine" does not help to lose weight, if you do not exercise, it only increases the activity of metabolic processes. If you lie on the couch and just take "Carnitine", there will be no effect. But taking the drug will allow you to be more active, more efficient, give more strength to sports activities, which will help make the body slimmer and more perfect. Accept "Carnitine" from the rate of 500 mg to 3000 mg per day. This amount is divided into two parts and take the following - the first 30 minutes before the start of training, the second 30 minutes after active sports. Increase the daily dose does not make sense - it will not work.

Many pharmacy products, biologically active food supplements contain carnitine. Instructions for the use of such drugs patients should be carefully studied and observed. Then there will be no negative reactions from the use of the tool, and the result will be quite effective.