Folk remedies for papilloma. Remedy for papillomas and warts

Human papillomavirus spreads very quickly. Therefore, everyone is interested in the question of how to quickly and effectively get rid of such an unpleasant disease. Since the use of pharmacy drugs is not affordable for everyone, many seek to find effective and safe remedies for papilloma in folk medicine. funds from papillomas

What is the papilloma

The human papilloma virus is found in every organism, but its rapid development begins only when certain external and internal factors interact. That is why it is impossible to cure the virus, but it is possible to make the skin beautiful and eliminate HPV manifestations even with folk remedies.

There are papillomas on the body as small tubercles 2 cm in diameter, which protrude slightly above the surface of the skin. Before self-treatment, you should visit a doctor and consult with him on all issues.

This is a very important stage, since papillomas can be not only benign, but also malignant( growing into a cancerous tumor).To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully apply any folk or pharmacological agents from the papilloma. means of treatment with papillomas

Causes of the appearance of warts

Activation of the virus contributes to a decrease in immunity in humans. Most often, infection occurs during the conduct of a disorderly sexual life( about 70% of cases) or contact with personal hygiene items of the infected.

HPV can be transmitted from mother to child if it has recovered during pregnancy and was sick at the time of delivery. In a small number of cases, activation of the virus can cause problems in the operation of the gastrointestinal tract or prolonged intake of certain medications.

Folk remedies for papilloma

Traditional medicine existed throughout the life of people. Means donated by nature, can have curative effects, eliminate the symptoms of viral and infectious diseases and increase immunity, which is very important when diagnosing the human papillomavirus.

For this purpose, decoctions and infusions of various herbs( echinacea, dog rose) are used. If the warts appeared on the skin, you can eliminate them by using the following compresses:

  • From a solution of vinegar and flour, balls roll down, which must be applied to the site of the growth of the wart.
  • The liquid wand is applied with ammonia and applied for a few minutes to the damaged skin.
  • A mixture of two grams of iodine and boric acid, aspirin and a hundred grams of vodka are thoroughly mixed and applied to the wart.

These drugs should not be used in mucosal infections, as they will be too aggressive to affect it. Means of treatment with papillomas should be used only after consultation with a qualified doctor.

Application of eggs to remove warts

In the absence of egg allergy, warts can be removed with protein. Check for the presence of allergies is very simple - just enough to fold the elbow and apply protein for 15 minutes. If there is no redness and itching, then this method can be used as a home remedy for the papilloma.

To the damaged areas it is necessary to apply the protein for several days. Each next layer is applied as the previous one dries. After a while the wart will dry up and itself will disappear.

Another effective way is to use egg powder. You need to cook it yourself. The egg shell is dried in the oven for half an hour, then it is ground into a powder, which is sprinkled with the papilloma. Egg powder should be fixed, covering it with a cotton ball and sealing it with adhesive tape. After 2-3 weeks, the growth will disappear.

This means that the remedy has acted, and the papilloma virus has stopped its action. Folk remedies are directed mainly at neutralizing the symptoms, direct elimination and deactivation of the virus.

Application of onion husks

The glass container must be filled with onion peel and pour to the top with vinegar. The mixture must be infused for 2 weeks in a dark and warm place. After insisting, vinegar is drained, and impregnated husks are applied to places with papillomas in several layers and left overnight, with a bandage or adhesive plaster. papilloma virus folk remedies

In the morning, the skin needs to be washed and applied with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly to prevent burns and drying out of the skin. Means from the papilloma should be applied very carefully, so as not to harm the health and not to provoke the development of malignant warts.

Treatment with papillomas using celandine

A celandine is the most effective remedy when removing papillomas and warts. It is important to note that the juice of celandine is poisonous and can cause allergies, so it should be applied only to damaged areas of the skin, avoiding the ingress of juice to healthy skin. Using celandine does not cause difficulties, it is enough to tear the stem and fresh juice to spread the papilloma.

During the first week of treatment, the juice should be applied every 3 hours. Next, celandine juice on the damaged skin is applied 3 times a day. The course of treatment is a month. Purity affects the virus much more efficiently than any means for removing papillomas in a pharmacy. folk remedies for papilloma

To prepare an even more effective remedy, it is necessary to crush the leaves of celandine, place them in a clean glass container and pour alcohol / water in equal proportions. The container should be tightly closed and insisted in a dark cool place for a week, thoroughly shaking the mixture daily.

The agent must be used as follows. Strain infusion impregnated cotton wool, applied to the papilloma and fixed with oilcloth and adhesive plaster. After 15 minutes the fleece is removed, the treated area should be washed with water and greased with cream. The optimal duration of treatment is 1 month.

Walnut treatment for HPV treatment

Walnut is known for its medicinal properties and is an excellent remedy for papillomas and warts. He perfectly copes with papillomas when other means do not have the expected effect. Effective means is a mixture of kerosene with green walnuts. Nuts are preliminarily chopped in a meat grinder, placed in a convenient glass container and filled with kerosene, it is very important to observe the correct proportion, 2 parts of walnuts are poured with 1 part of kerosene. papilloma remover

This mixture needs to be insisted for a month. Then it is wrung out and used as an ointment from the papillomas. Apply it for a week, spreading the affected skin twice a day.

You can make a tincture of walnut leaves. It is enough to take 50 grams of leaves and pour them half a liter of boiling water. The mixture is insisted for 24 hours, and the loan is applied locally several times a day for three weeks.

Kalanchoe for the treatment of papillomas

Kalanchoe is a proven and effective means for removing papillomas. To eliminate the warts, you need to break the Kalanchoe leaf, rinse it, chop it into a gruel and apply it to the damaged skin at night. The duration of such treatment is 10 days. remedy for papillomas removal in a pharmacy

If the use of folk remedies does not improve the condition, it is better to seek medical help and begin complex treatment with the use of chemist's drugs.