Trembling lips. Treatment of tremor of lips

Involuntary trembling of the lips, or tremor, is a very unpleasant condition. With tremors uncomfortably located among people, there are difficulties in getting acquainted. What should I do if you are disturbed from time to time by trembling lips?

Trembling lips

How do doctors explain the tremor? And why some types of tremors are easily amenable to treatment, and in some cases can only temporarily suspend the development of the process?

Causes of lip trembling

Why do some people have lip trembling? Sometimes, only one lip trembles, and sometimes both. More often this problem is easily solved. There are several simple medical reasons:

  1. The lack of magnesium or vitamin B 12 provokes convulsive syndromes. You can take tests for B12 at the nearest clinic and find out for sure.
  2. Excessive nervousness. Especially among people of creative professions who take everything very acutely, nervous tics can manifest themselves.
  3. Injury. After traumas of the skull, foci of excessive electrical activity can appear in the brain, which leads to with mild convulsions.
  4. Meningoencephalitis in the initial stage or other infectious diseases.
  5. The upper lip can shake after cosmetic or dental procedures.
  6. The phenomenon of jerking of the lips can arise due to the fact that the trigeminal facial nerve is cold.

If the cause is heredity, then the tremor will be cured, as the genesis of such phenomena is poorly understood.

Trembling lips. Treatment of

Essential tremor is a neurologic hereditary disease. A tremor in 1929 is described by Minor LS. Constant trembling lips are an occasion to register with to a neurologist.

It is much easier to cure the tremor associated with a lack of trace elements. Trembling lips - this may be the first harbinger of an essential tremor, then the begins to twitch the arms, neck, and legs of the .

The cause of this condition is a violation in the descending pyramid system, which is responsible for the transfer of impulses from the central nervous system to the muscles. Due to these violations, jitter starts.

Trembling lips. Treatment

But in order to establish such a diagnosis it is necessary to carry out a differential diagnosis beforehand in order to discard all other diseases. Perhaps the trembling of the lips - not a neurological symptom, but a signal of the endocrine system.

Treatment of

How to react if a strange state has appeared at a fairly young age - trembling lips? If the phenomenon is associated simply with a nervous overstrain, you can drink a course of sedatives. Or enroll in the pool or yoga - physical exercises have a good effect on the psyche. A deficiency of magnesium or another microelement is replenished in a few months.

But when the cause of twitching is a hereditary essential tremor, then the treatment should be under the control of a neurologist. A neurologist usually prescribes pyridoxine and beta-blockers. This temporarily reduces the convulsive activity of the lips.