What happens if a girl drinks Viagra - fun or not

Around the question of what will happen if a girl drinks Viagra, there are always disputes. what will happen if a girl drinks Viagra An unambiguous answer is difficult to obtain, but it is possible. First, you need to understand what is "Viagra" in general.

Viagra is a medical product that increases the blood flow to the male penis, namely, to its cavernous bodies. Cavernous bodies are responsible for the excitation of the male reproductive organ, when blood flows to them - an erection occurs. If it suddenly happens that these bodies are not active, men resort to medicine using the "Viagra".With its action, a man is capable of erection and a lot of sexual acts.

This drug has absolutely no effect whatsoever. So you need to remember that "Viagra" only acts on a broken erection, and not at sexual attraction.

So what happens if a girl drinks Viagra? In general, nothing will happen. Her clitoris consists of the same cavernous bodies as the male member. Therefore, the action of "Viagra" on the girl will be unambiguous: she will feel the blood flowing to the sexual organs, but she will not have a sexual inclination, just like a man. In addition, she may have slightly increased blood pressure. This is the end of the influence of Viagra.

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action of Viagra on a girl

Despite the fact that the male "Viagra" does not work for the girl properly, the scientists did not stop there. Recently invented "Viagra" for a girl. The drug is designed primarily for women who suffer from frigidity. But it will not affect a healthy woman. With the female "Viagra" she simply and quickly will reach orgasm."Viagra" for women was created precisely for these purposes. It should be noted that this drug should not be taken to people whose blood pressure is higher than usual, it is impossible to drink to those who have a sick heart.

What else should I add to the question of what will happen if a girl drinks Viagra? Perhaps it is worth to tell that an excellent way to increase the desire, and not the amount of blood in the genitals, are aphrodisiacs. They stimulate sexual attraction, and not just a rush of blood. With the aphrodisiac, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones will increase. Of course, there are pills, but it's better to use natural remedies. Viagra for the girl These include: honey, eggs, cappuccino, seafood, chocolate, celery, walnuts, spices, ginger, mushrooms. Also aphrodisiacs are fruits: bananas, grapes, pineapple, avocado.

Never forget that "Viagra" for a girl can be useful only when the girl herself wants to, and between her and her lover there is passion and love. To pour a woman this drug is not worth it - she will feel its effect, but the desired man will not achieve, only get anger and resentment in return.

So we got a more or less straightforward answer to the question about what would happen if a girl drinks Viagra. This knowledge will help you better understand the structure of your body and clearly know how drugs can act to increase sexual strength or attraction. Competent use of the achievements of modern pharmacology allows you to diversify your intimate life. But be careful, because your health depends on it.