Sanatoriums Yangontau, Bashkortostan. Feedback on treatment

Many people are eager to vacation abroad, believing that somewhere there, beyond the oceans, must necessarily be better than at home. And meanwhile, we also have thousands of fabulously beautiful places that Russia is proud of. Bashkortostan - one of its republics - is famous for its wonderful forests, mountains, rivers, lakes. But perhaps there is no mountain like Yangantau anywhere else in the world. It is famous for the unusually healing couples coming out of its depths. Their temperature at some points can reach +150 degrees! The vapor composition includes a whole range of useful elements. It is this natural gift that is used in the treatment at the Yangantau sanatorium. According to legend, such a miracle with a mountain made a star that fell on it from the sky. Incredibly, this legend was confirmed. When the mountain dug foundation pit for construction needs, came across a rare meteorite. It was so huge that they could extract only small fragments to the surface for research. Perhaps, the truth of the celestial body influenced the thermal processes in the mountain. Whatever it was, but its life-giving warmth people have been using for more than a dozen years. At the beginning of the last century a balneological clinic was built here, which has now turned into a chic resort, called just like the unique mountain - Yangantau.

health resort Yangontau

Location, how to get there

The sanatorium "Yangantau"( Bashkiria) is located on the slope of the mountain of the same name, at the foot of which flows the river Juruzan. To her shores from the sanatorium is the famous staircase with 1000 steps among the guests. From the capital of Bashkortostan, the city of Ufa is approximately 200 km, from Chelyabinsk - to 295, and from Yekaterinburg - to 380 km. Just 45 km from the sanatorium is located the railway station Kropachevo, where all the electric trains going to Zlatoust and trains from many cities of Russia, including Krasnodar, Moscow, Penza, Samara, Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Ufa. Trains stop here from Belarus. Therefore, the question of how to get to the sanatorium from distant places does not cause complications. Coming out at Kropachevo station, you can take a taxi to the Yangantau. In addition, buses run to the sanatorium. Departure - at 10.30 in the morning and at 14.45 in the afternoon. It is even easier to get to the sanatorium from Ufa, where there are up to a dozen flights to or near Yangontau village. Buses leave from the Northern Bus Station. There are also private transfers that take people to a sanatorium from Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Perm, Orenburg, Kropachevo.

Many holidaymakers, especially from nearby settlements, get to the sanatorium by car. How to get to the place in this case? From Ufa you need to move along the M5 highway in the direction of Chelyabinsk, pass the cities of Asha, Sim. About 20 km behind Sim there will be a left turn to Kropachevo. We pass the village( without calling), the railway bridge, followed by the settlement Novye Karatavly, the village of Maloyaz, another bridge, the village of Chulpan. After that, you need to turn right and move up to the fork. On it again to the right to the gateway, called "Autostation".

From Yekaterinburg by car, go to the sanatorium "Yangantau"( Bashkiria) on the highway to Perm. Having reached the settlement called Achit, turn left by the sign to Krasnoufimsk. Follow the road without stopping into the city, past the villages of Bolsheustinsky, Mesyagutovo, Maloyaz to the village of Chulpan. Further - on the above route.

From Chelyabinsk, you need to move along the Moscow M5 highway towards Zlatoust. After the city of Ust-Katav there will be a turn to Kropachevo. Further on the above described route past villages Malojaz, Chulpan - to the entrance sanatorium. Russia Bashkortostan

The turn to Kropachevo is in the area of ​​two refuels "Lukoil", near the village of Sharlash, after the market.

At the sanatorium entrance the dispatcher can call a sanatorium transfer, which will take him to the main building where the registration takes place, as well as the housing housing chosen for accommodation. On foot from the entrance to the administrative building - 5-9 minutes.

Medical profile

In Yangantau sanatorium, diseases are treated:

- bones, joints, ligaments, muscles;

- the nervous system( peripheral and central);

- hearts, vessels;

- respiratory system;

- genitourinary system;

- thyroid gland;

- the organs of the digestive tract;

- liver and pancreas;

- organs of vision;

- the skin.

In addition, in the sanatorium "Yangantau" comprehensive programs have been developed:

- for allergy sufferers;

- weight correction;

- normalization of metabolism;

- general improvement.

Those who wish can register with the specialists in the sanatorium:

- the therapist;

- the urologist;

- gynecologist;

is a dentist;

is a neurologist;

- physiotherapist;

- cardiologist;

is a dermatologist;

is a traumatologist;

- pediatrician;

- lung specialist;

- Surgeon;

- proctologist;

- orthopedist;

is a nutritionist. health resort Yangintau Bashkiria

Diagnostics and treatment

In the sanatorium "Yangantau" there is a modern diagnostic center where it is possible to perform general and detailed analyzes of urine, feces, blood, sperm, gynecological smears at quite moderate prices( on average in the region of 100-150 rubles).Also here perform ultrasound, ECG, MRI, X-ray, diagnosis of the brain, heart, blood vessels, immune system, lungs, tumor diseases( oncomometry), endoscopic studies.

The therapeutic base of the sanatorium is based on natural factors, namely the mineral springs "Kurgazak" and the pairs of different temperatures and dry warm gases coming out of the mountain. Interestingly, the mineral water "Kurgazak" is everywhere: in the pump room, in the pool, in the faucet of the washstand and in the shower, in the dining room( food is prepared on it).This unique source, its high medicinal properties, is also famous for Bashkortostan. Sanatorium "Yangantau" treatment also conducts with the help of modern methods. Some types of procedures( exercise therapy, swimming pool, inhalation, massage, parolemia, climatotherapy, terrenkury) are included in the cost of the voucher. The rest( if appointed by a doctor) are performed for a fee. There are 37 kinds of procedures. All of them have licenses. Here are just some of them:

- balneological, which includes several types of baths, mud applications, tampons, microclysters with mineral water, inhalations, several types of showers;how to reach

- speleotherapy;

- phytotherapy;

- magnetotherapy;

- sand therapy;

- Bioproton;

- "Vitafon";

- "Polymag";

- "Ormed prophylaxis, professional, relax"( spinal traction);

- laser treatment, leeches, acupuncture and much, much more.

The sanatorium has developed therapeutic programs, including 7 medical standards, 23 basic-profile. There are also separate programs for restoring health for children under 16.

Contraindications to treatment:

- exacerbation of any disease;

- neuropsychic disorders;

- venereal diseases;

- tuberculosis;

- echinococcus;

- infectious diseases;

- diseases requiring treatment in a hospital. sanatorium in Bashkiria Yangantau reviews


All those who came to the sanatorium from the first minutes of their stay admire the well-being, cleanliness and scale of its territory. It is so big( 125 hectares), that at the request of vacationers free transfers are provided, which are brought from the sleeping building, for example, to the dining room and back. Despite its impressive size, the territory is fenced and guarded around the clock. Around the sanatorium nature is such that it captures the spirit. Mountains, covered with forest, river, endless green spaces, with which Russia is rich( Bashkortostan including).In the sanatorium dozens of employees cut lawns in the summer, plant flowers, equip the alpine hills, sweep and wash everything to shine, and in winter clear snow and install ice sculptures in front of the central entrance. There are many walking paths on the territory, there are several terrencours, for a relaxing holiday in nature there are dozens of benches, multiple gazebos, and for the beauty of the forest there are beautiful fountains. Such a rich arrangement can be proud of the capital of Bashkiria Ufa, located closer to other major cities from the sanatorium.

"Yangantau" is a sanatorium that impresses not only in size, but also in developed infrastructure. On the territory there are several ATMs, shops with souvenirs and food products, their own food processing workshops that are grown and produced in their own subsidiary farms, a beauty salon, an equestrian club, a skiing complex, a small zoo, a museum, an exhibition hall( here you canbuy any picture you like), dry cleaning, laundry, spacious parking. For treatment in the sanatorium there is a diagnostic center and three balneological clinics, which treat mineral water "Kurgazak", sapropel Tambukan mud and hot mountain pairs.7 medical departments work in the medical building of the sanatorium. Yangantau sanatorium rooms


At the same time can take up to 840 tourists "Yangantau"( sanatorium).Housing for living here is modern and well-maintained. Of these, 6 are located on the territory and are connected to a medical building, a dining room, a swimming pool and each other. They are multi-storey, equipped with elevators. Two buildings, called "Wellness" and "Tourist", are outside the territory, not far away, but those who live in them still have to go to medical treatment and other activities quite a lot. But the prices in these buildings are much lower than those in the territory. The equipment in them is also modern, in the rooms - the perfect cleanliness and order. Furnishings: beds, refrigerator, TV, hygiene room with toilet, washbasin and shower. On the floor in the rooms and in the corridor of the buildings carpets. The peculiarity of these numbers is that they do not open windows.

"Yangantau"( sanatorium) numbers provides not only the category "standard", but also "junior suite", "suite", two-room family rooms. Depending on the case, rooms of any category are single, double and triple, with and without balcony. In the building № 2 there are two-storey luxury rooms. In buildings No. 2 and 3 there are single rooms of a small area, in which there is no provision for an extra bed.

In the deluxe and junior suites, the hygiene rooms are equipped with bathrooms.

Cleaning in all rooms of all buildings( outside and inside) is done daily. At the request of the tenants, it can be held at the optimum time for them. Change of linen according to the rules of the sanatorium is carried out once in 7 days. telephones of Yangontau sanatorium


In the sanatorium "Yangantau" meals are served in two dining rooms and two restaurants: "Ural" and "Yuryuzan".Mixed food is organized. Main dishes, salads, pastries, fruit are displayed on a buffet, hot dishes are carried by waiters, and 3-4 types of food are offered. The sanatorium "Yangantau" has its own farms and its processing shops, so all the products that are on the tables are always fresh and environmentally friendly. The variety of dishes is huge. All kinds of sausages, including horse, cheese, dairy products, koumiss, a wide selection of fruits, meat dishes. Garnish too for every taste. This can be potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat, vegetable casseroles, stew and stuff. An unusually delicious bakery in the sanatorium, which is praised by everyone, without exception, having a rest. The peculiarity of the sanatorium dishes is their low salinity and pepperiness, as well as the absence of hot sauces, spices, smoked products.

Sanatorium - for children

Children in the Yangontau sanatorium are accepted from any age, but they are treated after 4 years. At an earlier age, parents can independently order certain procedures, such as inhalations, mud applications, exercise therapy. In the dining room there are dishes that children can eat. For them, there are special highchairs. Leisure for toddlers includes an outdoor playground with swings and slides. There is also a children's club, where children are engaged, as in a kindergarten. At the rental office you can take( for money) children's bicycles, scooters, rollers, skates and skis. In the evening for kids organize a disco, there is a children's animation.

Adult Leisure

Rest in the sanatorium "Yangantau" flies by unnoticed, as all days are maximally filled with medical and recreational programs. In their spare time vacationers can visit the gym( charge), a tennis court, a billiard room( charge), a hall with tennis tables. On the territory there are equipped playgrounds for badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, darts. In winter, there is an ice rink and ski runs. There is a sanatorium and a miracle-ladder with 1000 steps to the river Juruzani. To make it easier to use it, through a certain number of steps made recreation areas with convenient benches. You can not get back from the river by the stairs, but on the way. But it stretches all the time up, so it's not very easy.

There are several observation areas on the territory, from which fabulous views are opened.2 km from the gates of the sanatorium there is an equestrian club, where you can not only buy a tour of the surroundings on horseback, but also take riding lessons. In 3 km from the sanatorium there is an artificial lake rich in fish. This is not just appreciated by lovers of fishing. A pond or an outdoor swimming pool, where you can swim in summer, there is no sanatorium. The nearest beach is located on the river Juruzani.

For lovers of a more relaxing holiday, the sanatorium can offer a library, a sauna, a beauty salon, a concert hall, where almost every day there are performances of creative groups. Holidaymakers can also become artists. After the concerts, there are discos for music of different styles. Ufa Yangantau health resort

Additional information

The resort works all 12 months of the year. His address: Russia, Bashkortostan, Salavatsky district, Yangantau settlement, Central street, building No. 20, sanatorium "Yangantau".Index: 452492. Arrivals and departures are made at any time of the day or night. Guests are provided with an early breakfast / late dinner service. The telephones of the Yangantau sanatorium are as follows:

- reception center: 8( 34777) 281-37;

- department for the implementation of permits: 8( 34777) 282-13, 8( 34777) 212-85;

- Consultant: 8( 917) 795-23-07.

And now the information for those who are going to go to the Yangantau( sanatorium).The price of the tour here, as well as at any other resort, depends on the type of room chosen for accommodation, housing, season. Also the cost depends on whether the option of accommodation with or without a population is chosen, and on the type of treatment. For pensioners, a discount is provided all year round, provided that the number of the pension certificate was specified at the booking stage. Discounts are also available for children under 16 years old when placed on the main or additional place. Sanatorium Yangantau prices for 2016 slightly adjusted due to the unstable situation in the foreign exchange market. You can get acquainted with the price list on the official website of the sanatorium, or better still call the reservation department and ask to calculate the cost of living and treatment, because in each specific case the price may significantly differ. The minimum price for one person per night for accommodation in a standard room with three meals a day and some types of treatment is 3500 rubles.


The sanatorium in Bashkiria "Yangantau" is very popular. The reviews of the people who visited here are overwhelmingly positive. The noted advantages:

- chic nature on the territory of the sanatorium and around;

- the ideal, you can say, sterile cleanliness around, wherever you throw your gaze;

- very good, abundant and tasty food;

- comfortable rooms;

- quality cleaning in the rooms;

- professional staff;

- almost all employees are attentive, friendly, create a wonderful atmosphere of stay in the sanatorium;

- entertainment for every taste;

- unusually effective treatment, especially in case of problems with the musculoskeletal system;

is a very wide range of medical procedures.

But this very best in the rating evaluation of the sanatorium had its drawbacks:

- for tourists in the rooms outside the territory there is too much stress on the feet from reusable daily walking for treatment, food and so on;

- for the guests of the same buildings there are no warm transitions, which is especially important in winter and in bad weather, because the sanatorium's transfer can not always provide delivery to the desired object at the desired time;

- the buildings outside the territory do not open windows, which is especially annoying in the summer months;

- on the territory of the sanatorium there is no open reservoir, where in summer it would be possible to at least dip in the heat;

- high prices for vouchers;

- with high cost of tickets, there are too few procedures included in the cost of the tour.