How to tear a baby tooth tooth?

Some people are very fond of squeezing pimples, no matter to themselves or others. Of course, this is not recommended. The same is true with teeth. Many parents believe that it's time for the child to remove the tooth, milk, of course, and for this purpose, apply all possible devices, such as threads, doors and other household items. Even a small Tom Sawyer wanted to snatch the tooth with a thread.

Tear out the baby teeth.

If you seriously decide to tackle the issue of how to tear a tooth to a child, then you can calm down, there are ways that do not use a thread. For example, for these purposes, the child can be given a sticky toffee, well, or something soft for chewing. If you follow the example of eastern dentists, the teeth are removed with the fingers. It is known that before the milk teeth broke out at home, without the help of dentists. And it was quite common. What should be done so that the process of tooth extraction for a child is less painful? Since pulling a tooth is a small operation that can cause stress in a child, you need to approach this issue seriously. Previously, we used various so-called fore-words, like this: "Mouse, we give you a milk tooth, and you give us a root."Excellent preserved tradition, the essence of which was to save the fallen milk tooth. He was put under the pillow for the sole purpose of meeting the Tooth Fairy. Thus, if you want a very unpleasant moment of tearing out the teeth as easily as possible, surround it with mystery, with elements of a fairy tale, adventure, etc. After all, all this is done with one single purpose - to divert attention. How to tear a tooth at home? With the mandatory inclusion of imagination. Otherwise, you can not avoid subsequent psychological trauma. Since pain can not be avoided, the child needs to be prepared for what will be a little painful. But his attention should be so attracted that interest dominates over the fear of pain. By the way, on the other end of the thread, tied to the tooth, there can be not only a door, but a balloon, a car, and not much else. In removing the milk tooth, there is nothing supernatural, the more it can fall out itself. However, it is necessary to carry out anti-infectious measures, since it will not be possible to wrest a tooth without forming a wound. It is for this reason that it is advisable to go to the dentist.

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The process of removing molars.

However, with the molars it is much more complicated. Previously, such events were conducted using forge pincers and other piercing-cutting objects. Until the methods of treatment were studied.

The process of extracting molars is best entrusted to the dentist.

Teeth of wisdom.

And what about wisdom teeth? In ancient times it was believed that such teeth appear only when a person has become spiritually mature. Wisdom teeth were not removed, as they meant protection and communication with ancestors. If the tooth hurt - it was spoken. Now the situation has changed. Wisdom teeth must always be entrusted to qualified specialists. To pull out a wisdom tooth will not make any special problems if you contact the dentist in time. Otherwise, this process will be extremely painful. Healthy and smooth teeth are left unchanged, but as a rule, this is a rarity, as they need special care, for example, brushing your teeth with a special brush. Most often, wisdom teeth are removed, and the sooner this happens, the better. As a rule, wisdom teeth appear at the age of 16 to 25 years, but may even later. Also, this process may be absent. If the tooth is pulled out before the age of 20, the healing will take place very quickly, there should be no complications.