"Motherwort Forte Evalar": reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the drug

In the life of any person, various stressful situations inevitably occur. Sometimes unpleasant events are so strong that people feel that it is difficult for them to cope on their own. Any stress factor undermines the work of the nervous system and the body as a whole, especially in individuals with increased excitability and anxiety. Often, such people against a background of long and intense feelings, there is insomnia, irritability, depression. In such cases, sedatives will help cope with stress.

"Motherwort Forte": what is included in the preparation

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This medicine is a dietary supplement. It contains plant extract and vitamins( eg B6).One of the components of the drug is a substance such as magnesium. If you look at the information about the drug "Motherwort Forte Evalar", reviews about this drug, you can see that this chemical element makes the soothing effect more pronounced. Magnesium promotes the relaxation of muscles and the nervous system.

The most usual form of release of such a plant remedy, as motherwort, are drops or tea bags. However, many prefer the tablets from the company "Evalar", because they do not contain alcohol, are easier to carry, and also enriched with vitamins, beneficial for the work of the body.

When is it recommended to take this medicine?

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This article describes the action of the drug "Motherwort Forte Evalar", instructions for use, reviews about the drug. So, in what cases is the reception of these pills shown? According to the instructions, the drug is used in such situations as:

  • increased anxiety and excitability;
  • functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, for example, vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • fatigue;
  • decrease in efficiency and concentration of attention;
  • sleep disorders.

The drug improves the body's ability to resist stress, as well as physical and emotional overload.

Women in the menopause can also take "Motherwort Forte".It improves sleep and normalizes metabolism. The medicine helps to lower the level of cholesterol and glucose, it helps the body to better absorb proteins coming from food.

How to apply the drug?

Data on the drug "Motherwort Forte Evalar" and reviews about it contain information about the recommended dosage of the drug. It is necessary to take one or two tablets twice a day during meals. Duration of admission - from three to four weeks. Then you need to take a break. In case an additional course is required, it is better to consult a specialist before starting it.

It should be taken into account that the effective action of "Motherwort Forte Evalar" is possible only in the absence of any serious disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system. With intense and prolonged stress, the medicine does not give a tangible result. It does not help in case of belated treatment. So if a person has noticed signs of increased anxiety, excitability and insomnia, the drug should be taken as soon as possible.

When is the drug undesirable?

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"Motherwort Forte" is contraindicated for persons suffering from intolerance to the components that make up the drug. In some, it causes indigestion, allergies. On the sites where the action of the drug "Motherwort Forte Evalar" is discussed, customer feedback contains information on such unpleasant side effects as vomiting, pruritus and rash. Fortunately, not all are facing this negative reaction of the body.

It should also be remembered that this drug can not be used for ulcers and erosions of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as in the acute phase of gastrointestinal diseases. Do not use it to pregnant and lactating women. It is important to strictly observe the storage conditions of the medicine, and also not to use the pills with expired shelf life.

In what cases is the "Motherwort Forte" ineffective?

About the drug "Motherwort Forte Evalar" reviews are very mixed and suggest that not in all situations the drug is able to provide the desired result.

Do not expect improvement in the medication if:

  • in man is diagnosed with neurosis, depression or neurasthenia;
  • treatment started too late;
  • medicine is used recently( it must accumulate in the body to give a noticeable effect).

Some consumers in their reviews indicate that during intense stress, shocks and severe sleep disturbances, their antidepressants were much better influenced by their antidepressants, which they took on the advice of the doctor.

Medications for pregnancy

Side effects of the drug "Motherwort Forte Evalar" and reviews about the drug worry some women who have a baby. This is not surprising, because pregnancy is often accompanied by mood swings, excitability, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. This period is extremely difficult for all women, especially working. And in spite of the fact that the instruction indicates that this means is undesirable during child-bearing and breast-feeding, in some cases, doctors still recommend it.

Motherwort helps reduce the anxiety and fear that often occur in pregnant women. Also, unlike tinctures based on this herb, the tablets do not contain alcohol and are a softer. In addition, the drug does not cause drowsiness, like many soothing drugs, and also contains vitamins useful during pregnancy.

Effect of "Motherwort Forte" on the body

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The drug has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helping a person to remain calm during periods of physical and emotional stress. In this case, the drug does not have such a side effect as drowsiness. So during the period of admission it is possible to drive and perform work that requires a high concentration of attention. Motherwort improves cardiac activity, relieves the symptoms of hypertension, reduces the risk of blood clots. The medicine is also useful for taking with the expansion of veins and heaviness in the legs. Also, the drug has a beneficial effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Moreover, it improves the general state of health and physical condition, since it facilitates a quick sleep and a stronger sleep, relieves nervous tension, increases efficiency. But it should be remembered that, although this drug is a dietary supplement, before applying the "Motherwort Forte Evalar", reviews of doctors and consumers are necessary.

Opinions on the drug

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Many consider this tool a good alternative to other soothing drugs. Especially since it is dispensed without a doctor's prescription. But about the preparation "Motherwort Forte Evalar" the reviews are extremely contradictory. Those who like the drug, talk about easy tolerability and the absence of pronounced side effects. As a virtue of this tool, its affordable price is often mentioned. Also, the drug can reduce blood pressure and significantly improve sleep. In addition, the tablets contain magnesium and vitamins. But the comments about the preparation "Pustyrnik Forte Evalar" do not always reflect its positive properties. As inadequacies of this remedy, inefficiency is usually mentioned in cases of prolonged or severe stress, a depressive state. In such situations, tablets should be used only in complex therapy. In addition, "Motherwort Forte" reduces the pressure - this negatively affects the health of people prone to hypotension.