Restoration of potency: drugs, folk remedies, exercises

Many men throughout the life experience difficulties with a potency. Sometimes such troubles lead to illness. In this case, you must always contact the doctors. But most often these problems are not a consequence of the disease. Restoring potency in such situations is a simple procedure.

restoration of potency

Possible causes of

The weakening of male potency is affected by:

  1. Numerous external factors: environment, environmental conditions, stress.
  2. Smoking and alcohol play an important role in this process.
  3. Potential problems can arise due to irregular sexual relations and a sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Incorrect food, because of which the fat mass increases. And obesity is also one of the causes of impotence.

Restoration of potency in men should only occur under the supervision of a specialist who will identify the causes of the disease and prescribe a comprehensive treatment.

Healthy lifestyle

Sounds trite. But a healthy lifestyle is one of the main components of male health.

restoration of potency in men

  1. Harmful habits( alcohol, smoking, drugs) affect the state of the blood vessels of the body. And with problems in the circulatory system, it is quite difficult to restore potency. Sometimes in such situations only surgical intervention can help. This solution to the problem is a huge stress for a man, so you should not bring it to this.
  2. Another bad habit - fast food, pizza, dumplings. From these delicacies, obesity develops, which also affects the erection. Of course, you absolutely do not need to give up the sweethearts and stomach, but you need to balance the nutrition. Be sure to include in the diet greens, vegetables, fruits, eat seafood dishes, snack not pizza, and nuts.
  3. It is not superfluous to take vitamins. Usually the right amount of vitamins from the body does not receive the food. Therefore, in pharmacies you can buy drugs containing vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. They provide recovery of potency and have a positive impact on health.
  4. In our time, almost all lead a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to give the body physical activity. It can be classes in a fitness center under the guidance of a coach. But you can start with a small one - easy charging in the morning, walking, forget about elevators. And we need to start today and now.

Rational order of the day

The guarantee of the correct functioning of the body is a thoughtful organization of time.

To restore male potency doctors recommend to heed the following tips:

  1. Rest is as necessary for a man as active activity.
  2. A full-fledged sleep plays a big role. Lack of sleep leads to exhaustion of the nervous system, which also affects the potency.
  3. Sleep should usually last at least 8 hours. Lie down until after midnight.
  4. If after a day's work, before going to bed, to take a walk in the fresh air, then rest will be better, and prevention of impotence will be carried out.

With the weakening of the potency should give the body more rest, less work, lead a measured sex life.

drugs for the restoration of potency

Gymnastics for men

There are special exercises to restore potency. They help to develop muscles and promote the flow of blood to the genitals. It is not difficult to perform these exercises, and the effect from them will be immediately apparent. Potency will be restored without stimulant drugs and medications.

Here is a simple set of exercises that you can do unnoticed anywhere - in the car, at home, in the office:

  1. Take a breath. In this case, strain the muscles in the anus and perineum. Hold the air for 2-5 seconds. Exhale slowly, simultaneously relax the muscles. Do about 10 times. Frequency of implementation - 3 times a day.
  2. Within 20 seconds, strain and relax the anus and perineum.
  3. In sitting position with slight inclination forward to strain and relax the abdominal press.

Proper power supply

Restoration of potency at home is based not only on a rational daily routine and gymnastics. It is very important to balance your nutrition competently. After all, the right diet can improve the whole body and positively affect the "male power".So, what should be included in the food?

restoration of potency by folk remedies

Specialists claim:

  1. Potassium and magnesium are the most useful substances for men's health. Therefore, you should eat foods with a high content of these trace elements. Most of them in parsley, coriander, raw pumpkin seeds. If you mix nuts or seeds with honey, you will get a tasty and healthy sweet dish.
  2. In addition to potassium and magnesium, the male body needs protein to produce testosterone. Meat, fish, milk and dairy products, eggs must necessarily be present in the male diet.
  3. Do not forget about seafood, which contain a whole range of useful vitamins and trace elements.
  4. Vegetables should always be on the table. The most useful for men are herbs, onions, asparagus, garlic, carrots, radish.
  5. For sweet - figs, dried fruits, honey, chocolate.

All of the above has a positive effect on men's well-being. However, there are some limitations.

A strong half of humanity should remember the following recommendations:

  1. It is necessary to limit the consumption of carbohydrates( potatoes, rice, pasta, sweet fizzy drinks, white bread) and semi-finished products.
  2. Coffee and alcohol in case of excessive use negatively affect the potency.

Bath treatments

Contrast shower is the first remedy for restoring potency and promoting health.

Bath with a laurel leaf has a beneficial effect on the male body.

But the best way to restore reproductive function is a bath. In the bath, slags are eliminated from the body, blood flow improves. To visit a bath is necessary, but not more often than twice a week, as high temperatures affect the functioning of the heart. It is not necessary, that it has turned out: "One we treat - another we mutilate".

Folk remedy - onion with honey

Ancient recipes have been tested for centuries, so it's worth using them. Moreover, there are means, consisting not of grasses, which are sometimes difficult to obtain, but from ordinary products. For example, onions with honey.

Recipe for the remedy:

  1. Mix onion seeds with honey( namely seeds).
  2. Take 2 times a day in a teaspoon.
  3. Seed and honey should be the same amount.

This tool provides recovery of potency, treats prostatitis. When the mixture is taken, sperm are also intensively produced.

Garlic tincture

Continuing to consider how to ensure the restoration of potency folk remedies, let us dwell on this.

restoration of male potency

Tincture recipe and reception rules:

  1. Grind 1 kg of garlic. Pour into a three-liter jar. Pour boiled water.
  2. Keep in a dark place for a month. Periodically shake.
  3. A month later the tincture is ready.
  4. Take 1 time a day, a teaspoon with a glass of milk.
  5. Duration of intake - until the end of the tincture.
  6. After the course of admission, take a break.
  7. After one year, you can repeat the course.

When this tincture is taken, the potency and condition of the vessels is improved. This drug also normalizes blood pressure.


In pharmacies, you can buy special drugs to restore potency. They increase blood flow and sensitivity. But these medicines help only for a while. For complete recovery, you need to see a doctor. Only an expert can identify the causes of erectile function weakening, carry out complex treatment and help in the recovery of the body.

potency remedy

In addition, remember that each medication has its own characteristics and contraindications. Therefore, before taking medication, you should always consult with your doctor.

The most common drugs for the treatment of impotence:

  1. Viagra. One of the most famous drugs, with the reception of which there is an expansion of blood vessels. This causes a strong blood flow to the genitals, provides a permanent erection. The drug should be taken carefully. Before use, read the instructions and pay attention to contraindications and side effects.
  2. Cialis. This drug is longer than the Viagra medication described above. The effect lasts about a day and a half. The medicine "Cialis" can not be consumed with alcohol. There are contraindications and side effects, so the instruction is mandatory.
  3. "Levitra".Also contributes to the increase of the genital organ due to the influx of blood. The duration of the action is 12 hours. Experts recommend the use of this drug for patients with diabetes, against which the weakening of potency developed.
  4. "Inforte".Natural preparation, stimulates potency, increases libido. The composition includes the root of ginseng, large-flowered gorilla, Chinese yam, coconut pore. These plants have a beneficial effect on sexual functions, which leads to the restoration of potency.
  5. "The Impaza".Another natural preparation that can be taken for a long time. It heals the body and the reproductive system.
  6. "Alicaps".The medication, similar to the drug "Impaza", has a plant origin. It is accepted within a month. It is allowed to use the drug before sexual intercourse.
  7. "Yarsagumba".When you take this medicine of plant origin, the body rejuvenates and strengthens, improves metabolism, normalizes the nervous system. Thus, the medicine "Yarsagumba" eliminates most of the causes of impotence. In the composition of the preparation is a Tibetan fungus, containing elements necessary for the male body.

restoration of potency at home


There are many ways to restore potency. If you change your life a little - eat right, move more, observe the regime of the day, limit alcohol and quit smoking, the forces will return. Life expectancy will increase, and problems with potency will disappear.